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Default Post-Apocalyptic Ruined Bank and Offices.
Hi everyone.
I've recently started a new sci-fi CAW project. The general idea of the world is a walled in semi-futuristic city surrounded by the ruins of the old world.
The world is too early in it's creation to show off, but I do have a lot that may need testing.

Here's a description of the lot:
"Constructed in 2029, this towering skyscraper was built to stand the test of time. It was originally a office complex with a bank on the top floor.
At the end of times at approximately 3:14 UTC 19th of January 2038, as the bombs dropped, the building activated it's security system and sealed it's doors.
Centuries later, after the reconstruction of society, the building still stands tall, the only skyscraper to survive the apocalypse.
While the outside of the building has been taken over by street gangs and the homeless, no-one has dared to enter the crumbling ruin itself.
Will you enter the ruins? There might be money or valuable 21st century technology inside."

The lot is a tomb lot with triggers, activated behaviours and logic gates. This is my first time using CFE and the Processor for logic gates.
Aside from feedback on architectural and interior design, I would be interested in feedback on some of the tomb mechanisms:
  • If objects in a "charred state" save with the lot.
  • If the processor with the AND gate function works.
  • If the TNS text (a notification that pops up at the top right of the screen) works.
  • If the treasure spawners spawn treasure.

I've included 2 files: The complete lot that uses a small amount of custom content for that authentic ruined look, or a cleaned lot with all custom objects and patterns (hopefully) removed.
The complete lot .sims3pack was cleaned with CUSTARD, meaning that if you use this lot you will need to download these pieces of cc:

-Ruined Walls by Cyclonesue:
-Garden Junk by Cyclonesue:
-Dustbin Fire by Cyclonesue:
-Peeling Paint by Cyclonesue:

The required Expansions are: World Adventures (definitely required), Ambitions (for some trees and swamp grass), Late Night (for some sectionals and elevators), Pets (for like one lantern), Showtime (just for a stack of newspapers), and University Life (Some office objects). There might be more required, I'm not sure.
The required Stuff Packs are: Fast Lane (tools and stuff)
The required (not really) Store Content is: Lucky Palms. (For the desert grass, not really required, the game will probably replace the grass with something else.

Alternatively, the NO-CC sims3pack needs no CC at all, but still requires the required packs (If you understandably don't feel like navigating the hell that is The Sims Resource.)

Attached are some images of the building.
If no-one likes .sims3pack files, I could probably figure out how to extract the package files from my library.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Bank (3.62 MB, 1 downloads)
File Type: zip Bank with (3.65 MB, 2 downloads)
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