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Default TS4 spin off ideas
So TS2 has Life, Castaway and Pet Stories as smaller side spin offs and TS3 has Medieval. What about TS4? Is the Legacy Edition that? I mean really though it’s not any different it’s just the Sims 4 more limited. On the other hand one could make the same arguement comparing TS2 and Life stories.. Also I was disappointed Medieval only had one EP. I thought too it’d be fun if they made more historical themed spin offs regardless of it being TS3 style or TS4. What does everyone else think?
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What I think? The Sims 4 is a spin off game on it's own. A weird dressing game where you can mold a house with limitations impose and watch as your Sims experience simulation while you're fighting against it to take control. Now that's what I call a eccentric time of gay.

Not like we're be getting any soon (evidential that Star Wars realistically should be its own story driven GAME) with the exception of maaaaybe prototype of MULTIPLAYER, but yeah.

Though if we gonna continue on getting down watered versions of precedessors or regardless of they're made (though Im suspecting that the series will end with TS5 "thx" to money-hungry EA), it be better if all games had their own name instead and were defined as side/different games instead of belonging in a SERIES. (Like name TS5 something else than The Sims 5 if it's not gonna meet up the expectations of the fans of what TS4 should have been like promised).

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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The Flintstones.
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