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Default S3PE error when importing new meshes
Hi all,

I'm at the point in my project where I need to import my new and improved MLODs & MODL into the package file.

When I try to import my first MLOD 000000 using the "Import from S3ASC" option with the old MLOD selected, I get this error and I'm not quite sure what it means.

 == START == Source: mscorlib Assembly: mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.  Parameter name: index    at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)     at System.Collections.Generic.AHandlerList`1.get_Item(Int32 index)     at s3pi.GenericRCOLResource.GenericRCOLResource.ChunkReference.GetBlock(GenericRCOLResource rcol, ChunkReference reference)     at meshExpImp.Helper.Import.VertsToVBUFs(GenericRCOLResource rcolResource, MLOD mlod, IResourceKey defaultRK, List`1 lmverts, Boolean updateBBs, Boolean updateUVs)     at meshExpImp.Helper.ImportForm.Import_Shown(Object sender, EventArgs e) ----- == END ==

The other MLODs and MODL can be imported without error. I used Wes' ObjTool to decompile and recompile the appropriate files, and did not get any errors when decomping and recomping the MLOD 00000 file.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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