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Default What is Your Current Save(s) Goals?
Mine are:
- Through generations get Sims to the top of all possible careers and their brenches.
- Own every community real estate in Starlight Shores
- Before that, try to change most of them up and incorperate absent lot assignments. Basically get it to have all the content of the expansiond I have
- Try fulfill most but not all Life Wishes that I hadn't.
- Play all Life States through generations.
- Make a comple realized residential lot (again, with all of its content).
- Raise a Perfect Omnicompotent Sim.
- Move the current legacy to another World once I feel like I finished everything (owned all lots) with it and repeat the process there by rinsing through towns.

What are your goals of whole town, family or even individual Sims? Doesn't have to or can be specific and not necessarily gameplay-related If not ultimate, what's your next direction/vision?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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One of my 'goals' is to delete all the pre-made sims that came with Mayfield Springs and replace them with sims from other worlds that I like ( did this already) and replace the rest with sims I make.  The is nothing wrong with the sims that come with the world, I just want sims that I'm familiar with.

Be less of a control freak. If sims want to do something stupid, they should be allowed to do so.

Play with bigger households.  I don't see myself playing with households with 8 sims, but 4 seems to be a good number that keeps me busy, but not ripping my hair out.

I did have a goal to get my mods folder down to under a gig. It is currently sitting at around 355 MB. I think it is safe to say I met that goal.
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To populate Cronor.

My Soundcloud, where I upload some things I make.
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To amuse and entertain me. (too vague?)
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Originally Posted by igazor
To amuse and entertain me. (too vague?)
Just a tad vague or you're implying that your sims don't amuse and entertain you. 
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I'm currently playing a legacy family where i started with just the base game active. The plan is to activate the next Ep in release orded each generation.
Currently on gen 2 with my heir having finished up most of the WA tombs. He just has to do the tombs under the nectory in france then my main goal for this generation will be complete and its just a matter of waiting for the kids to age up so I can move on to ambitions.
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To get a new computer and be able to play, get my towns back in order, so I can play with my sims. More goals will come after all that.
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To potter around and see what happens (applies to the sims and me).
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For my current Save, the goals right now are, in no particular order:
-Get everyone through at least 2 out of 4 tiers of their current bootcamp training (I have a training system in my game in certain worlds, in which they're set up as university-type worlds via SP).
-For one of my legacy families, relocate their oldest son in current generation when he becomes an adult. After that will probably be a major turning point for my playthrough.
-For each of my main towns, have civil leaders (e.g. police chief, mayor). Each have to be at least a certain in their respective career (whether law enforcement, political).
-Maybe restore a town that has become a ghost-town.
-Try to eventually get to the 8th generation on at least one legacy. Currently, I'm now at generation 5 on a few of my legacies.
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