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Default Can you move sims to a new save while keeping progress?

I'm not sure if that title makes sense, or if this is the right place to post this...I'm much more active in the sims 2 and 3 sections but never posted about 4 before but I've been giving the game my yearly chance again...

So the past few days I've been playing a couple that I'm actually enjoying. They're currently half way through university, starting to somewhat furnish their house, life is going pretty good.

But then I remembered that two of my favorite youtubers, lilsimsie and plumbella, both have save files. And I'd like to give either of those a try. BUT, I'm not sure if it's possible to "move" my current couple to their save files while still keeping their university progress and skills and whatnot. (I'm thinking like what NRAAS Porter does in sims 3)

I know that I can save them and their house to my gallery but I don't know if their skills and jobs and university progress will come with them or if they'd lose all that. I do have MCCC so if those things don't transfer if I'd need to set them with that I'd be willing to do that too. But I don't know if that has any way to set university things.

And I know what you might be thinking. Cleo, why don't you just make a new family in lilsimsie/plumbella's save? And to that I answer you: the couple I'm playing now are literally the first sims since the game came out that I've actually managed to care about. It must be them. I just want to have to redo as little of their progress as I have to.

I'm open to any and all suggestions, tips, tricks, etc! Thanks!
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I know skills etc transfere, but uni I don't know. I'm sure more informed people will answer soon. Good luck on your hood testing.
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Thanks for the reply.

I was watching lilsimsie's video about her save file and she also noted that all the lots and sims are on her gallery anyway...So what I might do is just delete everything in my current save instead of beginning a whole new save.

I'm still open to hearing what others might have to say though!
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I have moved many a sim using the gallery. I have 3 games saved, and I transfer sims and lots from one to another as I play all the time. Generally their traits, aspirations, skills and other info travel with them; however, I have never moved a sim with university info attached to them, so I cannot say if it travels too --but I see no reason why not.

So, just try it.

I have learned an awful lot about Sims 4 just by experimenting. As long as your sims are saved and available on the gallery, you always have access to them. So if something don't work and your sim loses something or gets lost, you can restore them.
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One thing to note is when you move your sims their inventories are lost. If you want to keep them and are moving them into the same house, just place all those items on the floor or wherever in the house. When you save the lot those items will remain with the lot. Note any storage chests will empty so don't place them there. Also, while relationships such as spouse remain intact, the relationship indicators drop to something like 45,45 for a spouse. You can use MCCC or extended UI to fix that.
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