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Default Sims4 Newbie questions
So I have started playing sims4 after being a veteran sims2 player for years. I am little confused about the town map. I have created two seperate families. Why does only one family show up on the town map on their lot. Is they are a way to show all my families on their various lots on the map at the same time. Managing households doesnt even show all the sim families just the ones that come with the game. Thankyou fellow simmers.
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Did you put them in the same save file?

"New Game" will start a brand spanking new Save file.
"Load Game" will open a window where you can see all your Save files so you can pick which one you want to play or delete any you wish to get rid of. You can also rename your saves by clicking where the name is.

The big start button will open your last played Save or a new one (if you don't have any Saves).

Each new Save contains (a new copy of) all the worlds (like one hood with a bunch of sub-hoods) and your sims can travel to all of them (in case you didn't know).
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Still very confused. How would sim household for example meet or visit or travel to the other families I have created. I just want to see them all on the same town map. But I guess it doesn't work that way? hmm
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It definitely doesn't work the same as in Sims 2, which is probably what you're expecting since that's what you're use to.

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Sims2 will always be my favorite version of sims. But I am having fun trying out sims4.
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If your sims are in the same Save, they can simply travel to each others houses or comm lots, to meet/visit.
If you placed them in the same Save, in the same world, then you will see them all on that worlds map.

When you are playing a household, hit the m key to bring up the map (it's faster then traveling via the option on the phone), select which lot you wish to go too (res or comm), then select who it going. If you want to go somewhere that is off-lot then pick a nearby lot to travel to. The option to travel to other worlds is in the upper left corner of the map screen.

You can switch between households as you please but you will need to get used to the fact that days/time/seasons don't stop. If you leave one household at 4:15pm and load up another household, it will be roughly 4:16pm. Sims also don't go to work or school if you aren't playing their house when it's time for them to leave, so I suggest switching households at a time you don't expect them to be at work or school.

Sims also do their own thing when you aren't playing them so don't expect them to always be waiting at home for you or where you left them.

In the game options, there are different options for aging. If you set them to "active household only" (and no aging for unplayed), then aging will be just like in TS2.
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