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Witch Vocaliod whould you be (QUIZ)?

1. What is your item?

A. Leek
B. Banana
C. Ice Cream
D. Orange

2. Who is your favorite?

A. Miku
B. Len
C. Kaito
D. Rin

3. What is your favorite song?

A. World End Dancehall
B. The Riddler who cant solve riddles
C. When she found out I was an Otaku
D. The Daughter Of Evil


If you choose mostly A's:
Miku Hatsune
Item: Leek
Age: 16 ( I think)

If You choose Mostly B's:
Len Kagamine
Age: 14
NOTE: Twin to Rin Kagamine

If You chose Mostly C's:
Item: Ice Cream
Age: 16 ( I think )

If choose Mostly D's:
Rin Kagamine
Item: Orange
NOTE: Twin to Rin Kagamine

I hoped you liked my quiz
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