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Default !HELP! I can't delete a railing
So i just built a house and the master bedroom was on a split level on the bottom. Then i decided to get rid of the split level and add floor on the top of the bottom level. Every thing was covered but i couldn't delete the railing for the stairs going into the split level. I could delete the stairs but the railing remaind. I used the sledgehammer and click on the railing and it said cant delete

(link on making a split level house)
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Could you post a screenshot of this? Also, try going up or down a level and try deleting the railing from there. Can you do it with the sledgehammer, or by selecting the railing tool and clicking on it with CTRL pressed?
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Some mods like awesomemod or mastercontroller have a nuke feature and can delete nearly everything.
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!FIXED! I really don't know what went wrong but i quit the game (went to sleep) and started playing the sims3 and the railling was GONE. Sooo i guess try restarting your game if this happens
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