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Default "crying baby" moodlet - annoying!
My sim is in the daycare profession (level 4) and she hires a babysitter every day to help her with the kids. I've noticed that since level 3 of the profession, as soon as the parents drop off their toddlers, all toddlers have red thought bubbles - bad hygiene or very hungry. The babysitter just stands there in front of the toddlers and doesn't do anything! She only changed a diaper once in a week. How do I make her do her job? And another thing, most of the time all four toddlers cry and scream, and my Sim and the babysitter can't do anything because of the "crying baby" moodlet and thought bubble! I order them to change a diaper, and they just wave their hands and cover their ears because the toddlers scream really bad! The reasonable thing to do to stop the crying would be feeding or changing the toddlers, but they just stand there for hours! What should I do? Is there a mod to let them ignore the crying babies and do their job? i already had 2 complaints from the parent for babies having horrible mood... So frustrating!
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Well, for one thing, the babysitter isn't supposed to be taking care of the kids in your daycare - that's your Sim's job. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

There shouldn't be any problem with changing diapers or feeding screaming toddlers unless there's a routing error. If your Sims can't get to the toddlers, the interaction will be cancelled. Your Sims can't do other things like sleep while a baby is screaming, but Sims should even automatically change diapers and feed them.

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Thanks for the reply, but that is the point - the interaction isn't cancelled, and nothing is blocking the route - they have a huge room, no obstacles. The sim is just standing right in front of the screaming toddler, looks straight and covers her ears for hours. Back when I only had 3 kids in my daycare she was doing great, but ever since there are 4 she's a mess!

And well, I thought the babysitter could help a little LOL - her husband helps, so why not the babysitter?
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Sorry but I don't quite understand the question.

Do you direct your sim to change a diaper and they just stand their? Or are you just expecting a random sim to autonomously change a diaper? In daycare you have to direct your sims to take care of the kids.

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Try this, I used it in my game to stop the same thing from happening, before my game borked up after I bought and installed Showtime.
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Annoellyn - I direct my sim to change or feed the baby and she just covers her ears and thumps her feet and she has a screaming baby thought bubble.
yayme123 - thank you!! this just might work, I'll give it a try.
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I've stopped using the Daycare job entirely because of all the problems I had with it. Not only did I have this issue, but I also had issues with the parents coming back to get the kids. If they did show up, sometimes they wouldn't leave or when they dropped off the kids, they wouldn't leave. They'd stand around all day in the house and when it was time for the kids to be picked up, they continued to just stand around. I'd reset all of the sims and then the following day, it'd pick back up and the same thing would happen again.
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Originally Posted by yayme123
Try this, I used it in my game to stop the same thing from happening, before my game borked up after I bought and installed Showtime.

Thank you so much!! It really helped! I still had the crying baby thought bubble+thumping, but it only lasted half an hour, and the rest of the time my sim did her job perfectly! Thank you!
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