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Originally Posted by lil bag2
Made some more TV inspired sims

Now I don't know if this is EA's newest patch fucking even more stuff up or if it's an unintended consequence of my game being 90% mods. Either way, this creates some very alarming in-universe implications O___O

Thankfully he can't actually act on the want to fulfill that tradition. Can somebody, whose game isn't modded to hell and back, confirm whether or not that shows up for their child sims too?

Alvin and the Chipmunks! I love it! hahahah! Yes, my sim kids are excited to woohoo too. :/ But that was pre-latest patch.

Okay. So this is Dominic.

He goes by Dom. He was a very unhappy young man. The loss of his mother really affected him. He made some very bad adult choices as a teenager that affected his current life. He was angry and regretful over what he had done. But he never regretted his little boy, Tristan. Dominic wasn't going to just be idle and feel sorry for himself.

He quit the job he didn't like and enrolled in UNI. Because he was so athletic, he got a full sports scholarship. While he studied Psychology, he played as soccer star for Foxbury, he helped raise his toddler son and became father to a second son, Micah.
Not to be left out, grandpa Sterling spent several weeks with the family to help out. Other family came and went too, but nobody stayed as long as grandpa.

He graduated, won a soccer trophy and got a job as covert operations in the military career, which is great for a paranoid sim like him.

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I will start with Little Neon district while the district itself still busy as it should, with a lot of pubs/bars and restaurants alongside the roads. You can see rustic tubes and dirty water around the alley. People who lives in Cyan Apartment have a busy and poor life, but it's (a bit) better than most hoboes here. (It doesn't finish yet)

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So this is Lewis, eldest child of Penny Pizzazz-Woodward and Sterling Woodward

He's excited to go back to school and get a degree. He's a level 8 musician, going back to school won't affect his position.

So the first day went ... well ...

Struck by lightning walking out the door and late for class.

After he's earned his degree, his wife Olivia (Spencer Kim Lewis) will go back to school to earn her degree, but they want at least one income for the time being. They have two toddler sons.

Sterling had 10 children, with his first wife Luna, 3, Paige, Blake, then he had Lewis with Penny after Luna's death, and then he had Mikaela with Luna's ghost (yep), then Luna went to the netherworld and he married Penny and had 3 more, Rhiannon, Dominic and Jonah. Penny died of a heart attack and in a he hit rock bottom, had Stella with Eva Carpriacosa. He later married Claire, adopted her son Gage, and had Emily and Vernon with her. 10 children.

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I am playing ts4 for the first time today. At the moment, sim me is at the park, and I'm just astounded at how quickly the game runs, and how quick the loading screens are. When I left off, she was introducing herself to a rando I found.
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Apart from Colby Moody starting a degree and trying to do too many things at once (more detail in the "Who are you sending to university" thread), the highlight of my recent Sims 4 game is sous chef Dante Singer. He improved his gardening to the point where he makes over $2000 every day from his garden (he still gets nearly $1000 a day from music and book royalties too). With all the money coming in, Dante decided to open a restaurant, "Ridge Kitchens". It's up to one-and-a-half stars, with people queuing for hours and still enjoying the bread slices and grilled fruit they tend to order. Dante's plans to have a relaxation alcove, including a booth and TV, didn't go so well. Patrons kept walking in to entertain themselves while waiting for service...
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6th Jan 2020 at 8:29 PM
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Sam in my Homeless Mom Challenge gave birth to her first child. The father was Simeon Silversweater, leading to the kid being a spellcaster. I aged the baby up, changed her appearance... and then my game crashed. Had that problem before, along with others, so I'm doing a fresh re-install of Sims 4 now.

Also, I took a pic of her adopted cat, Mango, sleeping in an absolutely dignified position.

PS: Is there a glitch going on right now? When I have child-aged Spellcasters in CAS, their eyes keep changing into spellcaster eyes. Even if I turn them into human ones, they just revert.
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Another day, another party at the ol' crypt, with my new sim playing the DJ. She's the life... err... unlife of the party.

Edit: and then taking over the party at the cliffs. Let's rock this place so hard, it might slide into the sea (The dancer with the green cap is the actual DJ.)
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This is George. He's the 5th child of Henry and Jade, from my original save file when I started playing this game. When he became a young adult he married his sweetheart, Luna Villareal. They were living in a private home on his fathers property and were expecting twins. The twins would have brought the house count up to 8, but then his father got abducted, and impregnated, which "aborted" one of their twins. They had a son, Jesse.

Many years later, Jesse is a child, George decides the only way they can have another child is to leave home to their own home (Sulani), and for him to go to school. He's studying biology. They tried for a baby several times and finally had a daughter, Heather. They are thrilled. George is nearly done his classes, and he plans to either become a marine biologist or a weight lifter.

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So I'm returning from a party, which I had to end early because school is starting in one hour. I know, university sucks

I notice this gorgeous alien girl -- blue skin, blue hair, alien outfit, nice makeup -- in front of the house. Not that surprised, since random people show up at the door all the time. I even had teenagers come and want to spend the evening at the witch's candy house in the woods, which reminds me, I need to invite a plump one for the grand meal tomorrow

Anyway, so I flirt with the alien a bit, then she goes into the house and changes into... one of my human roommates. I swear I had her as a roommate for a year now and never seen her in alien form. In fact, I'm still not sure if she's that sneaky or the game decided to take the piss. Maybe she's been to a costume party or something.

Meanwhile the other alien roommate has apparently just decided to start rocking a Super Girl outfit. Yeah, I noticed you were an alien the first time around. No need to rub it in. Or maybe Dresser went sentient and is taking the piss.

When I get back from school, a roommate's boyfriend decides to flirt with me in front of his girlfriend. So I respond by seducing his girlfriend in front of him. Let's see how he likes it. Come to think of it, he probably did...

The plan backfires spectacularly when my sim catches her kissing her boyfriend later, and decides to have a fit of jealousy. I'm like, girl, you knew she had a boyfriend, don't act surprised now. Still, nothing a quart of Moodlet Solver won't solve. And by "Moodlet Solver" I mean Vodka

Next day is Winterfest. I even invited a plump kid, but then it turns out I can't cook a grand meal at the campus microwave oven. Oh well, guess I can do the holiday cheer instead. Disappointingly, it turns out that putting on a sexy santa costume and bonking the football team doesn't count as spreading the Christmas cheer. I feel like those *ahem* Internet movie sites may have misled me

Time to head off to another party, then, because, honestly, what else are you going to do the night before the final exam? Watch Paint dry? Watch Bubbles in the bath? Well, I probably would, but Paint and Bubbles have buggered off to a party of their own or something

This time my sim just barely makes it to the exam, by almost falling victim to the dreaded hug epidemic. I dunno if it's a fame thing or everyone thinks she's a teddy bear, but everyone wants a hug and it's getting annoying. At times I find myself unable to finish dinner or a drink or homework because of waiting for a hug from someone currently waddling their way from the third floor or such. What the hell? What happened to just a wave and "sul sul"?
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A large light-blue woman made her way through one foot of snow to the dance club, wearing nothing but a tiny bikini. Not even shoes, I mean. Sadly, I had to leave and go to the next exam, so I'm not entirely sure if it was an alien or exposure :p
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I am playing a Homeless Mom Challenge over on YouTube. But I'm not here for a shameless plug.
I was recording more videos, and mother Charlotte got pregnant for the third time - she already has two sons, with the younger being from the same father as her current pregnancy. Her first son, Leon, has aged into a teenager and is working on having a Nerd Brain. Arthur is close to getting his last skills up to 3, which I have made the rule to be the early age-up option.

Either way, just finished my commentary and said goodbye when I saw the camera moving automatically. And, yep, it was time for the family's dog, Luna, to die. I made sure that Charlotte was there to watch, not for any sadistic reason, but because Luna had been her dog, and had been around since the beginning of the series. It actually hit me and I did cry myself; maybe because it hit close to home, since I had to put down one of my cats ten months ago. Will definitely write a nice epitaph for Luna on her gravestone.
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Meanwhile, in the strangely prophetically named Eta Beta Pi sorority house all is not well. In fact, pretty much it's all unwell.

After having the roommates fill every available surface with food they brought home, and then left to spoil, I decided to forbid them from bringing any food and install a stove. At least then we can eat fresh stuff.

Well, that was a bad idea which, shall we say, has ballooned out of hand. Now two of the girls bake and eat only cake. Specifically only White Cake. Nothing else. And the others are more than happy with just eating what these two produce. There are 3 cakes around at the moment, in various stages of being eaten. None of them will make it through the evening. I tried making some fruit salad and such, but after feeling good about eating some healthy fruit for once, then they go and reward themselves with a double helping of cake. In a game with no base metabolism, yeah, the results are about what you'd expect.

I tried cheating the Active trait into them, but apparently even that goes only so far, if you reward yourself with more cake for finishing a workout :p

Plus, installing the treadmill on the balcony facing the window was probably a bad idea too. I look out at night and vaguely see through the darkness something the shape of the Death Star running toward the window, and I lost if. I'm like, "RED ALERT! ALL HANDS BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Yeah, they don't like me any more.

Not that it's any better when they go jogging and you meet them outside, mind you. There's a hard-wired primal panic reaction when you see something big and heavy charging towards you. It's what made heavy cavalry and now tanks work :p
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Been several months since I last played, but decided last night to make a new family inspired by a book series - so now all but two of their kids have names from the series. They have a twin boy and girl from CAS (because that's the only thing somewhat accurate to the books at the moment, and I wanted to keep them as the oldest ones - but I made up their names because technically they aren't born yet - the boy is named Avery and the girl has an A name too, but I can't remember atm), and almost identical twin boys (Zedd and Chase - there's just a slight hairtone difference), all now aged up to teen, a child daughter (Cara) and a toddler daughter (Nicci). They had a dog too (had aged to elder), but despite loving the look of it and its too perfect name (Gratch) I wanted to squeeze in a bonus baby, so it was adopted away.

it's mostly been a game of skilling them up and taking random pics. Nothing completely out of the ordinary happening, except for realizing just how difficult the child social skill is to fulfil. Takes ages, especially with two sets of twins at roughly the same age... The toddlers keep ruining the dollhouse, I've had to remove a chair in front of the computer because with unlimited access they'll flock to it, One of the twin boys grew up with glasses, bracelets and a neck brace (accessories are annoyingly random, especially CC ones I don't want to spawn randomly on sims) but both of them had the same style T-shirt, so I decided to go with a twin theme again (same clothes but different colors - when they grew to toddlers they had the same haircuts, so I decided they were going to be twin-themed by choice...). There's a lot of glitching, though one of them was very helpful (one of the twins got stuck skilling by being read to, and kept going even if the adult sim went away to do other stuff, so I left him alone. Reached 5 in the fantasy skill in no time). Before I would let the little ones skill up with the iPad, but I've realized the little tykes learn a whole lot faster if an older sim teaches them, and they can also babble/talk to other toddlers and talk to sims while skilling, so that helps raising the social skill while they're doing other things. The iPad is really slow in comparison. Being able to potty train them even if their needs are full is also quite useful. It's also nice that older sims don't completely ignore the toddlers, and actually start helping them with skills. So far at least 3 out of 4 of the teens have helped out with the youngest (also as a baby, though they're really bad at guessing why babies cry ).
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Well, time for the next bad idea. So I buy insta-slim potions with my own aspiration points and give them as gifts. Turns out they only get annoyed at the gift. It's like, what do I mean with it. Well, screw 'em... Err... I mean, "Apologize... In Bed" :p
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Have my niece over, and she had a lot of fun creating her family ingame (with a few rather odd clothing and personality choices). She's 4, and doesn't understand the game mechanics much (she points and I do the clicking, mostly because I'm on my new laptop) - but still, it's fun to see how she thinks.
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I'll agree. It's always fun and at times an education to see how someone who isn't an experienced gamer, and doesn't automatically take all the troopes for granted, thinks. In fact, it should be mandatory usability education for any aspiring game designer to take a nice little old grandma who doesn't even own a computer, and try to teach her to play a game. It's... enlightening to see what RL expectations they try to apply in a game.
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This little cutie pie is a very special sim named Padraig (Paw-drig or Patrick) McKay and I've played him/posted him before here, but I havent played him in over a year because I have soooo many sims. Anyway, he's very special because he so happens to be my self sim's son.

He's so special in fact, that of all my sims, hes' my favorite for this very reason, not because of any other reason than that he is my self sims son. I do play with WW but I cannot use it with him or any of my other self-sim sons/daughters because it feels weird and creepy.

If you don't remember his backstory, I'll remind you; he was born in game, he became a single father in his early 20s after an alien abduction. However, he was the first sim in my game to marry an alien. He went on to have two children with her, Rhys and Saoirse, (Reese and Seer-sha). Then, he had 4 more children, 2 sets of twins by two different pollinators (abduction). Being a scientist, Padraig is high risk for abduction. ANd since I started playing him again, he's been taken twice. Then he had one more baby with his wife because she was a little jealous of all the babies that were more his and not hers. His name is Francis.

He took 4 of his 5 alien children to visit their home world. And collect gems.

Padraig is a genius and has been to Selvodorada several times. He is excellent at identifying artifacts. He does that as a side job. He is in the science career.

He is also taking classes on robotics though he has not planned to attend uni.

I don't have any special plans for him. I just want to play him and his family. Eventually when the two older boys move out, I'd like to move him and the three remaining kids to Strangerville so he can become the hero of Strangerville. Padraig has a love for that kind of thing so I think he'd be perfect for it.

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So one of the roommates decides to fix the dishwasher while standing in a puddle, in the middle of a thunderstorm. To be honest, I'm not sure if the thunderstorm had anything to do with it, although it did look like she got smitten by Thor himself. MASSIVE lightning strike. So next thing I know, I'm pleading for her with Grim. To be honest, the thought, "ah, just screw her" did cross my mind, especially since she's one of those baking White Cake all the time. Then again, screwing her does work better when she's alive :p

In other news, I'm pleased to announce that being extra naughty with Santa didn't get me coal after all :p
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Right now I do my best to try out the newly installed Seasons EP. I think it's possible to adjust how long a season should be and if so I must go in and do that because this is super stressful in it's default form. Of the two holidays I have seen so far (Christmas and New Year) I think I like the first one better because it's more happening then. A plus is this special clothes all the sims dress up in. Most sims seems to be good when it comes to spread the hoilday spirits. They sing and do all kinds of stuff. Very nice indeed. But who came up whit the brilliant idea NOT to give the avalible songs the real name? The songs have name after how they sound and that's impossible to know when playing for the first time.

Anyway, not mush happening in the game itself. I just play some random families and try to make the best of their lifes. I had one of my sim ask Nancy Landgraab to join the family and she accepted that. Yes, they do have a very romantic relation and I don't wanted her to devorce Malcolm because I did not want any drama. I really like Nancy. She to be seems nice and even if I see no problem whit her husband I wanted her to live whit someone who is more funny. And my sim Lilith Randell, who is an elder, did give a promiss on new years eve so now I have to get her a boyfriend. In a week! Oh my...
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I have ensured that Charlotte regains her beloved dog, Luna, and had the ghost dog join the household.
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Well, I made two houses, and they look okay, so I think I'm finally figuring out the TS4 build tools. Also figuring out that it's not absolutely horrible with a small lot, because you can get a lot stuffed in there (like a family of 8 sims).
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Apparently what happened in my game is my game decided to be funny. Attached is the image of Gertude and her sister Rose. Gertude has 3 other siblings; All which were cute toddlers. Rose is-Rose-Holy flopping carp I don't know what in genetics what went wrong. I don't know if I should let Rose live or put her out of her parents misery.

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
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Well, to be honest, if I met Rose outside, in just the right light, I wouldn't say she's ugly. I'd probably just say, "Ayiyiyi! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" or "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!"

On a more serious note, does TS4 have some way of editing faces in CAS? I think it was possible in other games.
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So more unannounced visitors drop by, this time the Goths' kid. I don't even know him. I mean, I know Bella and Mortimer, but I hadn't met their little kid. But apparently it's OK for him to just show up and want to spend the evening at the house in the woods of the literal vampire witch currently finishing a post-grad degree in Evil. (What, doesn't everyone want "Dr.Evil" on their business card? Plus, a girl has to have role models, and mine is Maleficent) And a known mad scientist. (That's what "M.Sc." means, right?)

Mind you, I only played some console games on the 3 tile wide TV with him. That'll corrupt his young mind. Muahahahaha!

Meanwhile on the roommates front, by the time dinner time rolls by, there are about three and a half white cakes around the kitchen, and a nice bowl of fruit salad I made out of perfect home-grown fruit. I can't even eat it, on account of the vampire part, but I thought maybe it would help these gals stay healthy. By midnight there's half a white cake left and a nice bowl of fruit salad.

I think I'm starting to see one of the problems here. She's trying to squeeze sideways through the kitchen door.

And she doesn't seem to appreciate my Belly Laugh. And apparently "but it's a Christmas tradition!" doesn't really work as a defense if it's not actually Christmas.
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While playing with my household to get to the event I have chosen to be the 'Final Episode' of my Homeless Mom Challenge, things are happening. Charlotte has found love with Akito Shimizu, and they have gotten married. Beautiful Winter wedding with lovely snow in white, and a happy couple forming a union. All five children of Charlotte's five pregnancies were there - all of them turned out to be boys. Then the weather turned for the worse, into a blizzard, and people started running back into the house. There, I noticed the Grim Reaper lurking around...! The Mixologist had died of old age.
Eh, not that it stopped the event. To cap it off, Charlotte and Akito had some fun in the observatory on the lot.
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