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Default WCIF: Mod that lets you create and buy an outfit / dress mannequins as a customer?
I'm really tired of the Narnia-style wardrobes my sim has. I want to at least simulate that I have to buy clothing... But I don't really want to create retail stores, play the store owner household, have them travel to the store, set the mannequin's dress to whatever I want, save it, go back to my active household, and THEN buy the clothes. It's such a long and boring process with so many loading screens...

Is there a mod that lets you, I don't know, pick a mannequin in a store and create your own outfit to buy, or dress up the mannequin as a regular customer?

I know coolspear had a mod for that (anyone can dress mannequins, I think?) but I'm not sure if it's still functional - does anyone have any info on that?

Thank you in advance!
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Here's a working mod from LittleMsSam
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Originally Posted by Keren
Here's a working mod from LittleMsSam

Thank you so much!
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