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Default Vampire the Masquerade-Bloodlines FREEFORM *NEW* Apps still open

This RP has moved to a new location. Find us at Vampire; the Masquerade - Bloodlines, and please don't hesitate to join!
New players are always welcome.

Welcome to Los Angeles, home of the Camarilla made up of 7 clans of Vampires and is the largest organization of vampires.

They consist of:

Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity, as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade, to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist.

The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unites - any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race. Any vampire that breaks the Masquerade will have to clean up the mess or face severe punishment.

The Camarilla consider it their duty to protect humans and NEVER advocate killing to feed.

Each larger city has a vampire Prince; a leader that sees to it that the vampires there abide by Camarilla law. If planning to go to war with another clan, or to simply Embrace a human, you’ll need the Prince’s permission to do so.

This brings us to what actually kills a vampire;
Sunlight, fire, decapitation, being completely drained of blood.
Staking isn’t lethal to a vampire, but it will temporarily stun them.
Holy water will burn their skin, but it won’t kill them (unless, of course, they go swimming in it).

1. Abide by the forum's rules
2. Have fun and don't make catty comments (unless that's your character)
3. No powerplaying/godmodding, try to respect each other's character.
4. No killing another without having permission from the other, even if it means planning the scene in PMs.
5. When in doubt of putting another person into a situation, PM them first!
6. IF for any reason you are not able to continue the RP, PM either Atropa or I to let us know! You MUST write an RP where you wrap things up so as not to leave others hanging.
7. May only use 3 disciplines per night.

Application for Vampires:

1. What clan you belong to:


Age (based on these:
-Neonate(s): Just Embraced vamps. They keep this name until they're about 100-200 years old.
-Ancilla(e): Vampires between cca 200 and 350, 400 years.
-Elder(s): Vampires over 400 years
-Methuselah(s): these are very rare. Vampires over a thousand years old)

Disciplines: (which you have and what level (rules and descriptions are in following post))

Short bio:

2. A picture of you (does NOT have to be a sim)


Application for humans:

1. Name:
Willingness to be embraced (if so, by what clan) or a ghoul:
Short bio:

2. A picture of you (does NOT have to be a sim)


1. Vahn Straus - Garnet - Dropped
2. Maude "Tiger" Jaeger - Jacki
3. Cade Vaughn - Jacki --- PRIMOGEN

1. Victor Calder - GJPrentice - Dropped
2. Kestrel Beasseya - Shadowblade
3. Milo Burne Nye - Psyche
4. Mattias Leodel - omarion99

1. Esther Rosenberg - skylark --- PRIMOGEN

1. Valerian - Atropa
2. Jessica - ElektraNatchios33 --- PRIMOGEN
3. Vevila van Roemer - trampledsneakers
4. Destiny - SwiftSign - Dropped
5. Viorica Sergiu - Pandaness - Dropped
6. Carissa Vesilli - XsnowdropX
7. Loyena Verdusbea - msp_teen

1. Mina Coles - veldagia --- PRIMOGEN
2. Mihael Volckar - cherryp3
3. Spirit Ambrose- Kakashi_Hatake - Dropped
4. Carmilla Le Fanu - Psyche
5. Ada Von Vita - PennytheCorgi - on hiatus
6. Gemma Rowan - -Isley-

Damian Alexander (III) - Atropa --- THE PRINCE (see post 4)
1. Catherine Destin - GeeWayrocks - Dropped
2. Adela De Silva - Spoonerism - Dropped
3. Beyonca (Bee) - innoscenteyes
4. Andre DeLucian - PennyTheCorgi

1. Tobias Carstens - Herald - Dropped

Humans (image coming later )

1. Jaden Wright - devoshka
2. Edward Summers - SapphirexClaws
3. Michael Hidenburg - cherryp3
4. Alric Kasimir Reinard - trampledsneakers
5. Lydia Jamison - GeeWayRocks - Dropped
6. Sarah Chamberlain - ElektraNatchios33
7. Zillah - veldagia
8. Ciara "CJ" January - skylark
9. Aella Hithe - -Isley-
10. Kira McCree - innoscenteyes

Atropa and I are co-hosting this RP, so if you have any questions please feel free to PM either her or I :D

INSPIRED and FREELY adapted from the game Vampire The Masquerade-Bloodlines

Vampire the Masquerade is a registered trademark

Ok here are some links for you who aren't familiar with the game....

You DON'T need to know this game in order to RP, it serves as a basis and idea for this RP that is all.

*information compiled from several different sources*

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Default Clan description
The clans are as follows:


The Brujah can trace their roots back to ancient Babylon, and the clay tablets of the first scholars. They were the lovers
and guardians of knowledge, and the founder of their line was the inventor of written language. However, in their quest for
freedom, they slew their founder and were banished from the first city. Today, the Brujah are scorned as riffraff who have
lost their heritage and are without pride. For over a millennium they have been rebels among the Kindred, forever questioning
and testing the Traditions. are the brutish, overly physical clan. They believe that might makes right, and have little patience
for those that choose not to act. They are seen as anarchistic rabble by the Camarilla. The rest of the vampire community rarely
cooperates with them, since they always seem to counter existing authorities. This clan chiefly depends on their body and physical strengths,
using blood to enhance their movement and combat abilities.

The clan is very poorly organised; its members meet only irregularly, and share little in common besides their love of rebellion. They are among the supports of the anarchs, and aiding them is one of the only matters upon which they ever agree. They are often underestimated, as much by themselves as anyone.


Clan Gangrel is said to be the only clan whose founder is still involved in and concerned with the welfare of her progeny. Her concern for them is matched only by her concern for mortal descendants - the Gypsies. Though many Antediluvians use their progeny as pawns in the Jyhad, the Gangrel pride themselves on their freedom from such manipulation. There is a close bond between the clan and the Gypsies. In recent years, as Gehenna approaches, their interaction has been considerable.

Born in the wild, this is a rather interesting sample of vampire species. More feral than other clans, they exist on the fringe of civilization. Since they have such a deep connection with nature, they are able to communicate with some types of animals. As they enhance their special animal-like abilities they become less and less... err... friendly.


The history of the Malkavian clan is completely shrouded in the past. The Malkavians themselves have many tales about their origin, but do not believe most of them. A favored legend among the kindred is that the founder of the house was cursed by Caine, and his descendants have lived with the madness since. The Malkavians have always existed on the periphery of the vampire culture, watching, but never truly involving themselves in it. Long ago, before the curse and the madness, the founder was said to be the greatest among third generation. Now it is his madness that keep the weakest of those involved in the Jyhad "alive".

Extremely unpredictable and dangerous vampires. Blood drives them completely mad, but also grants them extraordinary powers that make them stand out among other vampires. Their chief abilities include seeing things most vampires cannot, manipulating the will of others, etc.


It is the unfortunate plight of the members of this clan to display the beast within their hearts upon their countenances. Though their founder was known for his rabid predilections and monstrous impulses, the Nosferatu of today are known for being cool-headed. Though they tend to choose only the most depraved individuals as progeny, some how the members of this clan seem to retain their sanity better than most vampires. Their hideous appearance makes them quite unpopular and completely unable to exist in civilization. They look more like monsters than men (for an idea of their appearance, check out the classic film of the same name), they are endowed with a unique ability to conceal themselves from sight (called Obfuscation), which makes them formidable spies and ambushers.

The founder is said to have been a man of regal visage who incurred the wrath of Caine for his barbaric activities and was thereby cursed with the face of a hag. The savagery of his soul is reflected upon his face and that of all his progeny.

Of course, many clans have legends in which an all-powerful Caine curses their founder just as God cursed Caine. It is not likely that all of these stories are true, but some, such as this, might be. Presently, the Nosferatu clan is estranged from their founder, and do not serve him - at least to their knowledge.


Throughout history, the Toreador have been involved in the arts. This tradition is said to have begun with the first progeny of the founder, a pair of beautiful and artistically gifted twins. Their sire was a leader of the cabal of third generation vampires who slew their own sires. Though ruthless, he was very doting upon his progeny, proffering them far more independence than any other fourth generation vampires were given. They used their freedom to nurture the full panorama of the arts, and their sire protected them throughout war and famine. To this day, the Toreador claim that they are watched over by Arikel, their founder. Though the Toreador are not as formally organised as some other clans, they are furiously loyal to one another and to the art they claim to serve.

Debutantes to the end, these vampires are inspired by things of great beauty. A Toreador’s senses are vastly enhanced to see beauty in the most unlikely of places, and they can use this skill (Auspex) to find their way out of seemingly impossible situations. They also have the ability to enchant and charm others (Presence). But, being so sensitive, they are drawn to any beautiful thing and can become completely captivated by it -even at the most inopportune moments.


The Tremere are unique and no other clan has a history as rich, yet short, as theirs. Long ago, there were others of their line who were not warlocks, nor did the clan have mastery over the discipline of Thaumaturgy. Less than 1,000 years ago, a metamorphosis occurred. Deep in the Romanian mountains, in the district known as Transylvania, a group of magi from the ancient order were Embraced by a foolish clan leader. Combining their new powers with their ancient lore, the magi were quickly able to assume control of the clan. They Embraced many others from their arcane order, and drank the blood of all the elders of their clan. It is even hinted that the most powerful among them managed to hunt down and slay the founder of the line. The Tremere have adopted the most rigid hierarchical system among the clans, and this has allowed them to achieve great power within Kindred society. The other clans distrust the Tremere, both out of fear and a sense that something is not quite right with them. The political center of the Tremere is in Vienna.

A malevolent bunch which seem more like sorcerers than anything else. Their powerful ancestry has bestowed great magical powers to the Tremere, passed down from untold generations. Their unique blood type grants them heightened senses, and the ability to force their will on their victims.


The Ventrue suspect that their founder has been slain by one of the Brujah clan. Though this is a blow to their pride, it has given them some distance and protection from the chaos and strife of the Jyhad. Without the intrigue and demands of a god-like founder, the Ventrue have acheived a remarkable independence from the Antediluvians. They do not know how much truth is contained in this legend, but it is nonetheless one of the basic tenets of their clan, no matter how much other Kindred scoff at it. If there is an elite class of vampire, the Ventrue would be the closest thing to it. The Ventrue are the political powerhouses of the Camarilla, and as such, most cities are governed by Ventrue princes. They are a balanced clan that relies equally on physical strength and the power of the mind.

Much of the respect accorded to the Ventrue is due to the independence they are perceived to have from the Antediluvians. It is out of pride for this respect they are given that they conceal their persecution of the Brujah clan. More princes and Justicars come from the Ventrue clan than from any other; they are clearly leaders of the Camarilla. The Ventrue have regular clan meetings in various parts of the world, including a Grand Council in London every seven years.

Just an idea of what a vamp COULD look like from a certain clan...but really it's your interpretation!

Toreador - generally more than average pretty. Think sexy, seductive, enticing. They are usually up to date with the respective age's fashion trends (and indeed, among the only clan who bothers with such things). They're basically the fashionistas of the vampire world.

Tremere - no real clear stereotype...they're usually scholars, dressed in austere clothes. they don't much care for flashy things. I would imagine a Tremere woman as wearing a pencil dress with a tweed jacket, hair in a bun and with glasses. For example.

Brujah - think punk, or bike riders. Tatty, worn clothes, leather, jeans, anything that screams "I'm a rebel and don't give a ...." Usually with an attitude to match

Ventrue - well they're the upper class, and they were in their mortal days too. In the past, new progeny were chosen from the ranks of nobles, royalty and so on. Nowadays, from CEOs of companies and the like. They like the finest and most elegant clothes, though not necessarily fashionable. Many of them like to keep the style of their own mortal days in the way they dress. Males would wear impeccable suits, hair short and perfectly styled, women in either business suits, or elegant gowns for social meetings, fine jewelry, all in good taste. They're snotty as hell, and like to think it is their duty to lead the vampire society

Gangrel - well they're the wildest of all clans. Most of them don't have a residence at all, they like to roam forests and pastures and sleep in the earth. They'd almost always be dirty, with matted hair, ripped clothes, feral. They're also the clan closest to the Beast (the predator in each vampire) -they have an uncommonly close relationship with animals, and many of them have a certain animal-look about them too, whether claws, or cat-like eyes,
or very sharp teeth and so on.

Nosferatu - it'll be tricky to recreate them. The Embrace leaves them deformed and unrecognizable - scabby skin, puss-filled sores, bald heads, bat like ears, discolorations of the skin, lopsided fang-filled maws and the like. In one word, very ugly. They live in sewers, crypts etc so they usually smell as good as they look

- it's incredibly difficult to stereotype them. All of the members of this clan have a mental disorder, but that's not so easy to spot. For example, a raving lunatic in bunny slippers could be a Malkavian - but so would an apparently respectable doctor a la Hannibal it's really up to you.

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Default What is vampire? / The Disciplines

Vampires are undead beings, meaning their bodies do not function like that of a human;

* They don't breathe, but they can mimic it. Some have even made a habit out of feigning it while among mortals, as it's a way to uphold the Masquerade. However, they can still speak and smell. (Don't ask me how that's possible, because I don't know. *s*)

* They don't have heartbeats

* Male vampires CAN, shall we say, show the signs of excitement, but not due to physical or mental stimulation, but by willing blood to the relevant area. Though few see the point, as Kindred no longer have a sex drive per se. Blood is usually the only objects of their desire.

* They can cry, but as blood is supposedly the only fluid in their system, the tears will be blood.

* They still feel physical pain.

* They do have reflections.

* Fangs; Their canines are long and pointed, and extremely sharp, but only fully extended while feeding, being at other times withdrawn into their sockets by the contraction of a flexible tissue at their base. However, some Nosferatu lack the means to withdraw their teeth, due to their disformed state.

* Feeding; the only thing a vampire craves as far as feeding is concerned, is blood. They can feed on humans or animals, although feeding on the latter is frowned upon by "polite Kindred society". Feeding should occur about once every night, unless they use their disciplines alot (using disciplines costs blood) or get seriously injured, in which case a higher blood level helps them heal faster. To feed, a vampire only needs to bite, retract the teeth from the wound and begin to drink. Once they're done, if they lick the wound it will heal, leaving no trace of the feeding. The victim will experience a feeling of ecstasy during the feeding. Afterwards they won't remember much of the incident, unless they actually know what has just happened (as would be the case with most blood dolls).
However, the Ventrue are a bit different from other clans when it comes to feeding. They cannot feed on the blood of bums, prostitutes, or any other being on "society's bottom", as it will cause them to vomit. Being the snobs they are, they require "higher quality" blood. Some have even developed a taste for one specific kind of blood (for instance, scholars or aristocrats, etc), and thus cannot drink any other kind of blood.
Kindred also usually don't kill when they feed. They take only what blood they need, and that's it. Killing is frowned upon, as it endangers the Masquerade by leaving corpses drained of blood for the police to investigate.

* Clans; whatever clan your Sire is, that is the clan you'll be. It's in the blood. If a Brujah embraces you, you're a Brujah for the rest of your unnatural unlife. Think of it as ethnicity; it you're born caucasian, there's no changing it.

* They can not digest food or drink, simply because their bodies are dead and cannot process it. If they eat or drink, they will vomit.

* Regeneration; Kindred can use the blood upon wich they've fed to heal themselves. Kindred are able to regenerate whole limbs and organs, given time and need. Regeneration always restores the vampire to the physical state he/she possessed when Embraced. This includes hair length, face shape, body weight, etc. When the body is injured or otherwise changed, it will reform in the same mold over and over again.
Regenerating/Healing in public is considered a Masquerade violation.

* As stated above, hair length cannot be permanently changed. It will never grow longer, but a vampire can cut his/her hair and have it stay that way during the entire night. When they go to sleep, the hair will regenerate. The same goes for piercings; if they get something pierced, and take out the ring/stud/whatever, the flesh/skin will regenerate within minutes.

* Final death; Kindred aren't completely immortal. They can die, and when they do, nothing will remain of their body but ash. This is called the Final Death.
What kills a vampire is the following;
- Being exposed to the sun for more than but a few seconds. The sun will burn their skin, and if they retreat back into the shadows in time, they will heal.
- Holy water; works much like sunlight. However, it won't really kill unless you decide to go swimming in it.
- Fire; works the same way as with humans.
- Decapitation; works the same way as with humans.
- Being completely drained of blood.
Wooden stakes will NOT kill a vampire. It will just paralyze them for a few moments, provided that they are staked in the heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Don't be scared off by the following post. It's merely here as a reference, and for you to see what disciplines are available to the clan of your choice. We do NOT expect you to read and learn every single word, although we recommend that you do read the first part.
And if you don't want to use disciplines, you don't have to. They're merely here because people seemed interested in them in the contest RP.

If you have any questions, fire away. It's difficult to cover it all, and there might be aspects we haven't even thought of.

And if you just want the gist, here's a list of the clans and what disciplines they have:

Brujah: Celerity, Potence, Presence
Gangrel: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean
Malkavian: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate
Nosferatu: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence
Toreador: Auspex, Celerity, Presence
Tremere: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
Ventrue: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Disciplines are supernatural powers granted by the Embrace. The origins of these powers are unknown, but some speculate they are gifts from Caine, the father of all vampires himself.
There are two types; passive and targeted.

Passive disciplines target your own character, and affect their perception and their skills. They last for a certain amount of time depending on the caster's level of expertise, but can be broken in advance by the caster him-/herself. Your character will automatically cast the highest level of any passive discipline they have.
The passive disciplines are; Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, Presence and Protean.

Targeted disciplines require your character to select a target on which to cast the spell; friend or foe, or even yourself. They can either harm or strengthen the target. You will also have to select what level to use, as each level represents a different "spell".
The targeted disciplines are; Animalism, Dementation, Dominate and Thaumaturgy.

What disciplines you have/can learn depends on what clan you are. Each clan has 3 disciplines they specialise in, and each discipline has 5 levels.

What levels you have access to depends on the age of your vampires. Neonates don't have access to any levels higher than 2, Ancillae can reach level 4, and only Elders and Methuselas can wield a level 5.
For the sake of 'realism' though, feel free to not have reached the highest level possible for your age, in every discipline you have.

Also, it is important that you are careful using disciplines, as some result in an obvious display of supernatural powers, and using them where the Masquerade is in effect (meaning in public or around mortals) will be considered a Masquerade violation, as it breaks the Masquerade. Other disciplines are subtle enough to use around mortals, as casting them will not be visible to the naked eye.
However, no disciplines are to be used while in an Elysium.

- - - - - - - -



Type: Targeted
Clans: Gangrel and Nosferatu

This set of powers allows the Kindred to use the Beast within to contact and manipulate nearby animals. At the Kindred's bidding, these animals act as weapons against the Kindred's enemy.

Level 1: Nightwisp Ravens
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Upon activation, a flock of black ravens swarm the target and prevents him/her from taking any actions. After a short amount of time, the flock dissipates. Any actions taken against the target will dissipate the flock immediately.

Level 2: Burrowing Beetle
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: When called, a single beetle flies at the target and burrows deep into his/her body, causing damage to the target.

Level 3: Spectral Wolf
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Creating a dust cloud at the feet of the target, a spectral wolf appears and mauls the victim. Once the wolf has completed it's task, it returns to the mist from which it came.

Level 4: Blodsucker's Communion
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: From the darkness, several ghostly bats descend on the victim. Bursting in and out of the victim, the bats drain the target of his her blood. When the bats are satiated, they travel to the caster to deliver the blood removed from the target.

Level 5: Pestilence
Targets: Multiple
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Like a Biblical plague, insects swarm and targets within the line of sight of your character. The lucky ones will be able to fend off the ravenous swarms, while others will be killed as their flesh is eaten from their bones.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Malkavian, Toreador and Tremere

This Discipline allows a vampire to see auras of those nearby. In addition to seeing auras, you'll recieve stat boosts and heightened senses. The auras are different colors depending on the mood of the target relative to the player - white represents neutral, red means the target is hostile, and blue means the target is scared. (Also, supernatural creatures (Kindred) have auras different from normal humans. Kindred auras are represented by a black smokey cloud.)

Level 1
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Reveals the auras of the living and undead within a short distance. Lasts 20 seconds.

Level 2
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Reveals the auras of all living and undead within a modest distance. Lasts 24 seconds.

Level 3
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Reveals the auras of all living and undead within a large distance. Lasts 28 seconds.

Level 4
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Reveals the auras of all living and undead within a great distance. Lasts 32 seconds.

Level 5
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Reveals the auras of all living and undead within a tremendous distance. Lasts 36 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Brujah and Toreador

This Discipline allows the Kindred to move at extraordinary speeds. With Celerity activated, a Kindred can close 50 yards within a few seconds and throw some devastating blows before a target can even react.

Level 1
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Increases speed a little bit. Lasts 14 seconds.

Level 2
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Increases speed a bit. Lasts 14 seconds.

Level 3
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Increases speed quite a bit. Lasts 14 seconds.

Level 4
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Increases speed alot. Lasts 14 seconds.

Level 5
Targets: N/A
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Greatly increases speed. Lasts 14 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Targeted
Clans: Malkavian

Cursed with insanity, Dementation is the special power of the Malkavians to channel their madness and force it into the minds of those around them.

Level 1: Hysteria
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Drawing forth maddening humor from deep inside, this causes the target to become incapacitated with laughter. Taking any action against the hysterical target will cause him/her to return to his/her senses.

Level 2: Mass Hallucination
Targets: Any within radius of caster.
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Spreading forth the insanity from the vampire's mind, Mass Hallucination causes anyone nearby to suffer mild hallucinations and dulled fighting skills.

Level 3: Vision of Death
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: This level causes the target to imagine his/her greatest fear. The terror is so real, the target collapses and dies from the stress or shock to his/her system. This may have a lesser effect on supernatural creatures.

Level 4: Berserk
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Similar to the frenzy experienced by the Kindred, this level causes the target to go mad and enter a bloodthirsty frenzy. Attacking any allies around him/her, the target will continue to fight until he/she is killed. This may have a lesser effect on supernatural creatures.

Level 5: Bedlam
Targets: Any within radius of targeted creature.
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Washing over the target, this level causes him/her and those around to suffer from one of the previous levels of Dementation.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Targeted
Clans: Tremere and Ventrue

With the superior strength of the vampiric mind, Kindred with the power of Dominate can control minds of the weaker Kine and even some Kindred.

Level 1: Trance
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: This causes the target to fall into a deep trance. Taking any action against the target causes him/her to return to his/her senses.

Level 2: Brainwipe
Targets: Any within radius of caster
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Everyone within a small radius will think you have disappeared. The effect wears off after 5 seconds.

Level 3: Suicide
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: This causes the target to suffer a fatal fit. This may have a lesser effect on supernatural creatures.

Level 4: Possession
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The target will desperately attack anyone who means you any harm, until the target eventually dies of cardiac arrest. This may have a lesser effect on supernatural creatures.

Level 5: Mass Suicide
Targets: Any within radius of target
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Washing over the target, this level causes him/her and anyone around them to suffer a fatal episode. This may have a lesser effect on supernatural creatures.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Gangrel and Ventrue

While being undead automatically gives Kindred a natural toughness, the Discipline of Fortitude increases their ability to withstand blows.

Level 1
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Increases the amount of damage you can withstand a little bit. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 2
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Increases the amount of damage you can withstand a bit. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 3
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Increases the amount of damage you can withstand quite a bit. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 4
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Increases the amount of damage you can withstand alot. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 5
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Greatly increases the amount of damage you can withstand. Lasts 25 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Malkavian and Nosferatu

Obfuscate is the power to make one's physical self disappear, wether this is in the dark shadows of an alley or under the bright lights of a spotlight. Those who use Obfuscate can hide from anyone, including creatures standing just a few feet away. At all levels, if the caster is lurking (i.e. not moving or performing any actions), he/she can stay invisible indefinitely. Obfuscate can not be activated if someone is looking at the caster.

Level 1: Hide
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The caster can turn and look around, stand and crouch to remain invisible. If any other actions are performed, Obfuscate will be broken. Lasts 18 seconds.

Level 2: Limited Invisibility
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The caster can move while crouched. Any other actions, such as interacting with the enviroment, combat, moving while standing or bumping into someone will break Obfuscate. Lasts 20 seconds.

Level 3: Hidden Killer
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The caster can move while crouched and perform stealth skills as long as he/she does not touch anyone. Any other actions, such as interacting with the enviroment, overt combat, moving while standing or bumping into someone will break Obfuscate. Lasts 22 seconds.

Level 4: Advanced Invisibility
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The caster can perform all movement, both crouched and standing, and perform stealth skills as long as the caster does not touch anyone. Any other actions, such as interacting with the enviroment, overt combat or bumping into someone will break Obfuscate. Lasts 24 seconds.

Level 5: Unseen Force
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: The caster can move freely and interact with the enviroment (i.e. pick things up, open doors, etc). Any actions, including bumping into someone and combat actions, will break Obfuscate. Lasts 26 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Brujah and Nosferatu

Potence is the ability of Kindred to increase their strength to unnatural levels. A Kindred with Potence activated can bend steel pipes as if they were rubber.

Level 1
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Adds a little bit of strength to any attack made by the caster. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 2
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Adds a bit of strength to any attack made by the caster. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 3
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Adds quite a bit of strength to any attack made by the caster. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 4
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Adds a lot of strength to any attack made by the caster. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 5
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Adds a great deal of strength to any attack made by the caster. Lasts 25 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Brujah, Toreador and Ventrue

A Kindred with the power of Presence can instill dread and cowering fear. Presence can make enemies tremble or even stun them into submission.

Level 1
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Any targets caught within a tiny radius of the caster become dazed and suffer a decrease in strength, wits and attack. Lasts 16 seconds.

Level 2
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Any targets caught within a large radius of the caster have a tiny chance to become mesmerized. If the target is mesmerized, he/she will be unable to move or fight unless damaged by the caster. If not mesmerized, the target will be dazed and suffer a decrease in strength, wits and attack. Lasts 16 seconds.

Level 3
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Any targets caught within a large radius of the caster have a small chance to become mesmerized. If the target is mesmerized, he/she will be unable to move or fight unless damaged by the caster. If not mesmerized, the target will be dazed and suffer a decrease in strength, wits and attack. Lasts 16 seconds.

Level 4
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Any targets caught within a large radius of the caster have a chance to become mesmerized. If the target is mesmerized, he/she will be unable to move or fight unless damaged by the caster. If not mesmerized, the target will be dazed and suffer a decrease in strength, wits and attack. Lasts 16 seconds.

Level 5
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Any targets caught within a large radius of the caster have a large chance to become mesmerized. If the target is mesmerized, he/she will be unable to move or fight unless damaged by the caster. If not mesmerized, the target will be dazed and suffer a decrease in strength, wits and attack. Lasts 16 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Passive
Clans: Gangrel

Available only to the Gangrel clan, the power of Protean allows the Kindred to manipulate his/her physical form. While some of the manpulations are quite subtle, other manipulations transform the Gangrel into a bestial form.

Level 1: Gleam of Red Eyes
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: See description
Description: Turning the Gangrel's eyes a glowing reddish color, this level gives a tiny bonus to wits and the ability to see in the dark. At point blank range, Kine will notice th change in eye color, which causes a Masquerade violation. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 2: Feral Claws
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: See description
Description: Changing hands into claws, this level allows the Gangrel to deal damage to any enemies he/she encounters. At a medium distance, Kine will notice the claws, which causes a Masqurade violation. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 3: Will of the Wolf
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: See description
Description: When this level is activated, the Gangrel gains a bit more stamina. At medium range, this level causes a Masquerade violation. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 4: Hunter of Night
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: See description
Description: Further transforming the Gangrel into a bestial form, the vampire's claws damage is increased, as is the Gangrel's strength. The Masquerade is violated if any Kie sees the Gangrel at long range. Lasts 25 seconds.

Level 5: War Form
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: At the highest level, the Gangrel is transformed into his/her war form. He/She gains increased claw damage at this level. Lasts 25 seconds.

- - - - - - - - - -


Type: Targeted
Clans: Tremere

Guarded closely by the Tremere, Thaumaturgy is the blood magic that is the basis of their magical arts. Using the power of their own Vitae, the Tremere can manipulate the target's blood for some devastating results.

Level 1: Blood Strike
Targets: Single
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Firing a blood red projectile, this shot will strike the target. If the caster remains still and the target lives, the blood strike will return to the caster with stolen blood from the target.

Level 2: Purge
Targets: All within a small radius
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Causing those around the Tremere to become violently ill, the affected targets begin to vomit blood. Damaging to both human and supernatural foes, Purge is quite useful in stopping a swarming group of enemies.

Level 3: Blood Shield
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: The Blood Shield envelopes the Tremere vampire in a magical barrier that protects the vampire from a portion of any damage inflicted. After absorbing enough damage, the shild dissipates.

Level 4: Blood Salvo
Targets: Any within a cone of the caster's reticule
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: While Blood Strike affects a single target, Blood Salvo fires projectiles at any target within the cone of the vampire's view. Like Blood Strike, the blood will return and provide blood to the Tremere vampire

Level 5: Blood Boil
Targets: Single/Area of Effect
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: This devestating attack causes the blood in the target to heat up and explode like a bomb. Anyone caught within the explosion will suffer damage from the heat and force of the blast.

~ * ~ Volition ~ * ~
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Default Additional info

According to legends of the Kindred, antediluvians are the vampires of the Third Generation. Supposedly they were created by Caine's first childer, Enoch, Irad & Zillah. Legend holds there to be thirteen of them, and their sins are those to blame for God causing the Great Deluge.
From each of these vampires come the twelve original clans of Vampire: Assamites, Brujah, Cappadocian, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Salubri, Toreador, Tzimisce & Ventrue. It is believed among the game's mythologies that each clan's weaknesses comes from a curse Caine set upon the Antediluvian Founders of the clan.

Beast, the:
The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, raving monster.
When a person is Embraced, his human soul is stripped away and replaced (or at least burdened) with a primal nature called the Beast. The urge to feed on living blood and the lusts of the vampiric soul are fuelled by this new soul. If not properly controlled, it can put the vampire in a frenzy that makes him loose control of his actions and attack the first person (be it friend or foe) close enough to sate his thirst for blood, which is what draws out the Beast in the first place.
Thus, always be careful not to let the Hunger grow too strong.

Blood bond:
A blood bond is a supernatural link of fidelity and dependency of one vampire (the thrall) on another one (the regnant), created and maintained by the repeated consumption of the regnant's blood. In many vampire societies, the blood bond is a powerful weapon for vampire leaders who wish to be assured of their subjects' loyalty.
Someone becomes involved in a blood bond by drinking the vitae of the same Cainite on several occasions not excessively spaced in time. After the first sip of blood, the thrall begins to develop strong feelings for the regent, whether love or hate, though they are still free to act as they choose. Those in a one-drink bond may unconsciously seek out the regent, seemingly accidentaly running into them on a frequent basis.
After the second sip, the regent becomes a very important person to the thrall, who may go out of their way to seek the regent's attention or please them. It becomes difficult for the thrall to do anything that would harm the regent, and the regent likewise finds it easier to convince the thrall of things. Though the thrall's craving for the regent's blood increases, they still retain their free-will.
After the third sip, the blood bond is complete. The thrall is now subject to the regent completely and loves them as much as they are capable of loving anyone. The regent is the most important person in the thrall's life and takes priority over all else; sufficiently weak-willed individuals will commit any act the regent asks of them. Furthermore, the regent may command the thrall with Dominate via voice alone. It may still be possible for the thrall to act against the regent, but only temporarily and after an extreme effort of will."

Blood doll:
A mortal who freely gives her blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their vitae. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Blood hunt:
The persecution of a vampire by the rest of the vampiric society in order to kill him.
The blood hunt must be officially declared by the local Prince. Once the order is given, it is customary to allow the vampire to flee the city. This mercy is extended until midnight, after which any vampire is free to hunt down and destroy the persecuted subject. On occasion, a reward might be offered to the one who delivers or kills the victim.
Any vampire who helps the subject of a blood hunt in any way is considered an accomplice and may himself become an additional target.
In some cases it is traditional to let the victim's Sire perform the execution.

The first of our kind was Caine. Caine - the First Man born of Man. Caine - who had slain his brother and was cast from humankind. Caine - who was cursed with eternal life and with terrible lust for Blood. It is said that he wandered alone in sorrow for many years. In time, however, his loneliness consumed him and he made others like himself. His childer created childer, and these childer created childer, until there existed 13 vampiric Clans. Each of these damned souls bore the curse of Caine, but for every generation they were removed from the first one, their strength was lessened.

Another word for vampire.

The largest sect of vampires in existence, the Camarilla concerns itself with the Masquerade, thereby hoping to maintain a place for Kindred in the modern nights. The Camarilla is an open society; it claims all vampires as members (whether they want to belong or not), and any vampire may claim membership.
Though the Camarilla is the largest sect, just over half of the 13 known vampire clans actively participate in its affairs. hese clans are; Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Torerador, Tremere, Ventrue.
Officially, the Camarilla does not recognize the existence of the Antediluvians or Caine. It reasons that these vampires, if they ever existed at all, have long since suffered the Final Death, and those who allude to them are publicly derided.

A vampire created through the Embrace - the childe is the progeny of her Sire. This term is often used derogatorily, indicating inexperience. Plural is childer.

A ghoul's master; one who feeds him blood and issues him commands.

A sarcastic term for a vessel, typically human. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Embrace, the:
The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires a vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim's blood with a bit of her own.

An Elysium is a piece of neutral ground where vampires may go to congregate, converse and hash out business deals without fear of violence or exclusion. Every city - at least every Camarilla city - has at least one designated Elysium; larger cities often have several. They're commonly established in opera houses, museums and other locations of culture.
Disciplines can not be used while in an Elysium.

To drink blood from a human, a Kindred, or even an animal. To feed, a vampire only needs to bite, retract the teeth from the wound and begin to drink. Once they're done, if they lick the wound it will heal, leaving no trace of the feeding. The victim will experience a feeling of ecstasy during the feeding. Afterwards they won't remember much of the incident, unless they actually know what has just happened (as would be the case with most blood dolls). See also Kiss, the.

A young, newely created vampire.

A ghoul is a being (human or animal) that has become a slave to a vampire and addicted to vampiric blood. Although not so powerful as Kindred, ghouls may use the ingested vitae to become preternaturally strong and resilient. They also cease to age. All of this applies only as long as they are given a sip of Kindred blood on a regular basis.
Most ghouls are fanatically loyal to their masters, for ghouls are just as susceptible to the blood bond as Kindred are.
As the ghoul requires the blood of his domitor to maintain his status, he often has cause to drink repeatedly from the same vampire.

A vampire's "home", where she finds sanctuary from the sun.

Hunger, the:
The urge to feed, as with any living creature. For vampires, however, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call.

A contemptuous term for mortals, indicating that their sole use is for sustenance. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

The race of vampires as a whole, or a single vampire.

A somewhat archaic and derogatory term used by the Kindred to refer to mortals. The term 'kindred and kine' refers to all the people of the world.

Kiss, the:
To drink blood, especially from a mortal. The Kiss causes feelings of ecstasy in those who recieve it.

A vampire. This word is considered slang, and is most commonly used by younger Kindred.

Masquerade, the:
An organized campaign enforced by the Camarilla to convince people that vampires do not exist. The Masquerade is the cornerstone survival strategy for Kindred; without it, the kine would rise up and exterminate all the undead, as almost happened during the Inquisition.
The basics of the Masquerade are enforced through self-policing and harsh penalties. When a breach occurs, the methods of repairing may vary, but somebody is going to be punished — and while it would be nice for that somebody to be whoever caused the breach in the first place, Princes are known to prefer an early morning dusting over a long thorough search.
Generally, a breach consists of any evidence of vampiric powers: feeding on blood, obvious use of Disciplines, regeneration in plain sight and the like. Certain things (such as ghouls) are considered potential breaches all the time — although in this case, its assumed that the domitor will take necessary steps.
Camarilla vampires are taught to blend in and to cultivate their Humanity in order to make imitating living people easier. However, when something severe happens, the Camarilla usually calls on the Ventrue, who have made Masquerade-patching something of a science. The Ventrue will apply whatever resources are necessary — cash, judicious use of Dominate, machine guns — to make the problem go away.

The Prince's council of clan leaders in a given city; it's ruling body of elders, typically composed of one member from each Camarilla clan present in a city.
The term is both singular and plural, and refers to both individual represetatives and the Primogen council as a whole.
Theoretically, a primogen is the oldest vampire of his clan, and serves as a representative and voice for the clan in city affairs. In the modern era, the officeholder is usually decided within the clan proper by voting, violence or someone higher up giving the orders, rather than simply comparing ages. Primogen traditionally make up a council that is the second most powerful institution in the city after the Princedom. The power of the Primogen varies with the power of the vampires that make it up; in some cities they are a rubberstamp for the prince, in other cities they manage all affairs.

A vampire recognized as the leader of a domain (usually a single city) and possessing the authority of an Elder. The term can refer to a Kindred of either sex.
Generally, a Prince is advised by a council of Primogen, and holds authority over unlife and Final Death. This traditionally includes:
* Alloting hunting grounds
* Declaration or revocation of Elysium
* Granting authority to sire new vampires
* Punishment for violating the Masquerade
* Calling a blood hunt

All of a vampire's childer, collectively.

Regeneration is the vampiric ability to use the blood upon wich they've fed to heal themselves. Kindred are able to regenerate whole limbs and organs, given time and need. Regeneration always restores the vampire to the physical state he/she possessed when Embraced. This includes hair length, face shape, body weight, etc. When the body is injured or otherwise changed, it will reform in the same mold over and over again.
Regenerating/Healing in public is considered a Masquerade violation.

A Kindred who holds a blood bond over another.

A vampire's Sire is the person who Embraced them, and is thus the vampire's "parent". There is no distinction between male or female sires.

A vampire chosen by the Prince to act as his bodyguard, and to enforce his laws in his chosen domain. This includes but is not limited to investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff cares out all sentencing handed down by the Prince. Sheriffs can differ from city to city; some are intelligent, others lack the ability to discover. Most feel they are doing what is best for Kindred society, while some just want the power over others.

A vampire under the effects of a blood bond, having drunk another Kindred's blood.

A source of vitae for sustenance or pleasure, primarily mortal.

A synonym of blood.

A derogatory term for a young Kindred.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


As mentioned in the first post, every major city has it's Prince. Los Angeles is no exception. Damian Alexander is a Ventrue elder, and has been the Prince of L.A. for well over two decades now. He will be played by me, and will not be taking up one of the character slots, meaning there are still 5 slots initially open for the Ventrue.

So, without futher ado; ladies and gentlemen, I give to you your Prince, Damian Alexander;

Clan: Ventrue
Name: Damian Alexander (III)
Age: Elder (578 years old, embraced in 1429, at the age of 28)
Disciplines: Dominate (level 5), Fortitude (level 4), Presence (level 5)

Bio: Born during the Hundred Years War, Damian was destined to end up on the battlefield. Being of noble birth he was raised a knight, being taught virtues such as courtesy and manners, cleanliness and religion, along with various battle skills before even hitting puberty.
At the age of 14 he started serving as a squire, aiding a highly respected knight in battle, and outside. He watched and learned, and at the age of 19 was knighted by his master for saving his master's life on the battlefield.
He served the English with vigor, earning himself a reputation for being the epitome of what a knight should be - couragous, just, merciful, and noble - until he one day was fatally wounded during battle. He was taken back to his tent, and in the dead of the night was Embraced by a Ventrue who'd been keeping an eye on him for the last couple of years. The Ventrue had wanted to wait another year or so, but with Damian on his deathbed, they didn't want him to slip through their fingers.
Since then he's spent his time indulging himself in the virtues of the Ventrue, and has thus become a powerful leader and a shrewd business man.

During the mid 1600's, he was lurking around the Spanish court when a young lady, Adele, caught his eye. She was still only a teenager, but already possessed the poise and manners of a queen. He had one of his ghouls, the King's physician, keep an eye on her and keep Damian updated with the on-goings of her life.
Only weeks after first seeing her, Damian had decided she would be granted the Kiss as she was clearly meant to be a Ventrue. However, he also decided to wait a few years, so that she would first reach her full potential.
However, she suddenly fell very ill, and fearing that they would loose her and that he would suffer the wrath of Damian in the process, the doctor quickly sent for the noble Ventrue.
Damian had no choice. If he wanted her, and he did, he had to Embrace her right then and there on her death bed, much like the way he himself had been Embraced.

These days he resides in Los Angeles, and some two decades ago, was elected Prince of the city.
He's still considered just, noble and couragous, but he no longer shows mercy on those who betray him or let him down in any way, and he's been known to plot and manipulate younger Kindred into serving his own needs.
The Ventrue blood has also turned him into somewhat of an arrogant snob, as he, like any Ventrue, considers himself a born leader with the duty to guide and care for the Kindred in his town.
If you're a vampire and you've just arrived in L.A., it is required that you look up the Prince and introduce your presence in his city, as is it expected that if you wish to Embrace someone, wage war against Kindred, or call a blood hunt you should seek his permission before doing so.

You'll be most likely to find him in his penthouse office, in downtown Los Angeles.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


* As each Camarilla clan in every town have their own Primogen (an elder leader of sorts), the positions as Clan Primogen are open. There's one for every clan. The only requirement is that your vampire is an elder, and someone that would be considered suitable by others.
On this, it's first come, first served.
The seven Primogen serve as the Prince's advisory council, as well as his connection with all the Camarilla vampires dwelling in his domain.

The Primogen council right now consists of the following;
Brujah Primogen: NPC
Gangrel Primogen: NPC
Malkavian Primogen: NPC
Nosferatu Primogen: Esther Rosenberg
Toreador Primogen: Jessica
Tremere Primogen: Mina Coles
Ventrue Primogen: Archon DeWinter

* The Prince will have a Sheriff (see Glossary above), but as I'm not sure how active the Prince will be, the sheriff will be made an NPC, and thus that position will not be up for grabs, simply because I don't want to tie someone up with a semi-active character. Because, being the Prince's bodyguard pretty much means following him around like a dog.
Should it turn out that the Prince will be more active than I've anticipated, I might consider opening up the position as sheriff.
But for now, picture him being a tall, robust Brujah brute.

* This game will also include hot spots; places such as clubs, restaurants, etc, to provide you with places to go, so that it'll be a bit easier for the characters to meet, instead of having them roam aimlessly around town (unless you choose to).
Feel free to create one yourself, and PM me so that I can add it to the list.


* The Haven: a night club run by Valerian of clan Toreador and Claudia, a Ventrue. It's dark, with a gothic atmosphere, and offers the usual dance floor, but also a stage for live performances. The seconds floor holds a VIP lounge/office, along with Valerian's personal chambers and art studio. This has been branded an Elysium.

* The Museum Hermeticum and Internet Cafe: The upper floors remain traditional to an ancient library filled with enough dusty texts and hidden scrolls to set every scholars heart on fire. The basement has been modernised in silver and ruby with the latest electronic equipment and now houses L.A.'s finest internet café. Enter to research online, keep up with the latest communications or stop by for the richest cup of Italian Mocha you’ll ever taste.
The museum is owned by the Tremere and Mina Coles resides on the top floor. This has been branded an Elysium.

* The Rave Arcade: With an eleven dollar admission fee, the Rave Arcade has become L.A.'s hottest gamer haven. The mood varies throughout the night, earlier hours are blanketed with soft techno sounds that are overridden by the endless drone of the arcade games. Deeper into the night, however, many of the arcade games are shut down and the moshers take their spot in the mosh pit as one of the popular local bands enlisted to play take their stage. The presence of the arcade is controversial as, over time, it has become a breeding ground for rowdy metalheads and shady characters.

* Club Diebuk: Diebuk is a rave nightclub where, unlike others in the city, vampires from all clans and backgrounds can come together. Well wishes, or no. The club was founded in 1892 by Cade Vaughn the Brujah Primogen, and is situated in Downtown LA, underground, opening usually around 9pm with no admission fee. It was primarily a location for solace, though as Cade would have it, he allows vampires to use their disciplines inside at will. The club is moderated by Brujah guards and bouncers, though even they involve themselves in bar brawls and punch-ups. Downstairs there is a bar and dancefloor with a plasma TV screen. The interior is lit with spotlights and strobe lights. The music blaring dance music. Off to the right is a black door guarded by burley Brujah vampires, leading to Cade's private room, which can be accessed by invitation.
Picture 1

* Algernon: This is a combined bookstore and café not far from The Haven, owned by Ventrue Primogen Archon DeWinter. Julia, a Tremere, helps him run it, selling books and what not. There is also a Ventrue male that has an eye on the business.
It is intimate and cozy with comfortable armchairs, yet it holds a lot of books. Both new ones, and old ones. And also computers with internet connection. All clans are welcome here, therefore it is not as grand as you would assume a Ventrue establishment to be. It is modern, but with a touch of the old days. You can definatley find some gothic design as well as victorian; among furniture, wallpapers and decorations. There are three floors. The first floor contains the bookstore and café. The second floor is for VIP only, which means Kindred. No kine is allowed up there what so ever. It also has books and a comfortable setting, in order for the Kindred to socialize without the interruption of the kine. The books on the second floor are older, and more suitable for the Kindred that wish to engage themselves in search of information. If anyone is looking for more rare books, they would be wise to contact the owner or Julia. The third floor is Archon's private office. This is where he has meetings with other Kindred, and where he spends his time when he needs to work in the center of the city, without disturbance.
Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

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Alright, I guess I'll start this off then;

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Clan: Toreador
Name: Valerian (doesn't use a last name)
Age: Neonate (Embraced in the 1902 at the age of 25)
Disciplines: Auspex (level 1), Celerity (level 2), Presence (level 2).

(Not so) Short Bio:
Valerian has always been a dreamer and a fan/lover of beauty. He'll find beauty in any and everything, and everyone. Born into a wealthy family in England in 1877, he was the youngest son of three, and thus the one with the least responsibility, which might explain his lack of interest in businesses, finances etc. Instead he grew up spending most of his time reading, writing, painting, daydreaming and seeking the company of others like him. And it was in this open-minded circle of friends that he first realized he was equally attracted by men and women. Both genders had their special qualities that he loved, though he knew better than to be open about his experiences with men.
At the age of 20, he had a falling out with his parents. They wanted him to mature and start taking responsibility, while Valerian himself kept insisting that he wanted to pursue a career as an artist; as a painter and possibly a poet. He wanted to attend the Chelsea School of Art, in order to develop his skills, but his parents refused to finance such a "waste of time". They even threatened to cut him off entirely if he did not bend to their will. Of course, he did not, and a short while later he was accepted by the school, ending up being disowned by his parents in the process.
Even from the very start money was tight, but luckily, Valerian had a wealthy "friend" who saw his potential and decided to help him out by not only paying for his education, but offer him a place to stay as well. It lasted only for a few months, until rumours started circulating. Valerian's friend claimed he couldn't risk his social status nor his good name, and thus Valerian was once again without a benefactor.
However, he soon found himself a cheap and shabby apartment, and took odd jobs in order to make enough money to be able to stay in school, even serving as a rentboy on rare occasions just to make ends meet.
Finishing his education, things didn't seem to look up anytime soon. He kept struggling for a couple of years, selling a painting every now and then, but it was never enough to make a real living.
Then one night, as he was sitting in the park, savouring the last dying traces of the sunset, he and the painting he'd been working on caught a certain someone's eye. A vampire. A Toreador, who instantly fell in love with the young man's talent. He approached Valerian, commenting on his work, and offering a few tips and tricks. Valerian was awestruck by the man's insight and knowledge, and a friendship was born.
Only a few weeks later, the Toreador embraced Valerian.

Nowadays, Valerian has temporarily settled down in Los Angeles, and runs a night club called The Haven. Or rather, he fronts and co-owns it. The other owner, and the one in charge of really running it (finances, hiring/firing staff etc) is a Ventrue female, with whom he's having a relationship of some sort. There is a blood bond between the two, with Valerian being the thrall, and the Ventrue female being the regnant. Thus, she does have him in her power, but does not completely control him. She's the dominant one, and he is her willing plaything, her boy toy. She can sometimes get impatient with him, as he's far too laid back and carefree, only seeking the pleasures of (un)life. He has little interest in how the business is run.

He can often be found at the club, either socializing at his usual table along with his two female ghouls, or in the VIP lounge upstairs, where he willingly serves as a blood doll to both male and female vampires (mainly regulars). He loves the intimacy, and drinking from him is a highly sensual experience, even for vampires. Keep in mind though, that he is not a prostitute. Drinking from him doesn't hold a price, and he'll only share his blood with whoever he wants to.

However, he doesn't limit himself to sharing intimacy with vampires only, but will also on occasion indulge himself in real lovemaking, with mortals. Because, while vampires no longer have a sex drive per se, they can still perform the act of lovemaking, and being the sensual, sexual creature that he is, Valerian cherishes the intimacy shared with another beautiful being - be it a mortal or an immortal - even though the physical pleasure is not nearly as intense for him as for his parter (in case of a human). He simply finds his pleasure in pleasing others.

He doesn't care a whole lot about the feuds and disagreements between the clans, nor does he pay much attention to it. If he's up to date on things, it's simply because his Ventrue dominatrix insists on trying to keep him in the loop. He rarely participates in any schemes, unless asked by the Ventrue female. He'll go along with running her errands every now and then, and help her succeed with whatever plans she might have. Be warned though, he's not naive; not in the way that he doesn't see what part he's playing in her (or anyone else's) schemes. He's usually very well aware of things, once he's gotten involved, even though he might not always seem to be.

As for the club itself, it is indeed a haven, like the name suggests, as it serves as an Elysium for the local vampires; a place where all fights and blood feuds are left at the door.
Except for the VIP lounge/office, the upstairs also holds Valerian's art studio and personal chambers, that he often shares with the Ventrue female.


(((ooc: I know the club name is a bit cheesy, but it's me paying homage to "Kindred; The Embraced".

Also, I've refrained from naming the Ventrue female, as I'm leaving her open for someone to grab, should they want to. If not, I'll just name her and make her an NPC.)))

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Default Mina Coles Application
Clan: Tremere (Primogen)
Name: Mina Coles
Age: Elder
Auspex: Level 4,
Dominate: Level 3

Mina was born in into a typical English Middle Class family; her father treated her well despite the questions around her conception. So whilst her brothers were educated at Cambridge she studied at home and was allowed the luxury of choosing her own husband. She married a wealthy artist, opting for an easy life rather than one of love. They lived comfortably but the marriage was fruitless.

During the reign of the Queen she was initiated into a stem of the Dark Arts. It was here where she first met with the Secret Chiefs. Just after her 21st birthday she completed her initial instruction and drew the eye of a notable scholar. She resisted his advances for several months but eventually he wore her down as her heart turned from her morals to his enchantments. But she never understood what she was letting herself in for and one fateful night she was reborn. She lost everything she treasured in the world other than him but with the rebirth a new fire was set alight.

Mina spent centuries faithfully bound to her sire’s side as the spent the years travelling together or hiding out in Vienna watching and waiting, as the wars took their toll and new leaders arose. The time passed easily whilst she discovered for herself the wisdom held in the Tremere laboratory, rituals and ancient texts. As she mastered the arts of the elementals, the pathway of the tarot and the evocations of the spirits she realised that there was something missing and this thirst for knowledge drives her still. For the last few decades she resided in their English Mansion until her sire’s mysterious disappearance from Tremere society a few years ago. The mere mention of his name now brings the cold glare of Mina’s wrath.

Mina slowly worked her way up the Tremere hierarchy, finally establishing herself among likeminded others who had been embraced but all the time she kept a careful eye upon those who hold power amongst the Camarilla Although the home of her heart is still the English Isles she moved to LA to acquire the seat of Tremere Primogen. Here she resides in the loft apartment of the Museum Hermeticum.

Mina has a studious nature and respects knowledge for within it lies power. Her enemies would describe her as an ambitious, cold, elusive killer who trusts no-one. True she possesses these qualities, lacking any sense of true morality but she also has fire buried deep within, stirred by her vampiric senses and intense loyalty to her clan and those she treasures.

Painting of Mina which hangs above the Museum's Great Fireplace

((Obviously I'm in And Valerian is a babe.))
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EEEE! *revives Vevila*
Do I even need to tell you I'm joining??
Save me a spot. :D

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Default App: Catherine Destin
What clan you belong to: Ventrue
Name: Catherine Destin
Age: (Neonate) 121
Disciplines: Dominate, (level 2) Fortitude (level 1), Presence (level 2)
Short bio: Catherine was a heavy believer in the supernatural, from a very young age. It may have helped her mother often told her tales about Grand Vampires, thus giving her a desire to find on and become one, if they were real. She came from a very well off family, and had everything she desired, except vampirism. She lost her twin sister in a cholera epidemic, and misses her very much. She succeeded in gaining vampirism at 21, and though she best fits in with stuck-up people, as you get to know her, she is not really stuck-up.

A picture of you:

((Vampires ... I had to enter. And I hope this is ok))
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Squee xD I must enter this *lol*
.. I'll be back in a bit .. :P
16th Sep 2007 at 7:42 PM
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veldagia - Right now, it's limited to one character per person. If it turns out there'll be alot of empty spots (which I suspect there'll be), we'll make it two spots per person.
Oh, and thanks.

*edit* Forgot to say that yes, Mina can be the Tremere Primogen.

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Default Jessica the Toreador (Primogen)
I decided just to use a normal pic instead of a sim one

Clan: Toreador
Name: Jessica (Jess)
Age: Elder (413 years)
Disciplines: (I hope I did this right) Auspex Lv. 3; Celerity Lv. 5; Presence Lv. 3


Jessica was born in 1569, to a blacksmith and his wife in London. She grew up not the richest kid on the block (infact the poorest). She didn't have many friends at school, and was beat up and ridiculed often. Jessica usually ran away many times during the year, returning home a few weeks afterward.
When she turned 18 she met a man her age. They began to fall in love, and 2 years later decided to elope. She came home to tell her parents with the man of her dreams, only to find he and his clan had drained them of blood.

Jessica was threatened with her life. The man kept her against her will for 5 years, where she occupied her time playing the piano. He was so delighted with her music, he embraced her. She immediatly fled the house, and lit it on fire, killing her sire and his friends.

She continued to live near London, until the times caught up with her and she moved to the colonies. Jessica never married or loved again, afraid to trust anyone. She worked as a pianist, sometimes at weddings or biryhdays, sometimes at public places. Jessica moved every few years, to avoid being discovered as a vampire. She eventually ended up in Southern Califorinia sometime in the Forties. She laid low and eventually met up with fellow Toreadors, and became the leader.

(The file's too big)

Jessica Pic
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Elektra - Each clan has three disciplines. You'll find that in the Disciplines post, each discipline mentions what clans have it. I also just edited to add a list at the top of the disciplines list, to make it easier to see what clans have what disciplines.

GeeWayrocks - It looks just fine, except your vampire is a neonate, which means she doesn't have access to levels 3-5 of the disciplines. Only level 1-2. (Yes, I know the Disciplines post is loooooong, so it's easy to miss).

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*claps and bounces up and down* I'm sooo excited and happy to see so much interest already wooo! It's gonna be fun :D

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I hope we can have two characters, because I'd love to enter a male human! xD That'd be so fun... anyway. I'll update this post with Vev's App. Just tweaking it a bit from the old one.

Edit: Voshie, are you RPing with us, or just hosting? *glomp* Either way, thanks for making this! The other one was SO much fun, so I'm sure this will be too.

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Updated app, jsyk
#16 Old 16th Sep 2007 at 8:52 PM
Kay, thanks for that Atropa! Fixing now!
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Yes I'm gonna RP with you but i'm gonna start off as a human as I have a feeling most will want to be vampires and so want to leave those spots open

Also Elektra could you when you have a bit more time write a bit of a background, it helps to get an idea of your character more etc :D

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Default Application, Victor Calder & Rosalyn Keir
(Ooh, I have to enter this! :jig: )

Clan: Malkavian
Name: Victor Calder
Age: Elder (Over 500 years old, year not known)

Level 5: Auspex, Obfuscate
Level 3: Dementation

Short bio: Not much is known about Victor, and the things that are known have been circulated as myth, not fact. Some might say he used to be a very well educated man. He himself claims that his father was of high political order in England, that his mother was a duchess, that he had several butlers and a mansion worthy of royalty. Though this may not be true. Those who have known him for a while know that the tales of his past are merely deluded fantasy. That he scratches his name on his arm with a glass pane to remind himself of his identity. He forgets his past. That is the truth. And his life is so shrouded with saga and obscurity that even he no longer knows who he is. However Victor is otherwise very grounded and physically strong. He has made several connections with the Ventrue clan and has never once broken the rules of the Masquerade. Nor will he ever consider betraying his brotherhood.
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GJPrentice - Right now there's only one slot per person open. We might make it two slots per person if it turns out all slots aren't filled, but for now, only one character per person.

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16th Sep 2007 at 9:22 PM
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16th Sep 2007 at 9:35 PM
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Clan: Toreador
Name: Destiny (Dest, Destin)
Age: Ancilla ~ 257 Years old
Auspex Lv 3
Celebrity Lv 4
Presence Lv 1

Bio: Destiny was born into a rich sophisticated family, with a dark secret. He never questioned why his mother never left the house in the day, or the paleness of her skin. His father hid her 'condition' well hidden, and as Dest grew up he helped his father keep the secret and look after his never aging mother.

He was told on his 16th birthday about his mother's 'condition' of course he was not surprised by the fact she was in fact a vampire. She had been 'embraced' (the term his father used) just days after his own birth by an unknown attacker. And on his 22nd birthday his mother returned the favour to him. Heightening his senses, adding purpose to his living, offering him freedom.

The first thing Destiny did was to kill his father - not wishing to be imprisoned as his mother was so wrongly. He then left the country, flying the lake to America with a large amount of cash from his manor. He then built a new life, so close to normal life but hiding his true identity, a shadow of a man. He also took on a new name, Destiny - in honour of his mother.

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Alright, the glossary is up, in post #4, for those of you interested in the vamp lingo.

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Default Viorica Sergiu

Viorica Sergiu

375 - Bitten at age 21

Auspex Lv 3
Celebrity Lv 1
Presence Lv 5

Viorica was born in raised in earshot of the vatican. She was raised by strict Roman-Catholic parents, and attended private schools. Even though she seemed as a sweet, perfect daughter, her nature was rebellious. She wished to become a organist for the church, but her parents knew that there would be no money in that. They could only hope for a better future for their daughter, as they soon became bankrupt after her birth.

A marriage was arranged for her to marry a wealthy buisiness tycoon, who traveled to the orient and afar. He was attractive, but not her type. He never loved her, she was just showcased on his arm.

She met an artist, whose brushstrokes seemed to make love to the canvas. He was cunning, and secretive. A mystery. She made the mistake of falling in love with him.

They soon met at strange hours just to see each other. He moved to France, but the wrote love letters to each other every week, and she was careful to keep them hidden from her fiancee.

Almost two years had gone on like this, and the wedding had been scheduled within the next week. Her secret boyfriend stopped writing, and they lost touch. One night, she was walking home and her husband-to-be was at a local bar with some friends. They were all apparently drunk. The air was icy, and the fuddled words they spoke to her cut her like blades. One man grabbed her, while another ripped off her clothing...

They left her in the snow, naked and beaten, while they merrily laughed home. She had lost so much blood, she passed out thinking of death. Arms scooped her up and her neck pinched pain, although it was stimulating. Her body became stone, and her body became strong.

Since that day, Viorica has moved from place to place, never staying to long. She never found the man she loved, or the people who had broken her, or the person who had damned her. But now people didn't look at her in the same way, she became "sexy". For a while, she lived as a prostitute, exchanging love for money. That worked for a while, and got her out of the gutter, but then she wanted to actually do something with her "life".

She became a organist, like she always wanted to. Soon enough, that became out-dated and she converted to the piano. She plays at lounges and restaurants, just to get spending money. Other than that, she doesn't have to buy food or other human neccesites, so really she is set. She also discovered the Toreador clan, a beautiful group of monsters. They took her under their wing and she has been with them ever since.

#23 Old 16th Sep 2007 at 10:26 PM
Default Application:: //Mihael Volckar

Mihael Volckar

[somewhere around 830 years old.|he was bitten at age 17.]

Thaumaturgy [Level 5]
Dominate [Level 3]
Auspex [Level 5]

Mihael was regarded as perhaps one of the brightest boys in all of Athens. He was charming, intellectual, and held an understanding for the world that many Greeks could not grasp. Many said that the boy would go on to be a great astronomer, as by the age of six he had already made a complete map of the seasonal skies, labeling the constellations and even going so far to devise his own. He discovered many heavenly bodies with his instructors, and proposed that the stars were not merely orbs of light, but that they burned with a vigor as the sun did. With all of the praise and admiration for their precious child, his parent’s heads swelled and they began to push him in the direction of that goal. Not that Mihael minded. He was in love with the night sky and all its treasures, and he sought to uncover every secret that the skies passed in their furtive whispers.
Because of his willingness to cooperate, his parents were very kind to him. In fact, they spoiled the young boy even when he did not wish for the fineries that they brought to him. The applause, the gifts, and the love he gained from those who knew of his talent kept him upon his feet. Provided him with an extra boost so that he slowly turned a blind eye to his love for what he did. His astronomy became nothing more than a task to gain the admiration from his peers and everyone else within Athens.

However, a rather large road bump came in his work when a classmate broke Mihael’s telescope. Because he came from a poor family, they would not be able to afford another. Angered by the boy’s horseplay, Mihael attacked the other boy and the two ended up in a sort of ‘timeout’ together. The boy, Orpheus, questioned Mihael why he always watched the sky. He told him that whenever he looked into those inky heavens, he held a look of distaste upon his face until he was commended for his efforts. Struck by the other boy’s observations, he questioned himself until he began to realize how his dream had corrupted into an endless quest for the spotlight, his fifteen minutes of fame.

Mihael began to abandon his studies and follow the mysterious Orpheus, who always seemed to have a child-like clarity, a view on the world that the dark-haired boy had never thought of before. The two became close friends until his parents forbade him to speak with the boy who’d caused his ‘rebellion’. Upon this command, Mihael began to see his parent’s true side. They cared not for their son, only for the wealth and glory he brought to them. Their treatment towards their son began to darken until he might have been a servant to them. Due to this treatment, the boy fled into the night in the direction of the town square, where he found Orpheus sitting by a fountain, staring at the sky.

It was that very night that Orpheus embraced Mihael into the Tremere clan. Mihael never dreamed that Orpheus was involved in such a group. True, he had never seen him out during the day; though, he only supposed the boy had strict studies to attend, as Mihael himself studied from dawn until dusk. Mihael fled from Athens at that point, blinded with grief that his human blood had been poisoned by that of a vampire’s. He had decided that he would find a place far away, and remain in the open there so that the sunlight might cast his sinful body from the earth.
Mihael’s plan, of course, did not go through. Orpheus managed to stop him in the nick of time, just as the sun began to crease over the horizon. After this, his friend comforted him and told him about the lifestyle. His pain lessened and somewhat intrigued, Mihael agreed to follow him to meet the Tremere he banded with.

While at first Mihael was accepted, his lack of skill became evident. He was simply too small and frail to handle the powers that they attempted to teach him. Many of the lower ring, other Neonates and Ancilla, began to tease him unrelentingly because of this. The Elders did nothing to stop them.

He was beaten numerous times, and the Purge was cast upon him so often he began to suffer severe side effects that would bear with him for the remainder of his life. For several years he was bedridden with illness and fatigue. As he lie there, rage welled within his soul until the day he finally felt strong enough to leave the confinements of his room. With Orpheus’s help and a renewed willpower, Mihael began to study the Thaumaturgy that the others had battered him so mericlessly with. He grew very skilled with the Discipline, making it to level four the moment he became an Ancilla. Using these newfound powers, he obliterated many of the rouge Tremere and fled to a city called L.A. where rumors of an accumulation of vampire clans spread from.
Mihael managed to prove himself to the Tremere there, and was sworn under the Masquerade. An ever silent figure, Mihael is fearful of any friendships since the loss of Orpheus. He speaks only if spoken to and is careful to distance himself from others for fear of getting too close to them.

[You'll usually find Mihael at L.A.'s hottest gamer haven: The Rave Arcade. Don't try and beat his record on the DDR machine. He alone holds the entire top 100 scores.]

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Wow, Toreadors are popular.
Updated bio
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Yes they seem to be very popular! Ok I've updated the list so far as to who's in which clan.....and Toreador is FULL. C'mon there are soooo many other great clans out there that are fun to do Also I'm gonna give making avis a shot so make sure you have a picture you want me to use for the avi

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