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[QUOTE=Atropa] b
And yes, the Prince is an arrogant jerk. Like I said to Swift earlier; if y'all thought Adrien was arrogant... just wait. :D

Aww Mina's in love already shes a sucker for arrogant b**** j/k *s*

Yes happy to get Mina shot as the messenger.

Now I have a dilema as to which of my human's I most want to play in this RP...
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Default ooc

Yeah. I've had some problems with Sims, with the pictures of the Malkavian and the Tremere. The game crashed, and I was so annoyed, because almost all pictures was gone. So I wrote here that it would take some time to complete my applications. But - I found the pictures. :dance:

So, that's the edit. I am not so high tech.... I will try and get it all done as soon as possible.

(Carmillas pic is done, page 3. )
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Default Michael::[Human]Application
Michael Hidenburg

Willingness to be Embraced:
Highly against it.


11:12:11 P.M. January 1, 1984 became the day that Michael Lemuel Hidenburg entered the world. He appeared healthy and happy. His complexion was pale as an alabaster moon, smooth as the skin of a porcelain doll. A full head of luxurious raven tresses spilled across his crown, and his eyes shone of the sky. Only, his family found themselves in quite a shock. The beautiful baby boy was not a beautiful baby boy. ‘He’ was a beautiful baby girl.
The Hidenburgs found humor in this mishap and kept the name of Michael as her first name, changing only her middle name. With that Michael Lemuel Hidenburg became Michael Lorraine Hidenburg.

As Michael grew, she found herself drawn into the realm of music. This was expected. Every member of the Hidenburg family possessed an unearthly talent for the piano. Michael became no exception to this rule. At the age of eight she began to play for German nobility. She was a must have icon at any prominent ball. In fact her popularity spread so that numerous noblemen from neighboring countries began to request her to play for them. Together, the Hidenburg family moved to France when Michael turned fourteen. It was there that she engrossed herself in competitions that pushed the limits of her skill, and there she met a young man who would become her best friend and rival rolled into one. Gaston Philippi.
The two went head to head numerous times. Not once could Michael defeat Gaston whose precise strokes outmatched her by a mere inch every time. The relationship between the two friends began to strain as Michael grew wearier and wearier of her loss. It seemed nothing could be done to prevent them from spreading their separate ways. That is, until Gaston professed his love to her.

At age nineteen Michael became engaged to Gaston, and together the two moved to England where they lived happily for one perfect year. The date of their marriage was right around the corner when Michael walked in on Gaston and an unnaturally beautiful vixen. Enraged Michael attempted to slaughter the woman with a butcher knife only to find that no matter how many times Michael stabbed the strange woman, she would not die.
Michael’s tussle with the woman pushed on into the earliest hours of the morning until the sun began to blossom over the horizon. In their brawl the drapes had been partially torn from their fixtures so that they hung limply, masking no light from the room. The vixen then did something that Michael never would have dreamed could happen. Screaming and wailing, she began to disintegrate until nothing was left of the beauty but ash.

The police came soon and arrested Michael for the slaying of her fiancé. For around a year they sealed her away in the loony bin for her rants about a vampiric woman sleeping with her husband. One day, though, Michael managed to escape and fled to America. There she kept her mouth shut, fearing that someone might lock her away again. Her nomadic lifestyle led her to L.A., where she sought out any job as a pianist that might be offered while secretly looking for any sign of vampires amongst the normality.
Her dream is to eradicate any vampire she crosses, particularly the Toreador, of which clan she suspects that deadly vixen spawn from.


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Yay! These characters are looking good! I'll update the first post soon but eh I'm a bit lazy on that atm LOL Ooh this is gonna be a fun RP! :D

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Ok I thought I would post this to give you guys something to do, and it's fun to find out what clan YOU would belong to.... and it seems I'm a Malkavian O.O never woulda thought that was me LOL

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Name: Ada Von Vita
Clan: Tremere
Age: Neonate (186 yrs)
Disciplines: Thaumaturgy (lvl 2), Dominate (lvl 1), Auspex (lvl 2)
Bio: Ada was the first childe of Celeste La Morte in 1821. In her human life she was in an
arranged marriage to a rich but coldhearted banker who, along with being 18 years older
then her beat her daily. Therefore, although Ada wasn't expecting to become a vampire she
welcomed her new life and celebrated by killing her husband. Not by feeding on him but by
literally scaring him to death.

(pic by *dark-spider @

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I got Ventrue....hmm.
#108 Old 22nd Sep 2007 at 12:44 AM
LOL, I'm a Gangrel...
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Toreador, baby! *lol*
No surprise there.

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Default Alric- Human, man of eyepatches.
Alric Kasimir Reinard

The tender age of 23.

Willingness to be embraced:
A hug? I hardly know you...

Funeral Director. Yep, you heard right. Really it's a very lucrative profession. Although, admittedly, probably not suitable for everyone. There will never be a lack of demand for funeral directors, for obvious reasons, and the scarcity
of funeral professionals makes life hectic for the few available. Myself included. No, it doesn't gross me out to see corpses all day. And no, I am not some morbid lunatic. Although, the eye patch does often give off the air of lunacy...but I assure you, I am entirely sane. Most of the time. And I see nothing unnatural about working with the dead! They deserve a proper funeral, their due respect. Death is, after all, just another stage of life.

I hate writing these. Brief biographies...that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. They're so impersonal; just a series of facts that trail on and on, endlessly listing every detail from the first time you tied your own shoe to the last meal you ate. How can I possibly summarize myself in a pithy paragraph? I cannot. There are too many things about me, too many idiosyncrasies and oddities, too many normalities to name. Should I write that I'm intensely acrophobic? That I love nothing more than the smell of fresh-cut grass? That my stomach churns when I see crumbs covering a counter top, but it is steely in the face of a rotting corpse? That I am an utter anomoly as all individuals in the human race are?

I grew up well; my parents loved me well enough. I had a sister. Older than me, but only by a few years. I use the past-tense because she's not here any longer. Three days after my eighteenth birthday, we were attacked by someone. Something. To this day, the glowing red eyes are burned into my memory, seared across the fissures of my brain. It's raspy breathing, predatory stance. My sister's eyes. I was weak. Horribly, pathetically weak. All it had to do was take one swipe at me and I was unconscious. I can still hear the breeze rustling the autumn leaves in the trees above me, the strange silence that settled over the world. When I awoke, I had lost both the vision in my right eye and my dear sister.

So no. The eye-patch isn't just for effect.


((I got The Caitiff!! I am clanless! xD hahaha.))

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Name: Sarah Chamberlain
Willingness to be Embraced: Willing to be embraced/ghoul for any clan, except Nosferatu
Occupation: Starbucks Barista
Bio: I came from a family of chefs, but I never really was one. My parents were dissapointed that I never went to culinary school, so I could continue on the tradition, but I never really liked the tradition. I left for UCLA (not culinary school) and came back that Christmas, only to find, my parents were in league with Vampires. I didn't believe them. I thought it was a prank, but then they showed me, and turns out my parents were their servants when I was at school. But whatever. I don't talk to them anymore. I would do anything to protect them though. Now i'm back at school, working at a Starbucks while getting my Journalism Major.


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Default ooc
Okay... I don't know why, but I got Malkavian in the test. I thought I would end up as a Gangrel.
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Default Zillah Application
Application for human:
Name: Zillah
Willingness to be embraced (if so, by what clan) or a ghoul
Not right away but might be persuaded eventually
occupation: Financial Affairs and Business Representative
age: 23
bio: (subject to change)
Zillah ran away from home at thirteen years of age trading one miserable, unwanted abusive life for another. He spent two years selling himself and any substance he could get hold of on the streets until one day he was approached by a young man who saw in him the cunning and drive to prosper. Although he was only fifteen at the time Zillah knew that there was another world out there, just waiting for him to dive head first into like a bath of custard, and seized the opportunity.

At the man’s instruction he began making deliveries, small transactions for which he was profitably rewarded. Through the years he gained more influential and profitable work as he showed himself to be dependable and more importantly willing to do just about anything for the right price. His looks and charm soon drew others to him and he discovered, with the man’s firm guidance, a far more profitable business venture.

Zilliah now runs a team of girls who do most of the dirty work for him. Leaving him to reap the profits and spend his time haunting the streets of LA seeking out new thrills to push his desires to the limits. His position of Business Representative affords him a hefty salary and at twenty-three he relishes the rewards, a pad in the most exclusive district of town, fast cars, deluxe holidays, every dream he had made reality by the unending expanse of money. Which gives him the arrogance to believe that money or charm will acquire him everything he wishes.

He can be cruel, insensitive and violent to anyone who gets in his way. Yet Zilliah has a softer side, the child within him that sometimes fights to the surface, persuades him to give a coin to the beggar, to buy a meal for the hard-up girls. So he is often distortedly respected by the underworld of humans he haunts amongst.

Zilliah can often be found around town where he can be approached for the services of one of his girls. He doesn’t believe in vampires, they’re just some “sick freaks” who get their kicks a different way. Some of his clients like nappies others like to bite, its a wierd world out there. He himself can be bought for a hefty price, although often it is not money he craves but information.

Pic (just while I sort a better one my games platying up again...must stop downloading)...

His name's an obvious tribute to Poppy Z Brite.
Hmm I got Tremere, not sure I like that.... :D
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I'm simply LOVING all these characters. And I can see Zillah will probably have a certain someone's eye on him, sooner or later. *LOL*

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Hmmmm... the quiz says I'm a Gangrel.

*sighs* Still no love for the poor Nosferatu.

Actually just wanted to post to let everyone know that I updated Esther's pic to one of what the non-sim version originally looked like.

Ooooooh - second characters. Should I or shouldn't I.... Descions, descions.
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In about 6-8 hours we'll start the RP of course if there are still places available (which with humans there always will be) you are still more than welcome to join.

I just installed VtM and I was embraced by the Toreador clan and I've already died before completely my first assignment LOL oi I'm thinking I'm a bit more crazy than I thought :/

And Skylark, YES add another character! ;-) (if you have time of course LOL)

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Hey everyone,

I know many of you remember the late Ada that I played in the last VtM RP. But you all killed her, so I'm not going to play. :disgust: j/ks :p

No, I'd love to play (perhaps a feline Gangrel girl with some razor-sharp nails - that clan is under-represented at the moment), but I'm just so busy that I don't it would be wise for me to join. I just feel compelled to put so much effort into the game and play to a high calibre, but I'm so, so, so terribly busy that I really shouldn't.

Sorry guys, I'm sitting this one out,

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Doddidot - If things turn out to slow down for you, you're always welcome to join at a later time (provided there are open slots). It's free form, so people will be able to join whenever they feel like it.

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Well, if it is still going in two weeks time, perhaps I might pay you all a visit. I can't see myself having enough free time before then though.
22nd Sep 2007 at 2:47 PM
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22nd Sep 2007 at 4:56 PM
Default Cade Vaughn
This message has been deleted by Jacki_SC. Reason: Dropped out
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Jacki - Siring several hundred vampires is... not a good idea. Each and every childe demands their time of tutoring, and vampires are very often picky about who they embrace. En elder should be wise enough not to embrace more than a maximum of 10 vampires, and even if he/she wanted to Sire more, I doubt any Prince would allow it. And Siring someone against a Prince's wishes will have both the Sire and the childe executed in two seconds flat.
Other than that, great app.

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Heh, changed it to several,
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Default Lydia Jamison - App
Human App.

Name: Lydia Jamison
Willingness to be embraced: Very willing, by any clan.
Occupation: No job, just graduated High School.
Short bio: Lydia is the oldest of 6 children in a poor family, with another on the way. Very few know that one of these is her own. Her father is an abusive drunk, so she will do anything to get away from her family. Her only comfort is her music, and being alone. She is a heavy believer in vampires.
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( Lol, I'm a Toreador. That was a fun quiz ^^ Everyone's applications are looking great! I can't wait to start! )
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22nd Sep 2007 at 6:44 PM
This message has been deleted by Atropa_SC.
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Default Alright, let's kick this off!

"The V" skyscraper, downtown Los Angeles:

The Prince had called the L.A. Primogen to a meeting. They were all gathered in his exclusive penthouse office, listening to one of his many and lengthy expositions on a matter "of great importance". The Nosferatu had been lacking a Primogen for some time, since the strange disappearance of their previous leader. No one seemed to know what had happened to him, not even the usually well-informed Nosferatu themselves. Or maybe it was just another one of their well-kept secrets. They did have a tendency to keep juicy little tidbits to themselves, until the right offer came along.
Nevertheless, it was time to appoint a new one. The Prince had recieved reports of who was willing to step up to the plate, and among those there was only one he'd consider. Esther Rosenberg. She wasn't exactly what he was looking for in a Primogen - she was older than him, even if it was just by a measly 25 years, and Damian preferred the members of his council to be at least a little bit younger than him. But she would do.

After finishing his drawn-out monologue, he finally leaned back in his chair, inspecting each and every face looking back at him. A few feet off to his left stood his Sheriff, his ever-present bodyguard. Rigid posture, unseeing eyes directed straight forward, almost like a statue. Until you made any sudden move towards the Prince. Then you would most likely find yourself missing a head.

"And so now to inform her of our decision", Damian said, gingerly tapping his fingertips against each other in an almost pensive manner.

"Our" decision might have been an exaggeration, because really, it had been his. As always, his tone of voice had made it clear to everyone present that he had no interest in objections. All he wanted from them at this point was their compliance.

"I would take care of the matter myself", he continued. "But I am afraid I have some other urgent business that requires my prompt attention."

Another exaggeration. This evening, there was not much else demanding his attention. He just simply didn't feel like seeking out the Nosferatu in their sewers and underground tunnels. If Esther wanted to talk to him about the decision made, and thank him for it, she'd had to send word for a place to meet, as he highly doubted she'd show her deformed face in his building.

"Any volunteers?" he asked, generously offering anyone the opportunity to further gain his favour.

- - - - - - - - - - -

(((ooc: Everyone, please feel free to start RPing! Your character can be anywhere, except maybe the Primogen, whom I obviously took the liberty of placing with the Prince. *lol*

One thing though, and an important one; It's night time! An hour or so after sunset. )))

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Default Mina - Princes Penthouse
Mina sat within the prince’s penthouse patiently waiting for him to get to the point. Her dark violet hair fell like waves around her face partially concealing the hard emerald glint in her eyes. She held her gaze steady staring slightly to the left over his shoulder so no-one would guess that her attention had wandered from his consumptive words.

She had caught the gist, a new Primogen was to be appointed for the Nosferatu, someone he felt was suitable to meet his needs. Still she did not argue, it would be a pointless gesture which would only have her loose what political favour she had and she had worked hard to get this seat.

And so now to inform her of our decision", Damian said, gingerly tapping his fingertips against each other in an almost pensive manner.

The drumming of the fingertips snapped her attention back to the room. Her glare strayed to the solid form of the Sheriff a constant reminder that they must behave. Although even he wouldn’t stand a chance if all members coerced an attack at once. It had been done before, but Mina rather liked Damian, as arrogant as he was at least it was upfront and not the hidden conceit of some vampires.

"I would take care of the matter myself", he continued. "But I am afraid I have some other urgent business that requires my prompt attention. Any volunteers?" he asked.

Mina nodded silently raising her eyes to meet Damian's. Once she was sure she had his full attention a slow smile spread across her face like the rising sun melting an iceberg. “I would be happy to make the Nosferatu’s acquaintance and inform them of our decision.”

It was a blatant exaggeration of all terms used but still it should be just enough to secure herself a discrete meeting with Esther before a Primogen council was called. It was an easy task once you’d traced through the sewers to wherever they made their lair. One of the ghouls could do the tracking she would just have to make the journey once to be seen to attend in person.

“Unless anyone would raise an objection?” Mina’s eyebrows raised as her eyes hardened to crystalline orbs once again. By anyone she meant the prince alone yet she would play these word games all night long if the end met her desires. As when all was said and done the Prince was in power so for now he commanded her loyalty.

((LOL I think I switched from Damian to Prince several times there - what would you have us call him

Also at the moment I think there's only 3 Primogen will the other clans be voting?))
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