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Default Looking for sofa by Josie
Hello. The creator Ellemant (Josie) took down all her custom content. Does anyone got her cc?
I am specifically looking for a sofa. The link is not available any longer. Thank you and stay safe.
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So, here's what you do when you have the URL of a deleted Tumblr post. You take the part of the URL that comes after the post number, in this case 'ellemant-bry-pq-set-gift-for' and you put it into Google search. Frequently it helps to also include the username of the original tumblr, but in this case the username was already in the URL.

This will usually find you a reblog of the original post. Reblogs don't always have direct download links (because the download link in the original post could have been behind a 'read more' or it could have been a link to an external website that has also been deleted, etc.) and the links don't always work (because the creator could have deleted the files from the hosting site, etc.), but in this case, there is a working download link in the reblog.
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Cidira, thank you so I learned something new. Thank you and stay safe.
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