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Default Looking for a working download of functional garden sign
Hello! I came across this mod that looks nice, called Functional Garden Sign, but the download seems to be down. I would be forever grateful if someone had a copy of it that could be shared, because it looks really cute.
Here's the link to it:
Functional Garden Sign

Edit: Also if anyone has a copy of this, I would love it! Portable Fishing Cooler
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BrazenLotus is an active creator (she updated some things for the new patch just yesterday) whose website is still working just fine, and the files you are looking for are still up on it. The posts you shared just have outdated links; all you ever needed to do to find the files was go to the main page of the site (the 404 error page links directly to it) and use the search box or the menus.
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Thank you, I totally overlooked that sorry about that!
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