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Default Sims 3 launcher keeps crashing when trying to uninstall cc
Everytime I start scrolling through my cc in the launcher it crashes. I used crinrict's method to check each dbc and ebc file and uninstall cc from the launcher. One of the dbc files (the one that had the cc I needed to remove most ) crashes when I scroll down. Are there a lot of items in that specific dbc file that makes it crash or is it a specific item that does this? I don't know what to do since it crashes everytime I come to a certain point. I wasn't on the 'all' tab but I was checking the furniture tab, I also removed some cc above it that I wanted gone but it still crashed whenever I reach that certain point.

I also took the scroll bar and dragged it down fast to the bottom and the launcher didn't crash, but after I scrolled up to a certain point it crashed again.
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