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Default CTD: 100 babies cannot go to school
Dear fellow simmers,
can you help me save my 100 baby challenge? I've started this over 5 years ago and I'm currently at child 91, so I would love to keep playing with this household.

Whenever something glitched out during all of this time, I did the same thing: Saved the family + building to the bin, started a new save in a different unrelated world, placed the house + household somewhere, created a new house and moved there via phone (to keep the furniture and graves). Unfortunately it is not working this time.

The problem: As soon as the schoolbus arrives and the children are gathering to go to school, the game crashes to desktop. There are currently 11 children which should go to school at the same time. I tried to send some of them to school before the bus arrives, also I made the phone calls to disable the bus for all of them as provided by the Moar Interactions Mod by Buzzler which I downloaded especially for that use case. But nothing seems to help.

All 11 of them have been able to go to school in parallel before so I don't think that this is not possible. Of course the household is more than overstuffed, but this is part of the setting, so I can hardly avoid it... Usually exporting them and starting with a copy in a clean save helps with any corruption, but this one seems to stick with the kids.

I'm not quite sure about the exact point in time, but some of them get in the bus and some of them don't before the crash occures. And the last time it was definitely after the school started as some of them where already showing "missing school" in the career tab...

Do you have any suggestions on how to make it work out? Any idea is highly appreciated

Thank you very much for your input
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It might be possible to set up a second school and using NRAAS Story Progression set up castes. I do this to set up a high school and an an elementary school. I place a rabbit hole rug down and set them up to split the schools but if you do this keep an eye because I did it once but they all kept going to the same school...I think you can read more up on it on NRAAS.
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Thank you for the idea. I will test it out as soon as I can play again, but my graphic card died on me two days ago... and this is not a good time for being in need of computer components
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