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Default CAS stuck in infinite "Processing" loop
I recently reinstalled and for some reason my CAS is stuck in "Processing" after making 2 Sims. It's been that way for at least 20 minutes now and I have to use Task Manager to shut the game down. Moving the Downloads and Mods folder does not fix it. So how do I fix this? Nothing I've seen Googling this problem has been helpful.

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Hmm... most likely it is some corrupt or broken CC or a bad mod.

However, even in a clean game, this could happen at various points, for me it is typically when I switch to the CASt system. However, it is rare.

What is your system spec? If you have less than 8 GB and running other background processes, leading to insufficient RAM, the Win OS will be shuffling RAM with the virtual RAM, thus increasing the chance of such corruption.

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