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Default Default skin only shows up in CAS, but not in Live Mode
Hello, I'm having a problem with the game I have no idea how to solve. As the title says, I have skin and eye defaults installed, they work when I'm in CAS but when I try to actually play the game in Live Mode, the skin and eyes just revert back to EA's vanilla ones. All the other mods seem to work fine.

Here's what I've tried so far (none of it worked):

- Removed all custom content and mods from the game but the default skin, eyes, and tamo face overlay fix;
- Tried other default skins and eyes (same issue happened);
- Repaired the game through Origin;
- Deleted CasPartCache, compositorCache, scriptCache, simCompositorCache and socialCache in between every testing.

The skin and eyes I'm using are tamo's ultra plain ones, but as I said above, any default skin and eyes I try have the same issue. And because the ultra plain skin and eyes are so similar to EA's ones, I'm actually not sure when the issue started happening or if they ever worked at all lol. Any help is appreciated.
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I have experienced similar thing. It might be helpful... or not

I have an adult/elder default skin replacement. It is listed as not for teens. However, in CAS, the skin does show up in the teen. Yet in live mode, the teens are back to regular skin.

So I believe this is CC issue, perhaps with the CC itself or conflict with something else.

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Thank you for responding! Ok, so I went into the game to test another different default skintone and see if I have the same problem as you. Got into the game, sims had the EA vanilla one, the problem persisted so I thought, but I wondered if the problem was only with the face or if the body was also reversing back to EA vanilla skin, so I directed my sim to change his outfit to swimwear in the drawer, and after he did, bam! He went back to using the default skintone I installed! I directed the rest of the family to change their outfit and got the same result!

I don't know if only my game works in this unique way or if that's just a common sims 3 knowledge, anyway, the problem was solved, thank you!

Edit: To cut my joy short after the sims went back into their casual outfit they reversed to EA's vanilla skin again lol. I fixed it by editing them in CAS using master controller, I didn't have to change anything, just get into CAS and leave, and it fixed the problem for those sims. The townies were also having the problem though, so I tried using master controller to reset all objects and that seem to have worked, now every sim is using the default eyes and skin I've installed.
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