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Default Greyed-out eyes and messed up hair/face textures?
So yesterday while playing the game I took a sim into CAS to edit them and their eyes, hair and part of their face looks like the pic below. Every sim I've taken into CAS since then has had the same issue and its really annoying because I basically cant edit any sims at all now. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either, as I hadn't added or removed any custom content from my game between the play session before this occurred so it's seemingly random. Also the sims look normal in gameplay, this is just in CAS. I also noticed that a mod of mine that removes eye shine has seemingly randomly stopped working as well because sims suddenly have the spotlight back in their eyes (which is what this mod removes). I have no idea why this would happen for seemingly no reason and I cant find anything about it on the web at all. I have no idea why a mod would randomly stop working on its own or anything. I've never seen a bug like this and I've been playing ts3 for years now. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Does it still happen if you remove your mods?

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how about reset your town and delete your cache?

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