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Default Favourite styles - Why do you like them?
I think that every style has it`s own good buildings but my favourites are classical, gothic, renaissance, baroque, art nouveau, art deco and modernism.

I like the classical and neoclassical architecture, because it`s based on symmetry and mathematics and the buildings of the antient classical style are an attempt to reach the gods. They`re very bautifful.

I like the Renaissance architecture because it symbolizes the breaking point between the medieval ages and the "new" time.

Baroque architecture is very dramatic and it impacts the person very much. All the decorations (especially statues) make a building to look like a theatre scene.

Art Nouveau is the breaking point with the archaic styles and the beginning of modernism. Here I must say that I like the Secession better.

Art Deco is very creepy and in the same time splendidly glamorous and sparkling. It looks like it symbolizes the values of the modern human.

Modernism I think is maybe the best of all styles. It both functionall and classuc. It can be decorated with abstract decorations or statues. It`s comfortable and rich-looking. It`s just the style of the modern peaceful era.
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My fave styles are Gothic, Italian Renaissance, Baroque and Avant-gardes.

I love Gothic because it's like the anti-Romanesque... All that high structures and the lanced archs and the baults... I personally love the Flaming Gothic from the 15th Century.

I love Renaissance, but more specifically Italian Renaissance, because it's a return to the Roman and Greek classic architecture, but really improved. The buildings by Brunelleschi in Florence, and all the architecture by Alberti, Michelosso, Bramante, Sansovino or Palladino... They were genious!

I love Baroque because of its message and its feeling. The fury and the woes are represented by an imbalance balanced! With the diagonals, the curves and back curves, the giant orders...

And I love Avan-gardes because they were born to express something, the sentiments of the architect by the use of amazing shapes and structures...

Probably my reasons are a bit stupid But I haven't started the degree yet. I have only studied a bit of History of Art, which I really love...

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I like a wide range: Contemo (NOT the bad 60's modern), pretty much anything in europe , colonial for it's warmth and hominess, etc, etc. Pictures are better. I'll go get some.

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Let's see...

In no particular order:
L' Art Nouveau
Queen Anne
Second Empire
1950s (I'm not entirely sure what too call it)
Dutch Colonial

And various other miscellaneous styles.
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Country garden style, those houses give me peace.
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I like gothic, neoclassical and modern architecture. Can't but mention Japanese architecture and especialy landscape design too - it has its unique charm and flavour.

However, if I make buildings in TS2, I don't stick strictly to one and the same style - a building may combine several styles, and sometimes I'm not aware of how to classify my houses.
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I like country,modern,japanese,gothic and beach styled houses
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Heyhey, jumpin' in

My favorites are (Not in order):
Desert houses (Modern/Prairie mixture)

Because some designs have a massive looking facade, which I like, and they mostly have those warm colors and beautiful rooms.

Big and gabled roofs.

This kind of houses normally look so wide with their flat roofs!

Because I love desert/prairie landscapes and modern desert houses are Eco-friendly

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1st Oct 2011 at 8:35 PM
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Hmmm, no reply for over 20 months...
Well my favourite styles are quite eclectic, I like all the victorian styles: Italianate, Gothic Revival, Carpenter Gothic, Steamboat Gothic, Stick, Eastlake, Queen Anne, Romanesque, Shingle, Octagon, Victorian Cottage, eclectic/general Victorian, I also like Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, I also like the Georgian styles: Greek Revival, Regency, Classical Revival, as well as the Georgian Colonials & Saltboxes, Federals, I also like authentic Medieval and Tudor Architecture, such as Wealden, Elizabethan, Jacobean and Baronial. I pretty much like anything with age and what can be found on my favourite website: Old House Dreams, which I regularly contribute to. The only historical style I don't really like is Prairie...
I like the historical styles and historical buildings because they've got some history and their own story to tell, they reflect the tastes and fashions of times gone by and I find them so inspiring, I just want to save them all
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I quite like the 30s Housing style, with the porches and bay windows. I do like the Mediterranean style, and I really have a soft spot for the unusually shaped glass buildings like Shard London Bridge and the Gherkhin (30 St Mary Axe)

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Thanks a lot for your answers guys!
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I started to like the Prairie Style a lot, and also most of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Prairie style is really "human" in the way that it works with form and function. It's ornaments are also abstract, but classic.
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I must admit that I'm really not very keen on FLW's work in general. Although I still admire his work, especially when you consider the era in which he was working. His designs were well ahead of their time, especially when you consider what the norm was back then. There are a few of his designs I've found that I don't mind so much; the Warren McArthur and the George Blossom homes are inspiring:
I also quite like the Moore Dugal house too.
There's some more pics of all three and others here: If you're interested
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My favorite styles are:
English Tudor Revival
Victorian Era
Prairie/ Craftsman/ Bungalows

English Tudor Revival because I love the stone and half-timbering, which can look very imposing but yet at the same time very welcoming as well
Victorian Era: favorite Queen Anne because I love all the all the detail and artwork and the decoration of the style place the shapes and the façade! I love the mixture of colors as well.
Colonial because of its symmetry and its stateliness! Its very orderly and it looks well either in stone, brick, or clapboard siding, Its just classic.
Prairie because of its low lines and its very earthy. Frank LLoyd Wright is my all time favorite architect as well.
Craftsman/Bungalows because of the exposed rafter beams and its very simple and earthy!

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