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Default Favorite Rooms Pictures (v2)
Share pictures of your favorite "Sim 3" rooms you have decorated!!!

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
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24th Dec 2013 at 4:03 PM
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Just a random house I built today. I really love this set from Simply styling, that I've used for many parts of the house
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I wish this thread was more popular, I love looking at the rooms people come up with.

This is the master bedroom on a houseboat I built the other day.
It belongs to a single sim who's favourite colour happens to be pink.

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Default The new house for Roommates in Twinbrook - interior
Another dead thread i decided to revive for all of us who like to decorate in this game.
The exterior pics are in Houses and Landscaping thread, but the interior ones belong here.

More under spoiler:

Check out my YouTube channel and Tumblr - I'm renovating Twinbrook
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TS2-inspired Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

Maya's Room

Maria's kitchen at her first house before being asked to move in with Rocco

A modern, minimalist kind of approach to decorating which I think compliments what I would imagine Tendai's style to be.

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