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Default Current Story Ideas?
What are you writers currently writing about? Are you writing a novel, poetry, prose, or something random just for fun?

To start this off, I will add that I'm writing a novel about a girl going to a private school and she gets involved with some bad stuff. I'd go into more detail, but I'll put it online soon enough. I might sell it on Amazon for a bit, it might be a cool idea to make some money off my writing.
What about you guys? I'm interested about your ideas!
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I'm currently writing a sci-fi YA novel. Basic plot is that some people try to colonize their moon and it goes horribly wrong. The survivors have to figure out how to get word back to their planet before the problems spread there, and also have to deal with their own personal issues (especially with each other) at the same time.

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Sc-fi novel too!
It's about a phenomenon that occurs in a futuristic city. People that die see what looks like the Northern and Southern lights and get brought back; with glowing cyan eyes and the ability to feel other's emotions except their own. It's about one of the victims and their involvement with a carnivorous lizard running around the city.

Manufactured Memoirs - a Sci-Fi sims tale
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Another sci-fi novel! It primarily follows the family of Matsushita- a Oriental Heritage family living on Kokoku, a world only for humans with oriental heritage. They are a minority race, and primarily Japanese. The main character is Hiroshi, a young man with odd powers of telekinesis. Mutants are strictly banned by the government, the Jakuna, and if they are found, they are executed. He flees to a refuge of other mutants. The other big character is Naoki, a gay transgender man, and mutant.
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