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#276 Old 23rd Jan 2020 at 4:07 PM
Time to finish the update

Here is some teen love. Chelsey Freeman fell for Jocelyn Dukrarn-Walker, and this is the first kiss moment

Jocelyn is one of many the children of the Dukrarn-Walker family. Here is her sister Brynlee growing up and also being haunted by their grandfather.

Another of their siblings, Sophie, also grew up but not so happily. Had a hard toddlerhood, their parents used to be sick and tired all the time.

Rivia Lowe, who lives alone now in the big house, is being haunted by her late husband Derrick. Scary!
Maybe she ought to consider inviting one of her daughters to move in with her... But Daniella lives in a cozy house (with husband Gilbert Jacquet) and Nadia is still in college, not sure who would be more interested of them.

Lack Walker fullfilled a LTW quite early in life. She's very young and got permaplat, which means she'll be focusing in things which used to be secondary to her.
For example, love. Can you believe she had never kissed anyone? Well, well, now she did.

Also a marriage. Brody Mace and Callista Wilsonoff got married.

Disarp White-Entayta was offered a blind date. He's been happily married for a while, he did not even consider it.

And on Bluewater Village, some news about the Larsons. On one hand, Jodie and Robbert's third child grew up.

And on the other hand, Jason - who lives alone - was abducted. So he should be expecting a new little Larson.
The only one around was Stephen Tinker.

Nothing of importance here, just Liam Raymond greeting a neighbour. A neighbour who has pink skin, and the exact same trousers as Liam.
For some reason that made me laugh.

Talking about silly outfits, a pink person with pink athletic clothes and yellow hat was amusing.

(In short, I think bright pink people are hilarious! )
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#277 Old 25th Jan 2020 at 9:18 PM
There were quite a lot of graduations!

Flannagan Entayta graduated and will be renting an apartment soon.

Grace Landgraab will return to the Landgraab mansion, which she will eventually inherit.

Edward Tinker will move in with his fiancé Lizzie Entayta. And hopefully will get a makeover because this outfit is awful!

His twin Russel Tinker will be moving on his own.

In the meantime, Nadia Lowe keeps dating her fiancé Dirk White-Entayta.
This date was a bit odd though, because she (Family Sim) rolled a want to fall in love with someone else while he (Romance) rolled a want to marry her.
This has a lot of potential :D

And now that Russel has moved out of college, Reese felt free to flirt with Steve Freeman
Russel and Reese are not engaged, and college is kinda crazy time in life, so maybe this means nothing or maybe it's the beginning of the end. Time will tell.

In any case, Steve also graduated so Reese is still free to do as she pleases

More romance!
Meadow Zadra-Bruenig and Lionel Freeman are taking it seriously in every sense possible. Already engaged!

Meadow's twin Jeremiah burned the food... and the kitchen.
But the funny thing was that soon-to-be-brother-in-law Lionel panicked with him in such a coordinated way xD

Last but not least, I built a new house for my students.
After so many graduations, Nadia and Craig were left behind and I decided they would move to this house and find new roommates.
Those roommates will be Meadow and Jeremiah, because the household they were living with was too large for my taste (6 people).
This leaves me with 3 college households and 4 students in each (plus one of semi-playables).
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#278 Old 1st Feb 2020 at 12:14 PM
Let's talk about downtown.

Steve Freeman got enough money to buy a little house. Other than that, quite an uneventful day.

Flannagan Entayta rented an aparment. But his day was WAY more interesting.
He invited over Grace Landgraab, whom was a friend of his. They were not romantically involved before, but since Flannagan is a Family Sim things went quite fast... Flirting, kissing, and even whoohoo!
Because Flannagan wants to have children - and the sooner the better - they went ahead and tried for a baby which means that Grace is likely to be pregnant.
But he's also a formal dude, and of course he wants to marry the mother of his many future children.
What will the Landgraab family think of such a marriage?

Russel Tinker also rented an apartment in the same building.
He invited over his girlfriend Reese, and had quite a lot of fun. Of course he does not know she has been having "fun" with other guys...

Also he wants to save some money and since he's not looking forward marriage in the short term, he looked for a roommate.
Of course he had to choose the pink girl, because here the player is looking forward as many interactions with pinkish pixels as possible

Felix Walton approached Lorna Walker.
At first she seemed interested, but then she rejected his advances.

Let's talk children.
This is Candy Zadra-Atkins, daughter of daughter of Zack and Debbie.

And this is Lauren Wilsonoff, daughter of Betty and Leopold - whom are on the path to a large family.

And Myrtle Daeli-Jobs, daughter of Pekkung and Melody.

On a completely different side, a bachelor, Neil Raymond, on a date with this townie elder. They are not going anywhere btw

Last but - not least - a wedding!
Edward Tink had moved into Lizzie Entayta's house because they were engaged, and they decided to get married right away and throw a nice party inviting both families.
Both of them are Family Sims, and even before marriage took place Lizzie was already thinking of babies!

The party was a roof raiser, which is excedingly surprising because the bride set herself on fire while trying to cook some crepe suzette.
No casualties luckily, but, hey, strange idea of what's a great party

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#279 Old 3rd Feb 2020 at 11:06 PM
I'm not sure I'd consider the bride setting herself on fire to be a great party trick, but I guess sims do!
I like seeing the pink people, too. I'm not sure about that yellow hat, but I liked how she was wearing a pink leotard.
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#280 Old 8th Feb 2020 at 8:44 PM
And the main hood again.
It's the more populated one, hence plenty of pics, althought most of them are simple routine.

Like Prof. Derek Wilsonoff getting older, just in the same moment he asked a genie for wealth.
Choosing such a moment and choosing such an outfit suggest that he considers retiring soon and focusing on gardering

James Walker's baby boy Joseph is now a beautiful toddler.

So is his second cousin Vaklin Walker.

More babies to come, since there are some pregnancies, such as Celia Mayhew's.

Vrodde Entayta-Gorge is an elder now.

Devon Freeman is now dating Michelle Entayta. (She looks a lot after her sister Lizzie, although not identical.)

And J'Sapp Daeli-Jobs gave his first kiss to Jocelyn Dukrarn-Walker.

This is Jason Freeman talking to his roommate. He's happily married and there is nothing going on between them, but I took a picture because she's pink. And I like it.

The Kelley family are having an horrible time. Both Ann (in picture) and her husband Jett are sick, don't seem to get better, and have twin toddlers who they leave unattended most of the time.
The only toilet seems to be always occupied and that's a bit of a drama, but since the twins are growing up (badly) it's long time due they move out their tiny apartment and buy something larger.

Jess Walker kissing a new lover. Just one more.

Three birthdays in the Hilton family.
Twins Sheyla and Melvin are now children.

And Ridley has become a handsome teenager.

Funniest scene of this rotation.
This is Chesley Freeman dating Jocelyn Dukrarn-Walker.
See the friend who is staring at them? Yes, that's J'Sapp, who earlier gave her his first kiss.
And, yes, she rolled a want to eiter go steady with Chesley or J'Sapp. It seems she does not care who, but she wants to say she's taken

Also in the Cassius Freeman household, Lucy grows at the same time as her youngest child Dorian.

This is Prof. Walton on a date. And that's not his wife...

Others are more serious.
For example Rivia Lowe, widow and living alone since her daughters both left, found love again and proposed right away. No time to lose at this age!

Tina Raymond is pregnant.

And Callista Mace is too.

And the saddest scene: Marjorie Walker has died of old age, and all her (many) children and grandchildren will miss her.
Toddlers Mary and Rannh grew into children in that moment, and of course their aspiration was very very low.

And last, Opal Mace gave birth to a baby boy. They chose the name Gregory, because grandma's late husband was called Serdar Gregory and I lack imagination

I had a technical issue with this baby, who could not be interacted with, so I'm guess some of the several mods I've been adding recently is causing it. I'll have to look into it.
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#281 Old 10th Feb 2020 at 5:24 PM
Gardening is a great hobby, but I get a kick out of a sim who has never showed an interest in that sort of thing suddenly aging up into overalls.

I seem to have a baby boom going on in my main hood, too. It's fun, but when you have five kids (three in cribs) in a two bedroom starter house, it's a challenge! The Kelleys in their apartment seem to be just as big a challenge.

That's funny about Jocelyn wanting to go steady with someone, anyone, doesn't matter who!

Have you figured out which mod is causing the problem with Gregory? I really dislike having to track down a hack or mod that's causing a glitch because I use a LOT of them.
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#282 Old 10th Feb 2020 at 7:40 PM
The next day I played, I forgot about the glitchy issue and played as usual.But several things were wrong.

Jason Larson, who was supposed to be pregnant after being abducted, was not.
I used the "create a baby with X" mod to make him the father of a pinkish baby :D
He named her Stephanie, for Stephan Tinker who was with him when he was abducted.

Grace Landgraab, who noticed she was pregnant, married her boyfriend Flannagan right away. (He had proposed in this very same rotation.)

The baby was born, a little baby boy named Malcom, but again they could not interact with him.

I'm assuming the more likely culprits are either the "create a baby with x" or the "name the father" mods that I had recently added.
So I removed them both, and I'll see whether babies that are born from now are "normal" or they are not.
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#283 Old 11th Feb 2020 at 10:08 PM
That is the cutest little pink baby!
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#284 Old 16th Feb 2020 at 7:11 PM
Three new college students: Grover Entayta, Mathilda Gorge and Gia Delarosa.
Because I have this new rule that the max number of students per household is 4, and all the houses are full, they initially moved together to a dorm.

Grover soon showed interest in Evie Tinker, and things got serious very very very quickly.
First kiss and first whoohoo in the same date!

Next house:
Jeremiah is on probation, not unusal in the last semesters (for it requires a lot of skills).

Craig on the other hand graduated, which leaves an empty room which will be soon filled.

Jeremiah's twin Meadow managed to pass his semesters, despite spending a lot of tme with her beloved Lionel.

Nadia keeps dating Dirk, but in her case love did not leave her enough time to study :/

By the end of the day, Nadia asked Gia to move in, so the house is full again.

Another house:
Reese graduated. She will be getting her own place, since she's not engaged nor planning to marry any of her lovers.

Lionel asked Grover to move in, so that Reese's bedroom won't remain empty.

But Lionel also asked someone else... He's been flirtatious with this professor, oh, Meadow's heart will break if she knows it!

And in the last house, Maurice is having a really really hard time.
Marjorie's death crushed his aspirations to the red level, which made his day a bit complicated to navigate.
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#285 Old 16th Feb 2020 at 7:37 PM
I wonder if Grover and Evie will stay together. They certainly seemed to get along well.

Sounds like Meadow is very good at keeping the various parts of her life balanced, so that nothing is neglected. On the other hand, it appears her boyfriend is not as dedicated to her.

Poor Maurice. I hope he'll be able to get back on track.
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#286 Old 17th Feb 2020 at 5:11 PM
I had never had a college student in aspiration failure, and it was a bit hard for Maurice because I always make sure to fulfill enough wants before they even attempt to study. The only thing they would do without being in platinum aspiration would be attending class/final exam.
But in the end he managed
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#287 Old 25th Feb 2020 at 8:14 PM
Let's go to Bluewater Village.

After graduation, Reese rented an apartment. Just by change (or the lack of other options) she is now living in the same building as Russel Tinker - her favourite lover.

Because she's short on money she looked for a roommate, and of course she could not help choose the pink-skinned one

Of course, when it was Russel's turn to be played he decided to pay a visit to Reese and renew his interest in her.
Still none of them have rolled any want to settle and create a family.

Craig Entayta also rented an apartment in the same building after graduation.

He is engaged to Gracie Steinfeld, and asked her to move in with him. Surely they'll marry in the next rotation.

Pete Wilsonoff invited over Aryana Baker, one of his lovers, and spent the day with her instead of going to work... which had the obvious consecuences
Yes, he was fired, and is now unemployed.

Because he felt so down after losing his job, he decided that what would cheer him up was dating someone else
He asked out Crystal Baker, who accepted a date for the first time since her husband Cyril died.

Felix Walton had been interested in Lorna Walker, but after her plain rejection he decided to ask out this Professor (whatever her name is).

But it seems that Lorna later changed her mind (or, to be honest, that I had completely forgotten about the professor) and when it was the turn of her household she flirted with Felix and he seemed to be happy about that. Who will he choose in the end?

Two toddlers who are now children: Kevin Carlson and Ron Wilsonoff. Simply because I like to take pics when they grow up.

Lizzie Entayta and her husband Edward wanted babies, and the first one is already on the way!

And Neil Raymond, easygoing bachelor, decided to propose to his girlfriend who is quite his senior. (No babies from this marriage, I'm afraid.)
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#288 Old 26th Feb 2020 at 5:20 PM
Pete! As if he isn't already juggling too many demands on his time, now he thinks he should add another lover.

I try to always take a picture whenever a sim ages up. I like seeing how they look at each stage of life. Kevin and Ron are really cute kids.

Neil must know there will be no children from his marriage, and loves his older woman just the way she is. At least, that's what I hope, and I hope it lasts.
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#289 Old 28th Feb 2020 at 5:29 PM
Yeah, my Pleasure/Romance Sims tend to get in trouble, that's why I like them :D

Neil has been that type too, but now he felt like it was the time to settle. Good for him.

As a general rule I don't mind childless couples (Jonas & Claire Freeman and Juan & Celeste McClellan have never shown any interest in them) or single Sims (I have a few of those too) because they balance the population - just a few 6+ children families boost it more than enough.
But in the case of alien traits I'm always hopeful for babies ^-^
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#290 Old 1st Apr 2020 at 2:49 PM
Originally Posted by Amura
Yeah, my Pleasure/Romance Sims tend to get in trouble, that's why I like them :D

Neil has been that type too, but now he felt like it was the time to settle. Good for him.

As a general rule I don't mind childless couples (Jonas & Claire Freeman and Juan & Celeste McClellan have never shown any interest in them) or single Sims (I have a few of those too) because they balance the population - just a few 6+ children families boost it more than enough.
But in the case of alien traits I'm always hopeful for babies ^-^

I love that one of the Landgraabs is involved with an Alien, I do hope that they get married and have several Alien kids. :D

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#291 Old 6th Apr 2020 at 9:03 AM
I do expect several alien kids indeed!
Grace Landgraab's husband - Flannagan - is a Family Sim, so he'll be rolling a have-a-kid want kinda often. I'm all for grating him his wishes, haha.

This was an unexpected turn in the neighbourhood story, because they had been friends in college but nothing more, and all of a sudden they are marrying and having a baby :D
I loved it! I was as sudden as drama but in a good way!
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#292 Old 6th Apr 2020 at 2:37 PM
Also, time for an update.
I haven't played much lately - real life is crazy lately, isn't it? - but I've had some pics sitting in my computer for a while, so I guess it's time to arrange them and post them here.
No more procrastinating!

This is Roland Smithers, only grandson of Martha Smithers and heir to her (moderate) fortune. Which is to say, if she ever dies, cause she's a vampire.
He's now a teen, his face (and skin) are definetely his father's, but he's got that reddish hair from her mom, and that combo looks cool on him.

Here is Vilma Wilsonoff offering her daughter Betty (and family) to move into their house.
Vilma and Derek have been living alone for a while, but now that they are both elderst they thought it was time to help out their children and share out the inheritance.
Betty seems uninterested though, so I wonder whether they will insist or they will offer the house to another of their children (Pete, living alone, or Callista, married to Brody Mace).

Celia Mayhew gave birth to two beautiful - but perfectly human - babies: their names are Josephine and Roland.
(I have two Rolands in my hood now! I have just noticed it!)

And this ghost is Roger Walker.
He still roams his house, but it seems he is angry because his daughter Jess left (after divorcing Tristam) and now Tristam married Caryl.
I guess it makes sense that you are not in friendly terms with your ex-son-in-law new wife, but this is harassment!

J'Keep Walker, older sibling of Jess, is now an elder. She's had a lovely family life so far.

Talking about Jess... She's married again too!
The prey - I mean husband - is a townie named Chandler Straight, so now... she's Mrs. Straight!

And this is the Kelley family.
They've had a rough time, bothl adults sick living in a tiny apartment with their twin toddler.
Now that the toddlers are children and they moved to a larger house they are hoping for an improvement.

In the Innah & Jasmine Dukrarn-Walker household there was quite a gathering, it seems the young people are having fun and Jasmine is gonna make an snack for them. Nothing important story-wise, but seemed nice.

The Hilton family is always eventful
Jamison had a bad day. Having three kids is challenging, and sometimes you can't help them with their homework as much as you wished... which led him to a huge depression.

But if three kids are challenging, think about four!
Welcome to the family, baby boy James!

These are Cynthia Freeman and J'Sapp Daeli-Jobs. They are getting along very well.

Rivia Lowe has finally moved on and found love again, so she is marrying former townie Destry Jeffress.

Tina Raymond cheated on her husband, with this elder townie! While she was pregnant!
Oh, that was a naughty thing to do, Tina.

Liam does not suspect a thing, and he just celebrates the birth of his son Alon.
Yes, Alon Raymond, exact same name as Liam & Neil's father. Although this one is greenish!

Lack Walker proposing to her boyfriend, whatever his name might be.

Callista Mace gave birth to one cute baby, and he named him after her grandfather - and alien founder of the family - Vradia.
No alien traits in this one though, because Callista had inherited none and her husband Brody is a pure-human breed.

Cute little detail: Late Vradia's second wife Tracy was visiting Brody and Callista (they happen to be friends, but she's not related to Callista in any way) and autonomously played with baby Brady.

On the other hand, Tracy love life seems to get a new start, and she's been dating this guy.

This is Samuel Walker, who grew up into a teenager when he was about to stargaze.
Living in the overpopulated Walker Villa has been tough, but I think it's gonna get a bit easier now that he's a tenager.

Let's finish with another birthday. This is Gregory Mace, youngest of the Herbie & Opal children.
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#293 Old 6th Apr 2020 at 5:53 PM
I wonder why Betty doesn't want to move in with Vilma, but it seems like there are plenty of other options for Vilma.
That is definitely not a nice look on Ghost Roger's face!
I'm glad J'Keep has had a lovely life; I like when people's lives are good, even when they're sims and not real people.
Uh oh, I hope Jamison is over his depression because he's got a lot of kids to take care of.
The best part about the picture of Cynthia and J'Sapp is the kid off to the side. I wonder what that look is all about?!
Wow, there is probably nothing Tina wouldn't do!
Tracy seems sweet.

Nice update!
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#294 Old 6th Apr 2020 at 6:26 PM
I usually consider the house as the inheritance for one of the children, while the rest get cash. So I'm gonna assume Betty prefers the money over the family house.
Depending on her parents relation with the other two children, they'll decide whether to offer it another one or try to convince Betty.
(Because I have modded the LTR, little time may make a big difference. I may need to tweak it a little bit.)

Jamison was about and helping at home right away, Sims are quite resilient, haha.
But such a large family is hard, I think I must try to keep the numbers a bit lower because sometimes it's too much to handle.

The one looking at Cynthia and J'Sapp must be Cynthia's youngest brother - I think the name is Dorian.
I guess he's learning a lil' bit about how adult life is :D

And Tracy seems sweet - but she's not one you can actually trust!
She's *cough* whoohooing her own step-son Arvian, which is quite a perversion even for my Sims standards.
Nice and amiable she is, but if Arvian's wife figures out it's gonna be hell on the whole Zadra family!
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#295 Old 8th Apr 2020 at 4:58 PM Last edited by Amura : 9th Apr 2020 at 11:01 AM.
I also have pics of the rotation at Bluewater Village.

Steve Freeman was almost as interesting as his own grandpa (Steve Palmer) used to be.
First he flirted with Evie Tinker, who plain rejected him.

Out of resentment, he invited his college lover - Reese Mace - over... and made out with her right in front of Evie. Who btw was not amused in the slightlest.

Is it crazy that he proposed Reese right away? I guess it is, good ol' grandpa Steve used to do stupid things like this all the time

But what I loved the most was his wants. Yep, he both wants to marry Reese AND to have several lovers.
Considering that Reese is not the most faithful Sim either... this can turn wrong in so many ways!

A birthday party. Pinkish toddler, can't be anyone else but Stephanie Larson.

And at the Landgraab mansion, someone else is cheating.
This is Malcom Landgraab (married to Laern) with Celeste McClellan (married to Juan).

Malcom's only daughter Grace is on the family way again!
Baby Malcom is now a toddler (it seems I forgot to take a picture) and Flannagan and Grace decided it was time to have another baby.

And last, the Tinkers. They were having a coffe, and talking... and suddenly Stephen fall out of love
They've shared so much, but most of the times both were focusing on the family at large and not taking proper care of their relationship as a couple.
I guess I could relight that fire between them, but for some reason this looks like a fitting situation story-wise. They are amiable, they never have arguments, but love is simply gone.

I must confess I'm considering starting a new hood, but at this point I'm testing some mods I've edited and I would like to know if they are working correctly before I move on. So I guess I'm gonna play a few rotations more (which may take months) and then probably try something new.
It's been 3 years and definetely my longer lasting hood ever!
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#296 Old 9th Apr 2020 at 11:36 AM
Last batch of pictures (until I get to play) is college.

Four new students moved into the dorm: Prod Daeli-Jobs, Nick Lewis and Hugh & Michelle Entayta (in that order in the picture).
Mathilda Gorge was already living there.

Prod got a makeover, because I would confuse him with Hugh, and I decided he'd go for something a bit unfashionable - considering his clothes choice, that seemed suitable.

In the next house, Jeremiah Zadra-Bruenig is having a hard time (to skill up) and failed one semester.

Nadia Lowe noticed she's pregnant! She's a senior student but this might be hard...

And it's twins! One baby boy (named Richard, after Nadia's grandpa) and one baby girl (named Regina, after Dirk's mother).
It's gonna be real real real hard for her to finish her studies!

Another house, different sort of new.
First Gustave Tinker graduted, and he'll move to downtown a get his own place.

Then Lionel decided to date this professor.

But unexpectedly his fiancé (Meadow Zadra-Bruenig) walked by the house... and saw them!

He's still technically engaged to Meadow but I'm assuming she'll terminate this relationship sooner than later.
So now that Lionel graduates he'll be living on his own.

That means two graduates in the same house, two vacancies to be filled with other students.
Since Grover Entayta lives here too, it makes sense that he'll invite his siblings (Hugh & Michelle) to move in - that will be next rotation.

Meantime, Grover proposes to Evvie!

Last house pics are all about Xander.
First because he failed a semester, which really made him sad. Sadder than I've ever seen.

I'm afraid he felt lonely, very lonely.
So he decided to ask someone out, and because he did not know anyone he really liked he decided to pay the services of a matchmaker.

Her date was kinda exotic, and they had an ok date - not bad, not great either.

And that's it!
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#297 Old 14th Apr 2020 at 5:41 PM
Oh goodness, in Tracy's case, appearances really are deceiving!
Evie might be thinking she was right to refuse Steve's flirting.
I've never seen a sim fall out of love! That will make for an interesting story line, I think.
Prod got a makeover, because I would confuse him with Hugh, and I decided he'd go for something a bit unfashionable - considering his clothes choice, that seemed suitable.

When my sims age up, I usually stick to the color of the clothing the game assigned. I'll also stick to the style, if it seems to suit that particular sim.
I wonder if Jeremiah will be able to bring his grades up, or if he will be kicked out of school.
Oh yes, I think it will very difficult for Nadia to take care of twins AND complete her studies. Good luck to her.
Poor Meadow; what a way to find out your fiance is cheating on you.
Maybe that exotic islander is just what Xander needs.
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#298 Old 4th May 2020 at 11:35 AM
Things got real real bad.
With all this working from home, my laptop was having a bad time and I ended uninstalling many programs. This included TS2 - which I have reinstalled though, now that I think I have all the issues under control pretty much all the time.

I kept this hood and I could keep playing it, but I think this is a good chance for a change. I'm gonna quit this hood and create a new one, with a new story and some new shiny skins :D
I've been thinking about using this Sedona to create a new townie pool, I might get to that eventually but not at this point. Because I hardly have the time to play, so I don't feel up to the task right now, but I'm gonna write it down in my to-do list
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