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Default Cord11's attempts at making a dense city in a game made to simulate the suburbs
Hello, welcome the thread I finally made. It's got some words, so that's cool. To be upfront this isn't going to be updated much, as real life is busy and honestly video games don't really matter that much. That said, I would like to welcome you to my amazingly, creatively named neighbour: The City V2. It's a work in progress. Indefinitely. This is my 2nd attempt at making a dense city neighbourhood. The first was lost to an unfortunate hard drive failure, er computer crash. I really should try hooking it up to my laptop and see what happens. Anyway here's some bad teaser pics of my work in progress. A block of lots.

Ignore my incompetence at using MS Paint in that 2nd pictures.
Now what's special about these lots you may ask? They're stacked! And not just in the traditional ground floor community lot with housing above, no these are proper wall to wall buildings! I was orginally inspired by the large blank walls of Zarathustra's shopping district lot and bam time to make a Tokyo inspired apartment tower, a mere 4 tiles wide. It fills the space that would be forced outdoor space in the game without the Lot Adjuster. Now there's really tiny 1 tile wide alleyway in the middle of the block, it opens up after the yet to be inserted under construction retail/apartment stacked lot. It's not pictured yet, but that building has been slotted into place, and it fits well. Kinda cozy having the lot imposters surrounding the apartments. Also Tokyo inspired is the commercial building with the staircase on the front, it has a retro dinner on the top floor, and a clothing store on the first 2. The middle floors are yet to be fully fleshed out. The neighbouring grey building is a karaoke box/bar and arcade. The first floor houses a kinda sad and lonely dance sphere that I'm considering replacing with a small restaurant. There's also a small office building, that might end up as part of an attempt to have a sim run office business. It might just end up with a really rich placeholder sim providing an alternative the business career track

These 2 pictures miss a lot of the neighbourhood, filled largely with lots that aren't mine, but there's a few of mine I just haven't gotten to yet. There's at least 2 households of sims already moved into somewhere in the city, but I forget if I moved in the Gavaian(??) into the attached sub-hood of Elsewhere or not. Also just gotta say that one family was created before I decided to seriously play the neighbourhood. Yikes. You'll probably see them eventually. :p

Edit: HELP, Imgur pics won't show up, just have the direct link

Edit: Got it 😁:D

WowoW it's a badly hidden owo UwU Yeet skeet Idk what I'm doing
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It looks good so far. You've packed a lot into the block, and added some nice details with the solar panels and plants, and the advertising thingy at the top.
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So I finally have a 2nd update, and this time it involves a few Sims even.

There's a few more playable sims living in the city still, all of whom I've made, but it turns out I didn't have any pictures of them saved already, and I was kinda lazy and didn't launch the game to make this post, soooooo yeah. The quality is a work in progess, but hey, I found the Windows 10 gamebar feature with it's built in captures and screenshots, and it's made it so much easier to get decent pics. No need for printscreen and MS Paint, no need for launching the game through Steam, and no need for the in game camera, so that's a plus.

Also thanks Cher64, but all the roof details were on the lot made by Zarathustra I just plunked down and built next to, so I can't take any credit

WowoW it's a badly hidden owo UwU Yeet skeet Idk what I'm doing
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There are some funny pictures in this update, but I think my favorite is Matthew running around naked.
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OMG Being naked is one thing, but being fully dressed and still look naked is WEIRD in capital letters XD
The glithy CC would worry me (I always worry about glitches) but that Sim is too amusing to get rid of!
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