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Default Richerville

Up to now:

Maria used to be in a very abusive relationship until she one day fleed the scene with her son on her arm and unable to trust men. This have been years ago. Today after endless of therapy she is able to trust men, found herself a boyfriend - Javier Waters - who is kind and helpful. She raised her son, Lucas, the best way a single mother could do with little to no money all the time.
About a year after coming together with Javier did Maria give birth to a little girl, that she named Lucia. With the help of Javier, do Maria hope to finally fulfill her dream about becoming a policeofficer to stop crimes like the one there happened against her when she was nothing but a teen, but she also hope that she in time can get enough money to send Lucas to college where he can get a higher education!

Alice Melissa is no stranger to weird looks on her, afterall is she an Alien. When she was younger she ended up dating the human, Paul Bubbleland and gave birth to twins about a little year later. She named her two children for Lily and Lillian and tries her best at raising them alone, as she have found out that Paul Bubbleland, never are there for any of his children. No he is a guy for one night stands and fast flirts and unfortunately Alice had been a victim to.
Now she raises her kids in the outskirts of Richerville, hoping to give them a great future even though they are Aliens. She will though have to teach them to ignore people there judge them on being aliens, and teach them that you can make true friendships with humans.

After the death of his wife, Ellevier, did Allerward decide to move downtown with his two kids, Infinity and Maverick, to get closer to his work but also to teach his kids to socialize. As a single father who have just lost his wife, do he hope to find his hype again before the year is over, and hope to see that Infinity and Maverick also can come over the loss of their mother, so they all can be happy again for good.

After living in a dorm with his big brother and his big brother's fiance, did Arnold take their child, as his brother and his fiance neglected their child. Though Arnold may not have any parentel skills, is he trying his best to raise Little Mia even though he low on money, highly in debt and just wants the best for her. Arnold treats Mia as she was his own daughter, and hopes that he does all the right things so she can get a fantastic future after being neglected by her own parents.

Mombi hopes to become a world famous vlogger and his wife, Alphine hopes to become a world famous rock star, but even though these two young hearts may just seem young and innocent, are they far from it. They ended their last year in college by neglecting their own daughter and now, not even a single memory of Mia is in their mind, as these two people just seek to be super stars in each their way. Let's hope that their heart change for the better as time goes.

Comparingsons pics

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They look great

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Default Rotation 1 + 2
with only 6 households so far is it easy to get over a rotation but let's start!


Due to the Almars and The Hunbary family living on the same lot, did Lucas take the chance to introduce himself to Arnold, saying he could help out, as Lucia was Mia's age so he knew all about caretaking of a toddler girl. They chitchatted a bit, laughed a bit and became friends. And who knows, it might just be the help Arnold needs! But only might! Arnold though also took it very positive that there was a girl on Mia's age meaning that Mia potentially could make friends with Lucia.

Javier loves his daughter higher than anything, but he has a life time want of marrying of 6 kids, so there is gonna be plenty of... siblings for little Lucia in the future! How will the family even have space in the two roomed trailer?! Javier don't know how to make that happen for this poor family, but he still have his dreams!

In the early mornings do Javier wake up before everyone else to eat his cereal before he has to go on job. Every morning. He hardly have time to be with his family as much as he runs around!

Since Javier is out of the home before rest wakes up does it mean that Maria has to take care of Lucia. Maria has a night job so she goes to work in the afternoon!

Time to learn how to talk, though Lucia seems very, disintrested! but Maria tries to stay positive!

Javier came early home, very saddened by the fact that he had lost his job because he rebelled against toast! for a family sim did he take it way too heavy. He more or less cried between every task and didn't want to go to bed or anything!

Though after getting ACR they - tried to get a baby and Maria became pregnant! it's already hard enough that Lucia and Lucas has to share room! But now there are new family members on the way!

Maria tried to make Javier happier though, but he could only talk about how he had lost his job, he tried to keep a smile and say he soon would find a new! special now where she was pregnant!

Lucas were very helpful with the chores, cleaning after all his family members!

He even tried to fix the family computer but got electrocuted! He survived, for now! but now he has a fear over for technology!

Arnold tried to teach Mia how to walk, and how to walk over a road!

When Mia is put to bed does Arnold play som violin (With very gay hand apparently!)

the next day though, he was more focused on learning Mia to talk, though she was just as unhappy about it as Lucia was.

Infinity and Maverick were not totally happy for their new place! Actually they shut themselves in and enjoyed their first day in the new home just by playing together!

Second day went a bit better though! Infinity played music on their old piano while Allerward finally could sit down and teach Maverick how to talk, and Maverick seemed, pretty happy about it actually!

Allerward had just exactly enough money to hire a nanny while he was at work, and she did a pretty good job!

Infinity invited Lily over and they made pretty good friends! Infinity had just lost her mother, and Lily was an alien that people usually avoided!

And Infinity even ate together with her father and told her father very exciting about the first day in the new school! seems like everything does go well so far!

Allerward actually called Lily's mom, first of all saying thanks for Lily brightening up Infinity after the loss, but also asked if he could come over while his kids were asleep (You'll see later, though uhm, Alice live on the countryside, no idea why Allerward there lives downtown thinks it's a good idea!)

All Mombi and Alphine do is woohoo and make out and go to work currently so...

The new version of Lillian is a bookworm, at ay given moment he grabs a book!

The following pictures are test pictures, though all there happened happened.
Lily and Lillian still holds a very great and tight friendship in the new version! They do nothing but whisper and laugh over their mother really. I guess they are planning a big prank? afterall they are kids!

Lillian surprised Lily with a dash from a pillow out of the blue, but the two had great fun together early in the morning!

When Lily came home from school, she took a little dance with her mother!

As I told earlier, Allerward came by at 2AM, meeting Alice and thinking she was super hot... so now they are dating .___. yeah idk what happened for that!

and Paul? well he is just woohooing anyone there comes by his home and building on his little hobby!

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Default Rotation 3 + 4
So after we left of at the Almar's house can I say that Maria for sure became pregnant, but more reveal about that later! as it is right now she is properly more pissed she doesn't have the money to send Lucas to college!

Lucas tries to make his skills better -w-/ example, painting!

He also takes a lot of responsibility for his little sister, Lucia, trying to entertain her the best way he can when he can!

He even helped her with her birthday!

The day after, Lucas returned home from school with amazing news, he was now an A+!

To celebrate did he cook food for his family, even though it was only Mac and Cheese.

and at night Maria gave birth to a little girl, I called her Lucy. To keep the LUC going ---

At the Hunbary's, Arnold went on job, it's easy to see he is lowrank worker on the type of car picking him up!

Mia tried musical talents? anyway, it's the only toy that Arnold had money for when they moved in!

And happy birthday to Mia

and Arnold made dinner to celebrate. Spaghetti.

The day after Mia got to school for the first time, but she wasn't happy for the homework.

Arnold felt like he needed to buy more clothes for Mia, obviously doing him more poor.

Mia begged and begged for Arnold to learn break dance, and Arnold being of the sweet heart he was, he choose to pay some money to learn Break Dance.

Mia is now pretty!

After Mia went to bed, did Arnold have to study to go up in rank at work!

At the Elderrik Household, did Maverick have a lot of fun on the playground!

after the playground did Maverick return inside to "dance" to some music. He enjoys music a lot!

Allerward had invited Alice, Lily and Lillian over for Maverick's birthday!

and then after did this to Alice:¨

And then Infinity's birthday came around the day after!

And Allerward, Infinity and Maverick ate a meal together - finally.

At the Hunbary pair, did Mombi "spy" on the neighborhood!

He also adopted a dog (Maybe he is preparing to get another child?)

At night a burglar came by their house, but luckily he was captured!

And here is how it looks when the ACR woohoo forgets to do them naked on he couch. It's literally just them making out in underwear!


Maverick and Lillian became pretty good friends pretty fast.

Infinity on the other hand wasn't happy for the move.

and Lily felt a bit lonely after her brother played more with Maverick than her.

But she came around to the better when they all had to make homework together!

Alice also studied a bit! though more angry. So much noise in the house.

Allerward wanted to try to be artistic!

But Lily had no reason to be saddened at all, before she knew it, her and her brother was once again playing with each other in all fun!

Alice had to make food for whole 6 people for the first time, double up than the usual!

and it went pretty successful if you ask the family!

Paul opened a bar in his garage ._.

and about a day later he was abducted! He has shown signs of pregnancy to!

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Default Rotation 5+6+7
I forgot to upload Rotation 5 and 6 before I went in to play rotation 7.


Hunbary - Mia and Arnold

Hunbary - pair

Elderrik + Melissa


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Oh, my, you lost it all... and you recovered so much! WOW. I'm impressed.
Whenever one of my hoods broke, for whatever the reason, I was too lazy to even try recovering it. It's just too good an excuse to start a new hood xD

PS: I love freckles. Should use them more!
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@Amura some was easy to recover - like Paul’s characters files and the same for Javier actually since both were copies of townies \(---)/
I’ve dicovered very old pictures of back when I only knew to cc and no mods and I have to say
Paul was ugly as hell back then

Anyway, I wanted to recover as much as possible but I moved them to a new and bigger neighborhood that I do my best to keep curroption away from as I want to keep it for as long as possible!
I’ve gone very much up in improving my gameplay as much as possible so c:
And honestly I better like the slightly improved version of the old hood c:

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Haha, sometimes CC makes such an easthetical difference - but some of us don't care much.
I use Maxis skins (plus some Maxis-match ones) and I love the cartoony look to them. I mean, shiny CC skins are wonderful but somehow I like the good old style ^-^

Gameplay, that's another matter.
After so many years playing it's kinda surprising how one gets to tweak the gameplay a bit more, and like the whole game even better!
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@Amura I only sorta of like the old game astetically, but after playing with default replacements for over a year is it kind of weird. I would properly have been fine on my old computer (It was as small as an mini ipad in screen, or more, only slightly bigger than a iphone 6+ in the screen - to believe I did digital art on that one for years lol)

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Default Rotation 8 + 9

Arnold and Mia c:

Hunbary Pair

Melissa c:

Paul... is Paul

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Javier used to have long straight hair and now wears it in a bum... or is it jsut my imagination?
I almost don't recognize him!

Loving the baby alien btw.
Which eyes do you use? They look great.
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Default Rotation 10 + 11 + 12 + 13
@Amura Yes, Javier now has his long hair in a bun, it's much easier to deal with when you work VwV

I use a default replacement, but I can't find the exact eyes since there is so many, so you can choose yourself which one you want!

There is a lot of pictures since I use tumblr now a days:

Anyway, let's go!


Hunbary (Alphine)


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Hehehe, I like buns - or short hair - myself. I can relate to Javier.
Though hopfully I won't need to be resurrected any time soon xD

And Paul... is Paul.
I love that comment, like, he is soooo himself in every rotation :D
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To be honest idk how to descrive Paul as any other thing than Paul doing a Paul thing lol
He is on 17 woohood out of 20 as he dreams off so far /w\

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Default Rotation 14 + 15

//I've counted Sims wrong. I forgot the two births so it's 28 sims, and not 26.

Almars/Waters //Soon only Waters//

Hunbary (Mombi)

Lucas Almars

Hunbary (Arnold and Mia)


Hunbary (Alphine)



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Apple? Cherry? Your children are yummy! :D

As usual, your pictures are gorgeous and your story so cute.

Btw I'm always amused by some cultural aspects of the gameplay.
For example, most people set a nursery for their babies. I always put the crib right in the parents bedroom, so they can attend to him right away (as I did with my own child) and as toddler it might be moved to a bedroom (of his own or shared with siblings).
I find it interesting when I'm layering a house to build.
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Hello @Amura I have the sad news that I am no longer playing richerville - not bc anything is wrong - but after 2 years of restarting, retrying and all that have I've decided to drop Richerville for good.
Instead am I playing a mega/uberhood where the gameplay can be followed on my tumblr
I am sort of drifting away from this site when it comes to the community!
Again I am sorry for anyone who actually followed my series!

Note: Paul and some of the other pals shows up as Townies ^^

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Ooooh, such a pity.
Although I admit I understand it. I don't think I have ever restarted a hood myself, I tend to have always some new idea I'd like to test so I move on.

I'll check your tumblr

And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who reuses Sims as townies, haha.
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Paul Will never be let behind - He will always be there. He have been there since the dawn and he will first disappear when people stop downloading and using him
so yeah

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