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Default Oasis Springs Mall
Hello! This is a project of mine I started a while ago and am just returning to. With Get To Work, I feel like I don't usually have an opportunity to use it. So, I made a mall that has everything sellable in the catalog with base game, holiday celebration, and get to work. That way your sims have to go shopping for what they need. However, I'm not sure how useable it actually is because of the size. What I could use help with is as follows:

- I need help playtesting this monstrosity. Is it actually useable in the game? What mods are there that makes it more manageable?

- How should I fill the remaining stores that I haven't finished yet? Should I delete the fourth floor entirely?

- What could I improve on with the build? What doesn't look quite right or needs fixed?

I'm going to attempt to include a download to the build here (though, I really don't know how to do it and this might be another build of mine entirely). If that doesn't work my origin ID is HighHeelShoes and it's uploaded there, make sure to check include custom content. The mall does use two mods/cc:
- Triplis' Literally a Door Portal
- Mannequin Uncapper
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Can you give some specs like the lot size, photos, etc.?
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