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Default [Testers Wanted] ROLANDS TOWN, a custom neighborhood inspired by MySims
Hi! I've been working on this custom neighborhood for quite a while and I have reached a point in the process where I can finally share it as an almost finished product for playtesting and collecting your feedback! I would really appreciate if you could try it out, tell me what your impressions are on storylines, characters, buildings and landscaping, any bugs that you might encounter and other details that you might like or not like.
The ONLY thing that I have yet to do is shoot the pictures for the storytelling albums and the main neighborhood picture. I will pose the sims and take the photos through a backup of the hood folder, so I won't modify the hood in the process of taking the screenshots. Any new edit will be due to your feedback, suggestions and bug reporting.

To make this hood, I used ALL THE EXPANSION PACKS AND STUFF PACKS and a minuscule amount of custom content that I included in the rar.
These custom contents are:
- the mummy hair and outfit from the Sims 2 Store;
- unlocked versions of the bellhop red outfit from BV, butler outfit from AL and therapist/shrink glasses; I don't even know if these are necessary in your Downloads folder since it's vanilla content, so if you could give me feedback on this I would be grateful;
- a skyline and a skydome.

This hood is inspired by all the MySims videogames and features more than one hundred characters from the MySims Saga, with storylines that may be directly inspired by their stories in MySims or that may divert to fit in the overall story of the hood. There are about 15 households, an abundant townie pool, some dead premades, some custom service NPCs, and also 4 unplanned hobby instructors that spawned in the process and I decided to makeover instead of deleting. I put effort into making each sim, so each townie has been created in Bodyshop and has a specific appearance, a bio, specific personality and interests, job, predestined hobby, preset relationships and even in some cases family ties with other townies or NPCs. I didn't give memories to every single townie because I thought it was not necessary but some of them do have memories. The same applies to dead premades: some of them are fundamental to the story and you as a player can resurrect them to read their memories and learn their POVs.
By reading the households' descriptions, the sims' memories and in some cases even looking in their inventories, you will learn what's currently happening in this hood and what has happened in the past. There are a lot of secrets and mysteries for you to try and unknot. You may be confused by what you read in the sims' memories, because sometimes they contradict each other, but that's on purpose and you will soon find out that it's just a matter of point of view.
I strongly suggest you to explore the community lots that I've built, as you may find easter eggs if you look with attention, and I also want to know your opinion on the quality of the lots and if you find them amusing. Many community lots are businesses owned by townies. I love townie-owned businesses because it's a way to give townies more depth and backstory and it also works perfectly with MySims inspired characters, since in the MySims saga most of the characters manage shops and venues.

I have checked the neighborhood with HoodChecker repeatedly through the process and corrected any errors. I have used clean subhood templates of course, and I have all the anti-corruption mods. I use Pooklet's face templates (link) because I love how they look and I also feel like they are the best templates for ethnic diversity. I also used custom sliders to add even more variety.

Once I fill the neighborhood and households' albums with pictures, I will edit this post with an updated version of the hood.

I don't think there's anything else to say for now. I will wait for your feedbacks! I am extremely curious and I honestly can't wait to read what you have to say!
Note: I'm not a native English speaker so I may need grammar corrections as well. If you encounter any spelling errors anywhere in the game, let me know and I will fix them.
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