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Default Whales and marine mammals
I once had a baby blue whale object in my game, as well as orcas that came in 3-4 poses. I lost a lot of content when my old computer died at the exact same time as my back up external hard drive.

I have searched and searched and cannot find these objects anywhere. Every time I find a link that looks promising, it's dead. If anyone has any of these items or knows where I can get them I would be very grateful.
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Do you have any image? There's orca from Helen Sim, but not sure if that's what you looking for. Deposit Files still works.
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Thanks, I actually have all those. But they aren't the ones I was thinking of. It's possible I'll never find them again. I wish I did have some pictures but I don't.
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What were the dead links?

I'm drawing a blank on orcas in different poses, but there are dolphins:

You might also be interested in the whale museum set here:
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