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Default What is your daily schedule?
Monday-Friday: I get home and eat two pre-dinners (I have a ferocious appetite, I blame my metabolism :p) and surf the web (Facbook, Sims Community Forums and Spore). Then I do my homework, by then it's like 4 o' clock and my dad gets home and we go to the Gym. For the rest of the day I pretty much do nothing and be bored as hell. I'll usually play Sims and talk on the phone (that's when it's not being taken away by my dad). On rare occasions I'll get my dad or sister to drive me down to my cousin or friends house (they both live down the street). My schedule is a little different when I have basketball practice.

Friday (afternoon)-Saturday: Is pretty simple, I lie to my dad and say I'm at the gym when I'm really out with my friends We always find something to do, like go see a movie (fifty times), walk around the mall or hang around strange places...

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During the school week, I'm pretty much a homebody. I have at least an hour of homework on a good night and like to be able to relax for awhile before I start it, so I don't like to be out running errands on school days. I have staff meetings for newspaper until 3:00 on Mondays and Key Club until 3:00 on Thursdays, but I try to keep my schedule open. On Friday nights, I have a long-running tradition of watching a movie with my dad, but I devote Saturdays to having friends over or volunteering. On Sundays, I play tennis at the club for two hours and then come home to do homework. My life is so exciting .

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#3 Old 1st Feb 2009 at 9:48 PM
Monday - Thursday - School, so I don't do much in the afternoons. I generally come home, have a bit of a rest and something to eat and then get into my homework plus the extra Japanese study I have to do. After that it's dinner, relaxing and then bed. I'm really boring during the school week.

Friday - Seeing as I have all weekend to do my homework from here, I generally go to a friend's place and stay for dinner/sleep over, or I'll have a couple of friends back to my place.

Saturday - Sunday - I usually spend my Saturdays with friends, or, if I don't have any plans, having a day free from homework and playing the Sims. When I have school, Saturdays is really the only time I get a chance to actually sit down and play. Sundays I devote to homework and assignments, as well as organizing anything else I have to do (Work Experience, Volunteering, After School activities, etc.).
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Monday-Sunday: Wake up whenever, turn on pc, go downstairs, make coffee, smoke a cigarette or two or three, get a cup of coffee before its done (ewwww, stronger than a ---), smoke another cigarette, check email, play Utopia, do Facebook, check hotmail as an afterthought, maybe yahoo, too, if I'm really ambitious, go on MTS2 (at least ten times a day), send useless text messages to children to make sure they are still alive out in the world, call or text best friend (she works third shift and may or may not be awake), take photo's of the baby -- he likes to pose and he's cute, pretend I'm looking for a real job, write, eat a tuna sandwich (two if I'm really hungry), make dinner for my kid somewhere between 5-9 p.m., go outside and freeze my keester off checking to see if the wood furnace needs wood -- toss in some logs if necessary, chase the baby around the house cuz it's fun for him, send emails with 20-50 pics in them to my relatives and friends (hehe, most of their pc's puke on them when I do this, or else it would be no fun. dsl puts a damper on this fun.), write some more, play on the net and pretend I'm working, play Sims 2 for 4-10 hours, maybe watch an hour or two of tv if something I like is on the DVR -- but I think I can recite almost every episode of Little Einsteins since the baby is addicted to that one, more coffee, more cigarettes, more playing on Facebook . . .

Oh, hell, it's a life.

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hope you don't mind me joining in.

The Usual: wake up wake up kids, make breakfast, wake kids again, get everyones clothes/books/shoes together, give up on nicely waking them and begin to use threats. feed kids and get them out the door on time. get dressed, take littlest one to pre-school. get a redbull, do my errands, drive around aimlessly listening to the ipod and singing at the top of my lungs. go home, make coffee, log into #social and gossip for hours, clean in between conversations. get kids in, sort out homework, start dinner, yell at kids, randomly text quotes from TV shows to friends, eat dinner, bathe kids, go back to sitting in #social, bedtime books and tucking in...quiet... play a game, chat more, maybe watch a movie or something.

my day (almost everyday) in a nutshell :D

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Guh.. how I wish I was still in schoo! Can't wait to go back to Uni/TAFE.

Mon-Fri Alarm goes off at 6am. Get out of bed anytime between then and 630. Push my partner out of bed so he can grab a shower. I hop on here and/or check my mail. Make lunch and my snack for morning tea. Then we're usually out the door anywhere between 7 and 730 (depending on if I'm running late or he has a meeting).
I work in a warehouse.. so I basically sweat profusely between 8 and 10 am lugging around 20 kilo boxes and making sure things are all copacetic with outgoing goods. Then I have my morning tea (not literally) - the best part of my day, hands down - and devour my snack because my morning shake only ties me over till about 930 on a good day. I go back out into the stink pit (no air con.. only fans.. it feels like 50ºC in there) for another two and a half hours until lunch.. and then go back and do it again until 3 or 4. Then I make sure my lovely courier guys come by and retrieve all my hard work before I close up shop, change (so I don't look like some filthy gym rat), and take the bus home.. where I then proceed to open every window in the house up (no air con.. it's almost worse than the warehouse). I crank the fans on and usually grab a snack (lately it's been an ice block or monaco bar - yummm). I fiddle around on my decrepit computer till the other half gets home or start prepping dinner. Then, we share cooking responsibilites, have dinner, bum out in front of the tv watching docos or the news, and indulge in more ice blocks because it's still humid and hot as in the house.

Wednesday I typically attempt to get to the gym but I usually skip out, say that I went to my bootcamp, and, instead, head into the city, hop on a comp in this dreary dungeon of an internet cafe, and write/catch up with people from home via facebook/myspace and mail. I figure I'm allowed to skip since I work such a physically demanding job and walk practically everywhere.

The Weekend! Usually veg out friday or saturday nights if there's a game on (soccer/footy/cricket/etc) and have a few beers in the process. Sometimes I get dragged out to be social and spend money on drinks elsewhere.. or I head over to a friends place for BBQs and drinks. Saturday days are my catch up days because the other half has cricket. Sunday is the day I do my washing.. and usually grab some drinks and a meal and catch up with the boys at a beer garden somewhere. I live for my cruisey weekends.

Off Days these are rare and savoured. I typically just veg.. do some yoga and/or stretch cuz my body is pretty wrecked from work. Tidy up the place. Do some shopping. Depends if I'm feeling productive or not. Which I'm usually not.

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#7 Old 8th Mar 2009 at 7:56 AM
I get up around 7:30 a.m., clothes, teeth, hair, get ride to school with step-dad. after school, I get home off of the bus and walk home from there. Maybe I'll walk home to 7-11 to get snacks, maybe I'll just eat something at home and watch Oprah. I'm probably on the computer by now, checking my sites and other routine internet stuffs. I eat dinner prepared for me around 6:30, then keep on computing (haha) and watching whatever happens to be on T.V. By 8:30 I do my homework, then get in the shower at 9:00. I get out and watch T.V. until 10:00, then fall asleep.

I get up around 11:30 a.m., eat something, and then probably play the sims or do other random things on the computer. If my mom is home, we go to eat lunch out, go check our P.O. Box downtown, and I might trick her in to doing some shopping. By the time we get done, it's dinner time so we come home and eat. Then I get on the computer for the remainder of the night, then at 10:30 watch SNL, then doze off at about 3:00 a.m.
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#8 Old 9th Mar 2009 at 4:54 AM
Usually, my weeks end up like this:

Usually the longest day, at least the day that feels longest for me. This is the busiest day at my work. I end up tired after 4-6 hours of cashiering at the supermarket. However, I make about 12 bucks an hour that day, so I can't complain. (I love time and a half!)

I tutor during the afternoons at my college for an hour. Before and after that I'm usually on the computer or playing games.

A very jam packed day. I get up at about 7AM to get ready for my classes at college. At 8:30AM I have InDesign, I love it. At 10AM I am tutoring. At 11:30AM on Thursdays I have a tutoring seminar. At 2PM I manage "Selfscan" at my work. Oh the people who come through the lines are RUDE, they scream that they need help, but I am only one person. Funny thing is, I'm right in front of them helping another customer. I don't get off until 7PM, oh wait 7:30 because my replacement is ALWAYS late. Basically, I don't end up getting home until 8PM. So this really is the day that I abhor the most.

Not my busiest day, I usually work for 6 hours at the supermarket, usually from 12-6PM, sometimes I work from 9AM to 3PM. My direct deposit also comes in, so that's always a plus.

New sales at work! I usually work during the mornings at this time. It's not really that busy at my work until lunchtime. I also try and accomplish my photography assignments after work.

At 1PM I have digital photography, an awesome class. I used to have watercolor, but I HATED it. I also end up shopping or doing stuff that day.

#9 Old 12th Apr 2009 at 11:33 AM
I get up about quater to six, and go for a four kilometre a walk with my Dad. When i get home Dad, Mum and I have breakfast on patio and have a good chat. Then I get ready for school. I put my clothes on and then my hair and then my make up in that order. Then I go to school. Not going to go through my timetable lol. When i get home i usually have a toasted sandwhich and watch t.v till my boyfriend gets home. When he does we go to his house (where my pc is) and we game pretty much up until ten.

I'm straightedge so i don't like going out to parties or drinking or anything. I usually end up renting movies and getting Dominoes, or just gaming all night.

I love my routine lol.
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Get up early (between 5-6 am), make hubby's lunch (Mon-Fri), workout, eat breakfast and check e-mail and discussion boards, shower, dress etc., get my kids up and off to school (during school year), feed and take care of my spoiled rotten cats, do chores/run errands and see clients throughout the day (with lunch pencilled in there if I can), make kids afterschool snack and have them sit down with homework (during school year), make dinner (around 4 pm), clean up the kitchen...then I have some freetime until 8 pm. Remind the kids to get ready for bed at 8 pm (they go to bed at 10 pm during the school year), get ready for bed and then more freetime until 10-11 pm when I go to bed. Pretty boring all in all, but on the weekends we do alot of stuff like hiking, mountain biking, renting movies and such.

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#11 Old 3rd Aug 2009 at 5:19 PM
Mon-Fri: Breakfast, School, End time, Left over work, all the time to myself
#12 Old 10th Aug 2009 at 8:39 AM
Monday - Friday:
Get up at 7:30am, have breakfast, watch the newsd, get dressed, go to school, go to my Grandma's, have something to eat, watch TV, go home, have dinner (Mon and Thurs is spag bol, the other days are random), go on my computer, watch some moreTV, go to bed at 10:30/11.

Weekends, time off school:
Get up whenever, eat whenever, do whatever.

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#13 Old 19th Sep 2009 at 9:29 AM
Thursday-Tuesday: Get up around noon, check e-mail, forums, Facebook, etc. Clean the house a bit, play Sims, make sure hubby gets up for work at 4:30pm, play more Sims, watch a little TV, clean a bit more, crash into bed about 5am

Wednesday: Same as above + work 6:30-8:30pm babysitting the choir director's grandkids during choir rehearsal at church.

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Monday-Friday: School, then home, walk the dog with my neighbour, have my tea, go on the computer, watch TV, sleep.

Saturday: Get up, breakfast, computer, lunch, computer, tea, computer, TV, sleep.

Sunday: Get up, breakfast, computer, lunch, computer, go to grandma's for tea, go home, computer, TV, sleep.

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