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Default What are you favorite hobbies?
I have three majors and a few minors. I'll just name the majors...

My first and foremost would have to be Creative Writing. I love using my imagination and creating my own world, characters, themes, etc. In fourth grade, when my uncle was in jail my cousin and I wrote him a story, it had a lot of errors in it but hell we were only youngins! :cowboy: But he loved it, and he has it in a picture frame. (Don't ask me why he has it in a picture frame...I have absolutely no idea).

My second is basketball; :meh: because of the competitiveness, the fact that it helps me relieve stress, and it helps me stay in shape. I love to compete and I love competing at a high level. The feeling of pushing myself to my breaking point and challenging myself is the best feeling. Basketball is one of the only sports which you can play on your own or in a group. The challenge of getting better is what motivates me to improve. When I play basketball my competitiveness takes over, and my killer instinct come into play. I hate losing; not that I'm a sore loser, I just prefer to win. I like competing against my friends. I like having the ball in my hands for a game-winning shot. And the applause from the audience, when we win.

Finally last but not least is Acting. I enjoy being a different person because I like to explore different personalities and different lifestyles. It also makes me feel excited and I enjoy having my make up done and a different wardrobe each day! :kami:

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I have really only two major hobbies, and then there is one minor one which I'm sure some people wouldn't really count as a hobby. Anyway, on with the hobby-ness!

Creative Writing
Creative writing is my biggest hobby. I spend days just in my room writing. The idea of being able to create my own world, my own characters and my own story is so intriguing to me. In most of my writing one of my characters is almost a direct representation of myself at the time, and I love looking back on all of my stories and seeing what I was feeling. Creating my own setting is quite possibly my favourite part of writing, and I have several notebooks just filled with scenes I have set without a story. This is quite useful for me, because if I feel like writing, I simply find an older situation which fits and keep on writing from that.

I don't love it as much as losing myself in my own creation, but being able to lose myself in a story and being transported into another time and place is the other major hobby of mine. I can find myself reading four books in three days if I have the time and the book is well-written. Well, even if the book is badly written I still read it if it's there :P.

My "minor" hobby...

Listening to Music
I always need music to be playing. I am not at all musically talented, so I find other music that inspires me or makes me feel good. When I'm writing I especially love to have music as it often provides me with inspiration and new ideas, as well as creating fantastic imagery in my head which then pushes me to write.
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I listen to music too although I don't really think I'd classify it as a hobby
One of my minor hobbies is Blogging.
Wow...I just realized I misspelled hobbies in the title, I'm so smart :p

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  • Reading- my English teacher told me that I am perhaps the most well-read student she's ever had. I read three books a week and I love every second of it; there's nothing better than losing yourself in another world for awhile, and what could be more magical and expressive than words? I don't do light reading- there are so many books out there that I want to read that I don't waste time on anything short of a masterpiece filled with vivid emotional and visual imagery. I've read most of the classics: Faulkner, Austen, Hemingway, Homer, Bronte, and so on and so forth, and I love contemporary literature. As Charles Eliot once said, books are perhaps the quietest and most loyal of companions.
  • Writing- I love creative writing, but I can't churn out stories at a very fast rate. It takes me months to mull over a plot until it has the desired amount of emotional potency, so it's a slow process, but it's quite satisfying. I write about life, death, and love, and nothing more. I have a Word document filled with phrases for a later date that worm themselves into my head and insist to be used.
  • Student journalism- I've been involved in student publications for about five years now. I was yearbook editor at a middle school level, but then I discovered that I hate yearbook publication . I'm more of a newspaper girl, and my primary focus is opinion pieces, even though the section editor doesn't give me many opportunities to write them. At my school, publications is such a cutting edge program with great people that I'm honored just to be part of it.
  • Tennis- I've played tennis casually for most of my life, and it's a good way to physically blow off steam. I haven't played in the winter until this year, but I'm a decent opponent and I enjoy the game.

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My main hobby is writing. Writing, writing, writing. I like to think I'm not too bad at it. I'll never understand people who say they "became" a writer, or "want to be" a writer -- I get what you're saying, but for me it never was that way. I've been telling stories long before I could actually take pen to paper and write them down. I've always been a writer, I love it, I never really had any choice lol.
I love writing because of the reasons mentioned already, but I also love the technical aspect of it. Literally putting words together, making clever little turns of phrase. I love that, because I feel as though two/three years ago I didn't have enough command of the English language necessary to write properly, like I wanted to write in English because I thought it was beautiful, but I couldn't find the right words. Now I feel like I can, and that's made writing so much more enjoyable to me. I haven't found my voice yet exactly, sometimes it's really bland and dry, sometimes it's a bit British and quirky like Terry Pratchett. Sometimes it's extremely descriptive, tending towards "purple prose" and sometimes I hardly describe anything and use present tense.
My second main hobby is, like most writers, reading. And I suppose listening to music is a big hobby, too. I absolutely adore music, I couldn't live without it. It's come to the point where I'm referred to as "the girl with the headphones on." :P
I'm ashamed to say I don't actually play sports at the moment, although I really want to take up hockey, it's just hard to find a team my age that isn't so amazing a newbie would only drag them down. I really want some kind of physical exercise, I love that feeling after PE where your bones ache and your body just feels... used. I'm pretty ferocious when it comes to sports, I have been known to quite literally knock people out of the way or bang into them, I can't help it -- something comes over me. I like to think I make up for my lack of skill with enthusiasm. :P
I think it's funny to see so many people who play the Sims are also into writing, I suppose that's because there's a bit of a storytelling aspect to the Sims.

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-My main hobby is karate. My life is extremley stressful, and karate is a great stress reliever (and keeps me in shape ;]). I started when I was 10 or 11 and don't plan on quitting.

-Basketball is another of my hobbies. I played for around 6 years, but then had to quit because of a move. I haven't got the guts to try out at my new school, but I might just try.

-*Reading*. It's amazing. I haven't been able to read as much anymore, but I usually try and fit in at -least- one book a week.

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13th Jan 2009 at 6:16 AM
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I'm not really sure what my hobbies are really, other than sitting around at the computer for countless hours. I enjoy watching movies, but, in the past couple months, have really slacked off of that. I used to spend all of my time on youtube, however, I also haven't done as much there anylonger, mainly because of the rediculous changes, such as no more buletins. So, in my boring, yet entertaining days with which I have the time, I'm always at one of two places: my computer desk, or my couch......... Which, I guess makes my hobby quite uninteresting and lazy. [[Being lazy, now, if that could be a hobby, that's what I'd choose!]]

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Mine are plain and simple:
Video Games :P
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Bird Watching/Identifying

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Oh gosh...I have waaaay too many hobbies! My main ones are:

hiking/mountain biking/weight lifting (I only do outdoorsy stuff in warm weather though..winter is hibernation time)

movies/reading (my family ties a rope around my waist before they let me into a bookstore or library so that they can pull me out before we all die of starvation)

Dungeons and Dragons
Video/Computer games: WoW, Guild Wars, Sims 1, 2 and 3, Gran Turismo, Midnight Club
Music (I have an exhaustive collection with just about every genre)
Creative Writing

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It's my mum's fault. My house is like a library, it has so many books in it! I always enjoyed reading, and so has my mum. We love books and my mum is always out buying more and more. I don't know where she thinks we're going to put them. She says that since Dad moved out there's some space for books so she has to fill it up or she won't feel right. I think the message that there are too many came when the bookcase shelves started bending and the piles tottering around the house started falling down fron the sheer amount of books in them. In fact, I wouldn't think of this house as my home if it wasn't full of books. I love the smell of books mostly. That dusty old smell. Mmmmm.

Computers/Video Games.
I always loved technology, which my mum despises. I love computers, the TV, video games. I'm always having to give her tips on working the family computer (we have two computers and there are two of us, lol) because it's shit and slow, then when it does work, the keyboard isn't working or the speakers are all fuzzy. Its' not even that old, but it's always been like that. There's something wrong with it, it's never worked properly. It was slow before I put all my games on it. xD I only have TS1, TS2, TS3, The Movies and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (all with their EPs/SPs, because my mum is made of money, no matter what you say) on this computer.

I love TV, I really do. If it's watching something being repeated on Dave, or Casualty on a Saturday night, or a DVD boxset of Doctor Who, Heroes or Torchwood I always love it. I'm just addicted to TV, it's amazing. And doesn't everyone I know know it too? xD

People think I'm good at drawing because I can draw faces, and nothing more. I can sometimes extend that onto bodies, but not usually. I doodled in the back of my Maths book all last year, just random faces, and loads of people saw it and then everyone kept looking at it and stuff. Gah, they're just doodles, they're not meant to be good. My friend Roshni is a big Sims junkie too, she's always on MTS, but she never posts or anything, and she really loves my anime drawings. I learnt how to draw Anime from, believe it or not, a book. But my dad was the one that taught me to draw and he's the one I get the talent from. I have tons of his drawings as posters on my wall. Most of them are of Axel Rose, because my Dad loved GNR, which is how he met my mum really, and I was named after a GNR song. My favourite picture though is the Batman one. You'd have to see it, and I have a picture, but idk where it is in my Photobucket. xD

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