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Default Why do you like architecture?
Hey all, I am just curious:
Why does everyone like architecture?

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Well, I love Architecture for many reasons, and here are some of them:

Architecture is considered one of the seven Fine Arts, since it is capable of conditioning the behavior of the human being in the space both physically and emotionally. Architecture must be more than a building where a man can hide from atmospheric changes, as if it was only that it would not be Architecture, but construction. Architecture should be a space suitable to thrill the person who lives there, able to create unique environments that stay in the memory of the person who sees them, a play of light and shadows projected by the architect's ideas and feelings, a whole world in an enclosed space.

The only thing that differentiates Architecture from construction is that little thing that makes a work become a work of Art. This perfect adaptation to the generating idea and all the circumstances that make the building into something that thrills generations who live or visit it for centuries. That thing which makes thousands of people travel miles everyday only to see it. That thing that makes a simple set of walls, windows and decks become a city icon.

According to Schopenhauer: "Architecture is frozen Music". And I think that's one of the most beautiful and perfect ways of describing Architecutre in a few words. It's that, frozen music, a magic and great sculpture, a habitable painting. It's a sweet piece of piano amazingly played in a Summer sunset. It's a game of lights dancing between the trees of an oak forest at night.

That is Architecture. It is not only Architecture, not Art, it is something that covers all the Sciences, thrilling and inviting someone to inhabit it, to feel it, to cover it.

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Wow! Never really thought about architecture that way!

The reason why I love architecture is for its truly is an art in itself. The whole form down to the smallest of details is beautiful from all the different styles and sub styles! All the little details and nuances from where they are placed and how they all combined to form a whole.

Also, whenever I see a building that is in a pure style it juts thrills me and gives m chills! its just beautiful to look at, especially how they combine color with sculpture with placement! It just amazes me!

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I want to tell you why I a d o r e architecture but simply so many words come into my head and I can't tell it all. Since I was very little I was fascinated of all buildings - from a shack to a skyscraper and I just know it in my heart that this is the thing I want to do.

Architecture is all about composition and that is why Schopenhauer compares it to music. Architecture itself is abstract, because only thinking about a building you are already creating architecture. After you put your plans on paper and you create the building it then becomes physical. But it is the idea that you create something out of nothing that is very fascinating. In the beginning you have only space and you change the space in the way you want it to be. So you reshape that space and create not only a shelter, but a composition, a work of art and a work of the technical capabilities of mankind. And in music the most important thing is the composition too.

And there is a lot more to that, but I think I am becoming to emotional lol...
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I too have also been fascinated by it, even as a child; I was always drawing reasonably detailed drawings of house, even when I had only just started school. I consider architecture as an art form and a method of self-expression; It is a fire that can evoke pure passion in the souls of many. But then it is also a documentation of history. If you believe in the evolution of species then you'll probably realise in a sense that man was not necessarily meant build houses, and yet he has, and architecture is one of the ways that demonstrates the evolution of mankind through the journey of survival to prosperity. Architecture (of the past) shows the changes in the way man thinks as well as the fashions, attitudes and lifestyles that he has adopted through the centuries, and will continue to show these changes until the end of time (or until the end of mankind). There's just so much a simple building can tell and show, it can connect with everyone in one way or another. While many look back, many look forward and then there are those who enjoy what is present, architecture is for everyone; to be enjoyed, embraced, loved, and cherished, regardless of age, size, beauty and style.

I'm a self confessed lover of architecture of the past, but I enjoy the present and look forward to the future, maybe one day the architecture of the past, present, and future will be able to coexist without infringing on each other.
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The angles, the design, the flow, the details, the imagination. What's not to love?!
Architecture is amazing to me. I could get lost in designs all day and be happy.

I am fortunate to have an architect friend, so I have seen his design plans and then watch the construction.
From family homes to multimillion dollar projects, it's always been absolutely fascinating to see the whole process.

Like Fergus, I was intrigued with architecture when I was a child. I would draw houses and buildings that caught my eye. And when I was older, the Lego-recreations.
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Originally Posted by TudorMan23
Hey all, I am just curious:
Why does everyone like architecture?

I was going to study architecture in college once, but I decided on criminal justice. Love architecture though. It must be satisfying to be able to create such beautiful and masterful designs and have them prominently (and proudly) displayed forever in a city scape!
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