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Default Introductions
This thread is for the writers who join this group to introduce themselves, look at who else is here, and welcome the people who join. Since I started this, I'll go first.

I'm a writer and editor. My preference is for speculative fiction, such as sci-fi and fantasy, and most of my stories fit into the Young Adult category. I talked about a few of my stories in the Faery Tales thread in this group, which was rescued from a now-deleted group. I also have a writing advice website, though I currently have trouble finding advice topics to write about.

My MTS writing group, The Story Board
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15th Dec 2015 at 9:59 PM
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I apologise for dragging down the activity level of this thread. In my defense, I had good reasons.

I'm an aspiring writer, anyway. Other than forum-based recursive fanfiction comics in the Scumthorpe thread of the TS3 forum, I haven't actually done much, but I have elaborate plans for various stories, which I've begun to discuss in the Faery Tales thread. My dream job is to be a research scientist (preferably an astronomer) with a professional author thing on the side. I'm still relatively early in my academic career, so here's hoping!

I'm pretty much only interested in speculative fiction. I do occasionally enjoy other things, most notably adventure (and comedy, come to think of it—definitely comedy), but even those are better with speculative content. I also have a really strong liking for romance, and generally prefer that there's at least some in everything I read or write. I'm also a pretty hardcore idealist, and that tends to show.

I have an outright obsession with queer themes, so you can expect a lot of that sort of thing from me. I also have a strong preference for female characters and have a bit of trouble with getting myself to write male ones. These two things combined tend to mean that my stories tend to have lots and lots of yuri. I worry I annoy people with it, frankly.
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