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Default super-quick request - object placement test
Sims4Studio allows you to create mods that are then placed in a Sims4Studio mods folder, not the game, for the sole purpose to create mods from what you've modded. So, for example, I have the "genhelm" poster that I have changed the environmental auras on, but it's not an override. It's in my Sims4Studio mods folder and I can borrow from that object as if I'm creating something from base-game. If I'm not being clear how that works, my apologies.

Short take, I'm looking for someone to place this object from my Google downloads area into their game.

It's a debug thin career book that has been made placeable in the game and costs 1 simolean and has a picture of Olivia Dehavilland on the front of it. It's located in Decor / Clutter.
It has been upscaled by a factor of 1.7 (polygon count hasn't changed). I have purposefully not changed the object's footprint, so it should fit on any slot that the original does.

All I'm asking is if someone could try to place this object in the game and then give me a yay / nay whether it worked, because I'm not sure if an object, modded from another object, even when the original object is base-game, is placeable without someone having what I built from in my Sims4Studio folder. The object ID would suggest that it is, but I'd like confirmation.

Thank you!
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And feel free to keep it / use it / recolor it / do whatever if it works!
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Nevermind, I got a friend on my MMO's discord channel who happens to play Sims4, and she was able to test it in under 2 minutes (and it worked).
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