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Hi all.
Ambitious project here. This is a well-known, well-loved character. Can he be transposed as a sim? only one way to find out...

This is what I have so far. Been working on him for a few days.

I called this collage 'Progression', but instead of progressing, I feel like going around in circles, lol. Here's a few tough details for which I still don't know what to do :

- Muppet version's head is kind of a perfect circle, sim heads usually are not, without getting super deformed AND getting a giraffe neck
- Muppet doesn't have much neck - if I get a rounder face it elongates the neck, if I get a shorter neck it elongates the face, lose-lose situation here, lol
- Muppet version doesn't have a forehead - if I move the eyes/eyebrows, forehead looks shorter but it elongates the face, and it already needs to look rounder, lol.
- Muppet has a much bigger goatee than the one I found. There isn't much for sim beards and goatees out there, lol. Anyone knows a site?
- Muppet's mouth size ... ? Not sure how to do that in Bodyshop and still have a proper sim
- Muppet's ears? Not sure about this. I guess he could have something hiding his ear texture and make it smoother, but...
- Muppet skin tone? Should he have a felt/wool texture to him? or is it creepy?


1) Do you think it is still pertinent to try and sim him?
2) Is there potential?
3) Do you see solutions for the problems I mentioned (or for more problems you see that I didn't see, perhaps!)
4) Or should I just try something else and give up this one?


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I definitely think it's worth continuing with this, if for no other reason than that it's hilarous! Of the versions you've posted pics of here, I definitely like Version 2 best- I think it does the best at humanizing (siminizing?) the muppet without actually LOOKING like a muppet- a believably round face being probably the biggest contributing factor there. As far as lacking a forehead, I think if you can find a hairstyle with a more pronounced widow's peak, that will help reduce the Sim's forehead and also bring it looking more in line with the muppet. I think the goatee is fine (the muppet's one honestly doesn't look particularly thought out, and often just seems to disappear into the shadow of his cloak, so...) and the mouth and ears are all good as you have them now- they're both large for a "real" person, but within the realm of possibilities, so it's not jarring. So definitely worth pursuing!

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If you are creating muppet redux, I think you need to use absolutely different set of CC. The skin should be less realistic, eyes more plastic, ears and mouth bigger and many other. However, I'd like to warn you. When you will try to do sim that would look EXACTLY the same as himself, you could end with idea that you'll need to make almost everything yourself. And yeah... that's just because of that list you already posted. That list could grow during process.

So... I think you need to ask yourself. Are you ready for such development? Are you ready to learn lessons enough for create all by yourself? If you have enough forces, time and wish, so I suggest you to start learning how to create meshes. If are not ready to pushing your limits, then... try to look at this guy at other angle. What if he is not a muppet himself but someone who just inspired by muppet? I guess it makes more sense and room for creativity isn't it? At least I see it that way and I like it.

N.B.: back in a days Denise created characters who look absolutely the same as prototypes. She was having a lot of downloads and was highly appreciated by MTS staff. The amount of her work was amazing. She made everything by herself. However... when I place her sims in par with other Maxis, then I see huge dfference in their appearence. I mean they are absolutely plastic. And they are totally off the game plot when you then start to play them. When game goes to relationships and marriage, I felt myself puzzled. You can see in CAS how that turns out. That's 99,999% chance their kids become ugly caused by genetics mess. I found then they are something that you download just for beauty, just put in your game and forget them. That's where their first charm disappears.
Such creations have high chance to become picked or featured just because of amount of work done and those so-called Wow effect moderators expected. But they don't have any single sense in game. Except for fun from their kids tho.

All said is just my opninon. Don't think I dislike supernatural creatures. I really like them. I do even like the imaginary friends (btw also muppets) at Sims 3! I really miss them in other games. But I feel myself never play with them. They take very special place in game and their game roles are limited. And my brain is also limited by game features for sims I like: dye hairs, colourful skins and sliders for more individuality. That doesn't mean someone could find much sense then me in such weirdos.

Wow! I was write such a big post! Don't mind me if I write too much. Do your task. Agree with Zara, 2nd is the best one.
Regards Vic ^_^

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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