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Default Surrogate Hack
I finally got this together. However, there's a lot of possible complex situations that could happen with this, and different interactions with other hacks, etc., so I am uploading this for testing for a while before uploading it for real. If you haven't been following: this hack allows your sims to use surrogates to have children.

Important Note 1: If you want to use/test this and are using the Name the Father or Sperm Donors hack, remove the namethefatherhack package and download the latest version of the social plugin from the MTS page.

Important Note 2: If you want to use/test this and are using Fairy Changelings, download the latest version of it from the MTS page.

Similar to the Sperm Donors hack, this consists of a social object, a social plugin, and a number of memories. It also includes a hack package, this is the only package that should conflict with anything and the only one that has any load order considerations. See compatibility section below for details. Each required package is in a separate folder in the zip file, you will need to install exactly one file from each folder.

The Social Interaction

The social interact is available at 30 LTR and appears as "Propose... Surrogacy" and is initiated by the sim who wishes to have a child using a surrogate to the potential surrogate. The other requirements for the social interaction to appear are:
  • The proposer must be playable
  • The surrogate must be playable
  • The proposer and the surrogate are not related by blood (in-laws and step family are OK). If you use the extended family hack, you may want to get one of the +extendedfamily versions of the social plugin to include extended family under blood-related family. Found family is checked as well.
  • The proposer must be able to get the surrogate pregnant. As in Sperm Donors, this uses whatever check you have installed in your game, if you have a teen pregnancy hack, for example, you should be able to use the interaction with teens. However, once again, the only hack that changes which genders can get pregnant that this works with is the RCC, and if you have the RCC you should get one of the +RCC versions of the social plugin. This may also check things like the surrogate having room in their household, etc. You do need to have a hack that allows visiting playables to get pregnant through woohoo for this to work right for non-resident surrogates. The main hacks I know of that include this feature are the RCC and Lamare's Young Adult pregnancy hack, some teen pregnancy hacks may have this feature but I do not know of any for sure. If you have several pregnancy hacks, the one that loads last is the one that matters. If you don't have any other pregnancy hacks, Simler has created a hack that does only this called PregnancyCanWeGetPregnantMod, which can be downloaded here:
  • The proposer must have at least 2000 simoleons

Whether or not the social interaction is accepted depends on a number of factors. This is the in-order list of checks that the game makes - the first one that passes determines the outcome:
  1. If the surrogate's STR to the proposer is less than 50, it is rejected
  2. If the surrogate's LTR to the proposer is 50 or greater, it is accepted
  3. If the surrogate's LTR to the proposer is less than 30, it is rejected
  4. If the surrogate is a family sim (primary or secondary) in red aspiration, it is rejected
  5. If the surrogate is a fortune sim (primary or secondary), it is accepted
  6. If the surrogate has less than 5000 simoleons, it is accepted
  7. If the surrogate is a family sim with less than three children of their own, it is rejected

If none of these checks pass, then the surrogate must approve (50+ STR, or 0+ LTR if family) of all of the proposer's significant others for the interaction to be accepted.

If the interaction is accepted, the proposer will pay the surrogate 2000 simoleons, the surrogate will become pregnant, and you will get a popup to choose the second parent of the baby (you can choose no one by cancelling the dialog), and the proposer and the other parent (if selected) will get custom happy memories. By default you can choose young adults, adults and elders as the other parent, if you want to also be able to choose teens, get the -teens version of the social object.

The Surrogate menu

Once the surrogate is pregnant, they will have a self-interaction menu called "Surrogate..." with a number of options:
  • Delete Surrogate Token - if you terminate the pregnancy with a hack, you can use this to delete the surrogate token so the next pregnancy won't be considered a surrogate pregnancy.
  • Status Report - tells you how long the surrogate has been pregnant for, who the biological parents will be, and who the actual parents will be.
  • Biological Parents - a submenu that allows you to select who the biological parents will be. The choices are between surrogate and proposer, proposer and second parent, or proposer and a random female townie (as if an egg donor was used). This option does require some female townies in your neighborhood, if there are none you will get an error. The name of the townie chosen will be displayed in the status report, so if you don't like the one you got, you can change to some other option and then back to the random townie option to get a different random townie.


Two hours before the surrogate gives birth, the baby's parents, and any other people they have marriage/engagement/steady flags with will be summoned to the lot and you will get a dialog. They will not be summoned if it is too late at night. If the baby's parents are both already on the lot, no one will be summoned, even if there are other significant others who could come.

The hack includes the functionality of two other birth hacks: Baby Last Name Chooser and Birth Options, even for births that don't involve surrogacy. This means that you will get to choose which parent's last name the baby gets, and you will also get to choose which parent the baby lives with if they live on different lots, or which parent gets vacation if they live on the same lot and are both employed. If the baby is going to live on a lot other than the one the surrogate lives on, it will disappear at this point (I know people wanted the parents to carry the baby off the lot, but this is apparently very hard to actually do). The baby will not immediately show up in the family portrait until you have loaded the lot, and will probably appear floating in midair at first. If, by the time the baby is born, both parents are either dead or non-playable, you will get a dialog containing the baby's living relatives that are teen or older, and get to choose which one will take in the baby. Note that this only includes close family, even if you are using the extended family hack. If the baby has no living relatives, or you cancel the dialog, the surrogate will keep the baby, and will get a special memory. Otherwise, the surrogate will get a regular memory about having been a surrogate, which in most cases will be good, but will be a bad memory if the surrogate is a family sim who is either in red aspiration or has no children of their own.

Game Compatibility

Currently, this requires Apartment Life. I'll make a version that doesn't when I upload it for real, but even that version will require one EP that is OFB or later.

Hack Compatibility

The following are known conflicts:
  • Name the Father/Sperm Donors: namethefatherhack is Included, remove namethefatherhack and download the most recent version of the social plugin from MTS
  • Fairy Changelings: Compatible if fairly changelings loads last, but you must download the latest version of fairy changelings from MTS
  • Baby Personality: Separate Compatible Version, download surrogatehack+babypersonality instead of surrogatehack and make it sure it loads after baby personality. However, if you also use fairy changelings, it does not matter which version of the hack you get, as long as the baby-personality-compatible version of fairy changelings loads last out of the three, they should all work. Note that with baby personality, children born to surrogates will have their personality always come from the surrogate and the proposer, regardless of which option you selected for the biological parents. There's nothing I can do about this without rewriting the baby personality hack
  • Baby Last Name Chooser: Included, remove Midge's file if you have it
  • Birth Options: Included, remove Midge's file if you have it
  • Triplets and Quads: Not Compatible at This Time
  • Chris Hatch's Hospital Mod: Most Likely Not Compatible

If you experience errors during a birth, please attach the error log to your post. Possibly consider saving before births in case something goes wrong.

  • Fixed a minor issue in both hacks related to the New Family Member memory, and a minor issue in surrogatehack-babypersonality where in rare circumstances the baby personality code would not run
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Does it mess up the family tree if a blood relative is the surrogate? I'm thinking of RL stories where a mother or a sister surrogated for someone.
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No, it just seemed sort of unrealistic given the original conception of it where the proposer and the surrogate would be the biological parents, and there should be one partner who is not biologically related to the surrogate in any case.
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So this means that if, say, Lola is far too busy with her career to give PT#9 the grandbabies he wants, and her husband -- let's call him Chester -- isn't up for the whole pollination thing, he could be the proposer to his sister-in-law Chloe's surrogate so that she has his and Lola's baby, right? Ok, so it works in that situation. Leaves out the single-father-and-egg-donor situation with a relative of the father as surrogate -- but while it's impeding to gameplay flexibility that Regan Capp can't be surrogate for Kent's baby with a random townie, it's accurate. Despite what a certain TV show would have one think, the apparent squick of a sister "having her brother's babies" has led to that being prohibited often enough to cause problems.
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That's correct! And that's interesting to know that that is sometimes prohibited in real life.
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This is now uploaded: I made one or two small changes to the code that summons the parents to the lot, so you should redownload.
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