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Default Sharing your CAW Resources
Sharing Requirements

Although this section of the forum is not upload moderated, we would still like to maintain a decent standard for any files posted here.

Please provide the following when you share your files:
  • At least one image to show what is included
  • A description of what you are sharing
  • Instructions for use- you can link to a tutorial if you like, for example this one.
  • Any other essential information, for example, EP requirement, does this have to be installed for people to play a world created with it, etc.

Good examples are my upload here or this upload here, both of which contain images and descriptions, and install instructions.
If you have a resource such as this one then you do not need an image, but notice the instructions are still clear.

Please note that the only resources acceptable here are those which contribute to building a world or using CAW/EIG. Any downloads which are not for this purpose, such as amended versions of the EA worlds, must be uploaded through Create>Upload items.

Anything which does not conform to the above conditions may be removed!

Thank you for sharing your resources.
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