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Default Airport stuff
I also have downloaded some airport and plane packages only to find most are for Sims2.
(I saw from random posts others were wondering why the stuff is not showing up.)

This is not exactly a wish list because I've already started and failed at building some of this;
(I'm looking for ways, means and other ideas)

(1) Landing strip approach lights.
I'm thinking modding a fence for a red & white, tall, rail structure;
so far none of my attempts are showing up in either CAW or the game.
A fence would be easy because you can put lights on the posts.
I just thought to mod a column into a similar rail structure to make it taller.
(2) Fuel tank (could be easy?) with distribution manifold (?)
(3) More aircraft, at least static.
At roughly 90 cm per square, a 747 or something wouldn't even fit in a 64x64 lot. Maybe a fighter for the military.
I had read about using 3d models from unrelated sites but the vertex count is too high. What do you think about using such a model for reference, but replacing all the polygons with my own in a manner that cuts down quantity? Still, I wouldn't mind posting credit to the original as an inspiration. etc.

Now I'm wishing, ...
(4) A hanger door about 15-20 squares wide and 3 stories tall. For now I'm using overlapping walls.
(5) Something like a Public Marker that could cause travelling sims to head for the airport.

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I've build several airports and can help you with some points->

4x passengerplanes (747 incl)
Private plane
Medical Heli
Small airplane
Army heli
Large military plane

fuel tanks
Tanks & silos
Traincar construction set (I use the roof as sunken tanks-> part underground)
as landingstrip lights I use the outdoor floorlights (sunken in the floor)

There are several other planes and heli's but those I've to search for (don't know where they came from anymore :S) but if wanted/needed I can spend some time searching lateron... They same goes for tanks; I know there are larger examples (like fueltanks in (oil)refineries, coming with a tanker (truck) if i remember correct...

I couldn't find large doors myself (2 stories or higher) and keep my hangars without doors myself with that reason

As main building (with gates) I use the lottype "port" to attract sims

In CAW you can find an airport; is only a landingstrip with hangar at the end, you can use this one with some gardenlights at the sides; in basis a nice idea but limited (strip slightly above ground so not easy to connect with other structures

If you find this and want more let me know = then I'll search for some (I know for sure I've gor 2 other types of fighters and 2 types of heli's)

Tip: most airports I found don't have a tower-> create a lot, make ground as high as possible, create foundation on highest point and build a controlcenter on top of that and finish that off with some satelite dishes (roof object, not community one -> more detail needed reply @ me!

& check out this post
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