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Default Sims 3 EP and Store World Weather Packages, This gives your worlds custom weather, flythroughs, etc.
These packages contain INI files and color ramps from each EA expansion pack world, store world, and the Sims Medieval world. If you want light blue island water try Isla Paradiso weather or Sunlit Tides weather. If you want a world that is dark all the time try Midnight Hollow weather. If you want a dirty world try Bridgeport weather. You will need S3PE to put one of these weather types in your world file, don't worry it is extremely easy. Remember to back up your world before doing this (even though there is a 5% chance of something going wrong).

Step 1: Download the weather files in the section below.

Step 2: Using S3PE click file>open and open your world by going to Libraries>Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3 Create A World Tool>Usertool Data>Worlds>

Step 3: Click Resource>Import>From Package and open the desired EA weather package file that you downloaded from me and click Import then No.
It will either unpack or stay as a package file which is perfect.

Step 4: Click File>Save

Step 5: Open up your world and see the changes!

See it was easy right, now you can have weather from any EA worlds. This will also give you the camera flythrough, etc. from the world package you selected to use. You can also help contribute to this resource page by extracting the INI files and color ramps from other CC worlds with permission and put them into a package file and upload here. So far I haven't seen any bugs and the weather seems to stay even after saving unlike from other more complex tutorials. If the weather doesn't stay after saving your world just close CAW when you are ready to export your world and using S3PE do the steps above then open your world in CAW and export (don't save in CAW before you export it or the files will delete again). If you have any other comments visit my thread researching this here: Please don't clutter this thread; only post CC Weather packages you made with permission or questions relating to how to put one of these packages in your world file.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Thank you so much for this! I'm looking forward to using the Isla Paradiso weather in my South Padre Island world!
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