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Default Super CAW special effects library world file + CAW files included

Recently after going through super CAW I saw the potential for so many neat projects. The problem was, some effects don't carry over into the game, or disappear when your camera leaves the chunk. So to make future world builds easier I made a nearly complete library file of all of the special effects in super CAW, And am posting it here so that other world builders can easily check to see which effects will stick and carry over before the put a ton of time in only to find out in the end the effect does not render in the final world.

A few notes:
1. The effects are placed on a flat gray background, with text in black and "landmarks" in white. There is a black and white blob in the center of the map, this is where the program would drop effects if I double clicked by mistake. I left this area empty during building, which is why there is a in that row. Some other rows have gaps because the effect was lifted into the air to either display it, it overpowered surrounding boxes, or it had a graphics glitch at ground level.

2. I excluded the footstep sequences from the library. The reason for this is the footsteps are often empty effects, or identical in appearance. While the effects change with our sims, for the purpose of world building it felt unnecessary to include every single foot step effect, as there are probably hundreds of footstep effects. I can make a footstep effect library separately at a later date. if you wish to have residual footprints in your world you can easily find them for almost all weather types and walk styles fairly easily.

3. MANY effect boxes appear empty. This could be for a variety of reasons:
-The effect was single frame and too quick to see.
-The effect is a one and done effect. The vast majority of effects fall into this category. It means it only plays one time. Some play again if the chunk is refreshed, some don't seem to.
-The effect really did just do nothing.
-The effect is hidden under the ground. For this reason I've included a ground drop version. I only made this for the full effects file, but the hidden island effects can be easily removed if they cause performance issues as they are at the end of the list,

4. This does not include the objects from super CAW, I will be making an object version next, but for performance reasons I just did effects for this one.

Some effects will appear to work fine in CAW and will not render in game. That is why an exported world file has been created for each version.

Effect notes:
The obnoxious giant yellow square is called ep2measuringtape if you want to delete it, zoom in close to it and it will shrink down into its effect box.
The hidden island effects are known to cause severe lag on some computers. For this reason I advise using these effects sparingly, as even just a couple of the large ones can cause performance issues.

Download versions:

Super CAW Special Effects Library - Hidden island effect included - Ground drop version:

Super CAW Special Effects Library - Hidden island effect included:

Super CAW Special Effects Library - No Hidden island effect:
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Wow, thank you, this surely is very helpful!
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Hello there. Do you make larger maps or what?
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Originally Posted by KevinTheBully
Hello there. Do you make larger maps or what?

@Norn Thank you!

@KevinTheBully I make a little bit of all sizes, why do you ask?
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