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Default WCIF larger hooves for sims?
So Camkitty and Draconetta's hooves are both great for creating demons and the like, but they really don't scale well. On anything other than the skinniest sims, I find that they look far too dainty. Does anyone know of any alternatives? I was hoping there was a conversion somewhere of Lunenore's TS4 Draenei set, but if there is, I can't find it. I do know of one set that looked promising--I think they're just called "furry boots"? I don't recall the creator. In any case, though, the texture is horribly broken and I don't know if a non-broken version exists.

I would also find a simple foot size slider acceptable. Even one that sinks the feet into the ground would be usable for posing. All of the foot sliders I know of affect only one or two axes of the foot at once, and the results tend to look weird, especially when applied to alien foot meshes.


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I feel your pain with sizing feet. I tried to make a giant and ended up with wide and super flat feet.

Here are some feet sliders:
-LeWing Feet sliders
-There is a slider (Bloom_SimLift_slider ) from this thread that adjusts feet height. This would help combat the feet sinking in ground issue.

Lets talk Hooves:
There is a larger Hoof shoes made by Lunenore however there is a noticeable seam from leg to foot when its on your sim.
(Illidan Stormrage Hoofs by Lunenore Here )

The "Furry Boots" that you mentioned above are from Simonstercity Fey Collection and they are a PAIN to work with. They look gorgeous however as you know when the shoes are applied, the sims calf/leg causes the texture to break. This is because the shoes are meant to be paired the "Furry Cloths" which make the calf/leg part of the sim invisible and enables the hoof foot mesh to look normal. This is a very bad design, Because it means that for males the pants and foot section it taken up and for Females the outfit and foot section is taken up all so you can have normal looking hooved feet. The CC itself NEEDS to be edited or fixed so that the shoes make the calf/leg invisible, fixing the mesh and getting rid of the whole "furry Cloths" thing.
(Simonstercity Fey Collection/ Preview / Download )
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Thanks! This is really helpful! I'll have to check this stuff out. I actually tried to edit the fey hooves myself once, but all I managed to do is break the texture even further. Here's hoping someone more experienced can figure it out!

EDIT: So the lift slider isn't much use without a corresponding foot slider (I have all the ones linked), but the hooves are pretty decent. Thanks again!

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I'm glad my info helped!
I randomly remembered one more foot size slider. This one Increases/ decreases foot size overall.
(Niksim's feet slider/download: Here)

Beware as sim feet increase in size they begin to twitch and glitch out a little bit. I'm glad that the bigger hooves are an option for you, they will probably be more reliable then using a smaller hoof with size sliders for gameplay.
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The seam is worse than I thought initially, I must confess, so it's good to see this slider. If it's the one I suspect, it mostly affects length instead of volume, but I'll give it a look. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, wow, no, it's not! Thank you so much! That slider is perfect! Sure, it's still rubbish for gameplay, and I do hope someone eventually fixes the fey boots, but this is just fine for still shots.

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