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Default Dead site again.
Hello Simmers!

I have seen that ( is dead. Is anybody here has alll windows and doors set?
Because i really need tehm, and i don't know where to find them, so if You can help me, please leave me an e-mail ( and i'm going to reply it asap. :D
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All credit for these goes to denizzo_ist.

Modern lines windows and doors: MEGA link
Modern windows set: MEGA link
Modern metallic shutters set: MEGA link
Metallic window set: MEGA link
Natural arch set (modular arch, 3 pieces): MEGA link

The basic column by Awesims is quite similar to denizzo_ist's modern column, though Awesims' is centered: preview | MEGA link.

You can access the downloads with this link: Wayback Machine link
Though you need a 4shared account to download the ones hosted on 4shared.

Edit: I had the modern windows set and reuploaded it because the links to files hosted on SimsTR are dead.
Edit2: I'm going to reupload any build things I can find on 4shared, you never know when it'll die. If you want something else from that site reuploaded, let me know

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Default Thank Youuu!!!
A hugh thanks to you that you have those files. :D
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