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Default Teen Castaway Challenge
(Just a few notes: If you play this on YouTube, Twitch, ect... please let me know I would love to watch it to support the simmer community, and second if you do play this and find anything to hard then please contact me and I will review it)

The teenage years can be very hard, even harder when your home life isn’t the greatest. But that all changes when 4 sims meet during the start of Freshmen year of high school. All four come from different walks of life, but the share the same hardship at home. So they decide to pack up and move across the country to start out together.

You need to make 4 sims for the challenge with the following traits.

Artist (Female)
-Pick one of the 3 Creativity Aspirations, Creative, and finally loner.
-This sim’s simple backstory is come from a family of great business men and women who want her to do the same, when she started showing interest in the arts she was pushed aside for her other sibling.

Jock (Female)
-Bodybuilder Aspiration, Active and Bookworm trait.
-Backstory- She lived with his dad who tried to live through his daughter’s successes in sports and forces her love of books out of her so she can focus on only sports

Programmer (Male)
-Computer Whiz Aspiration, Genius and Lazy.
-Backstory- When you’re parents are cops it’s hard to make friends since no one want a cop’s son to rat them out. Showing skill at hacking and programming, he starts pulling away from his family.

Socialite (Male)
-Friend of the World Aspiration, Outgoing, and Romantic
-Backstory- When you are Mother is a famous fashion designer you tend to have great fashion skill, but an empty home since she always away on business. His wants to meet people and know what it feels like to be truly loved.

1.You have to have 1 adult to start the game, but quickly kill them off. I tend to make a fire to kill them off
2.If you can play this in Windenburg. Start out of the biggest plot of land possible and build a home. (This is the only time you may cheat.) The house must start off with 2 bedrooms, the girls will share, same for the guys. A kitchen, simple dining table with chairs, a computer, desk, bookshelf, easel, guitar, basic bathroom, and a sitting area minus a tv. You design inside of it to your wishes, but once the game starts you must buy anything else with money you earned.
3.Set the lifespan to Long
4.Your sims must go to school with the Programmer and Socialite keeping A’s.
5.Your teenage sims may not get a job. All money need to be made without it.
6.Romance between the 4 sims is allowed and is recommended.
7.Your sims may only speak with Teenager and Young Adults.
8.To win the challenge all four sims MUST complete their Aspirations, and have all sims master one trait. (Artists- Writing, Guitar, or Painting. Programmer- Programming or Video Gaming. Socialite- Charisma or Cooking. Jock- Fitness or Wellness)
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Well since you asked us to, I thought I'd let you know I started a youtube series for this challenge. Keep in mind I've only done four videos and my audio ended up messing up part way through the first episode so you might want to watch with the subtitles. The series can be found: Here

Thanks so much for the challenge!
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How about someone update this to Dream Island pack as well Out Door Retreat, if that last one is not include already.
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Can the rules be updated based on packs? I have the Eco Lifestyle pack and I don't know if it's ok for my Sim to use to the dump.
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I’m attempting this but with only three Sims. I did have four to start with but one of them burned to death and now I have three Sims and an urn.
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