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Harvest Moon Challenge: Rivals and Festivals-FerralNightingal! <3
Hey guys and welcome to my version of the Harvest Moon Challenge. I've been working on this for quit some time, and back when I first started working on it I couldn't find any sims 4 harvest moon challenges. That has since changed but I'm proud to say mine is a bit different. So with out further ado lets get into the rules goals and requirements. This challenge is base game compatible but having the expansions adds a whole new level of immersion in my opinion. I made this challenge with get to work and, get together. However with cats and dogs in mind for future add in compatibility! ENJOY AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! Happy Simming. Also this is my first ever posted challenge! Please feel free to add links to your lets plays below I would love to watch them!! Read everything before starting!

-Character can be male or female
-aging must be turned off until after marriage for this challenge to work
-your game options screen should read as follows: Autonomy Full, Autonomy for your character on, auto age played sim NO, auto age unplayed sims NO, Fill empty houses NO.
-Must have at least 3 bachelors and 3 bachelorettes, No more then 6 bachelors an 6 bachelorettes.
-these are the approved cheats: FreeRealEstate (during setup), careers.promote(during setup of villagers/rivals/love interests), hideheadline effects(I just think it looks better optional), showhiddenobjects(during setup only unless specified later), TestingCheats on so that you can level up appropriate skills for npc characters(can not be used on character),Kaching(later when specified only)
-For your character buy the biggest lot with nothing on it(freerealestate) or download a lot from gallery that is acceptable.
-your lot needs to start with a house 6x6 an bathroom 3x3, a coop 4x4, a barn 6x8, 3 garden plots(crappy,good,great), and a pond.
-house needs a single bed, a nightstand, a clock, a dresser, a bookshelf(can be wall mounted), a small table with 1 chair, 2 counters and a fridge.
-Decorate your house and land and buy all the skill books you can until your funds are down to $500.
-You may start with one full grown cow plant(use the gallery,rooms,search cowplant, pick one an place it in your barn. If you don't have access to gallery use the hidden objects cheat to get a seed.

by year 3:
-Marry your love interest before your rival
-Become Best Friends with at least 2 of the Rivals
-See at least 2 of the rival couples married(These don't have to be the 2 you befriended)
-Have at least 1 child, get the rival couples to have at least 1 child
-Upgrade your house,barn and coop
-Gain skills in gardening,cooking,strength,fishing(you will need certain levels later)
-Successfully live off the land(no job,unless you open a retail store to sell your crops,fish,collectibles)

-Can not have a job
-Can not talk to locked love interests, even if you see them, if they approach you then you have to cancel(see below unlock conditions) and Can not grow on 2nd an 3rd plot until unlocked.
-No romantic interactions with love interest unless on a date
-No kissing(may only kiss a love interest once at the end of a date)
-No woohooing until after marriage(unfortunately the love interest may not be virginal when you get to them but will pretend lol)
-You can not ask love interest on a date unless it is a date day(see calendar below)
-You can not accept a date from a love interest unless love bar is 50 or above
-You can not become bf or gf with your love interest until love bar is 70 or above
-You can not propose to your love interest until love bar is 90 or above and your house is upgraded to level 2(see upgrades below)
-after proposal you must wait 7 days before marriage(save up for wedding party), after marriage turn aging on long, you must wait 7 days before trying for a baby and have your house upgraded to level 3.
-All additional children will require another house upgrade. The previous child must be at least a toddler and have been taught how to walk,talk an potty before trying for another.

Lover unlock conditions and unavailable days:
Love 1 Love 2 Love 3 Love 4 Love 5 Love 6
start Unlock after becoming friends start start start unlock after becoming friends with 5 villagers
unavailable: with 2 animals(for cats an dogs)or villager NPC unavailable: unavailable: unavailable: unavailable:
Tues except 3pm-6pm unavailable: wed except 9am-12am Thurs except 7pm-9pm Fri except 10am-2pm Sat except 12pm-4pm Sun except 11am-1pm
Use using only 1 die to decide the love interest number.

Calendar/Daily Agenda: seasons are 28 days long starting with spring
SEASON 1: Spring SEASON 2: Summer SEASON 3: Fall SEASON 4: Winter No crops! on collectibles/animal profits
14 Flower Festival 7 Fire Fly Date 14 Moon Date 5 Thanksgiving
throw a dance party You may ask 1 love interest on a date You may ask 1 love interest on a date Throw Dinner Party
At the end use kaching: acceptance is up to them(may only ask once) acceptance is up to them(may only ask once) use kaching for every good friend or above(whether they came or not)
If rejected you may ask another interest If rejected you may ask another interest 11 Starry Night Date
use Kaching if your date gets gold level use Kaching if your date gets gold level You may ask 1 love interest on a date
acceptance is up to them(only ask once)
28 Animal Festival 17 Summer Festival 27 Crop Festival If rejected you may ask another
throw a house party Throw a Dinner Party Throw a house party use kaching if your date gets gold level
At the end use Kaching: Serve some kind of Fish meal
28 New Years Festival
dance party use kaching if

use kaching if

Upgrades(this will be added on later to include coop and barn once cats and dogs is released):
House: Land:
Level 2- Stove, love seat, 2nd chair, tv and entertainment stand, 2nd Plot- Must Sell 5 different crops of any quality to total $1,000 in sales.
Radio, Coffee pot or tea brewer, increase bathroom size, for example(potatoes,carrots,spinach,strawberrys,cabbage)
add a room for bedroom, double bed, 2nd dresser(for your spouse) You may upgrade your barn to be 12x16 you can now have 4 cow plants.
2nd nightstand, lights/windows/paint and decorations for the new room,
add a kitchen sink and one more counter. 3rd Plot- Must Sell 15 different crops of good or above quality to total 5g in sales.
You may upgrade your barn to 18x24 you can now have 6 cowplants.
Level 3- Section off your kitchen from your living room, add a Sofa
you may add a dinning room(optional), add a 3rd chair and upgrade your table,
add a nursery, Upgrade your kitchen appliances, add 3 more counters,
add a second bathroom, lights/windows/paint and decorations for the new rooms.

Level 4 and so on(for more children)- Must add another child's room,
must add another dining chair, upgrade table if chairs no longer fit,
must add another bathroom on child 3 and 5(if you have 5 kids you will have 4 bathrooms)

Rival Marriages:
Once you succeed in getting a rival couple together(hook up with that person and it works) you must wait 2 seasons. After 2 seasons have passed if they are still together you can control one of them for 3 days only! While controlling the rival couple you must have them get married, move into one of their houses(it doesn't matter whose) and try for a baby until pregnancy is confirmed or your 3 days are up!
-WARNING!! Rival couples may hook up or get married with out your intervention at all(especially if you have all your rivals an love interest living together)
-If after 3 days your rival couple isn't pregnant you must go back to your character and hope they try on their own later because you can no longer control them.
-You may try to get your rival couple together and married at any time during gameplay(you yourself do not have to be married first)

-All love interest marry before you can marry them(if you like one but they get married you have no choice but to pick the next an so on)
-If at the end of year 3 you fail to befriend 2 rivals
-If at the end of year 3 you fail to have 2 rival couples marry
-If your rival couples fail to have a child before they become elders(for example if you get 4 rival couples married at least 2 of them need to have a child)
-If you fail to have a child(no fertility treatment or cheats allowed, you can not do anything to try and determine the gender of your child, eating apples for boys etc.)
How life changes after your first child:
Aging should of been enabled and switched to long the day you get married. Until your child is a toddler continue to participate in date nights(parties are optional and only used for the purpose of trying to hook rival couples up). When your 1st child becomes a toddler you may no longer go on date nights or have parties on festival days.(birthday parties are allowed for you,your spouse and child). If invited out you must decline unless invited to a birthday party.(optional if your spouse also does this).
Once your 1st child becomes school age, you must refer to the calendar above and may only control them on festival and date days. Use this time to set the stage for your child to someday take over the farm for example making friends, watering plants collecting things etc. Once your child is a teenager you have two options(also referring to above calendar)

you may move them out to restart the challenge as your Child with minor changes. You may pick anyone of your children they just need to be a teen aging will remain on the second time around. You must find at least 3 teen girls an 3 teen males(You can make and add them in if you were unable to have your rival couples have gender appropriate children, you may also age up any rival children early to teens for this purpose).If you have a sibling that is also a teen they can be used as a rival. All love interests are unlocked immediately. You can start with the money you have(optional if you want to take your original characters funds when you move). Must invite your parents to the house and dinner party festivals(siblings optional unless they are a rival, in that case you have to invite them).Can propose as soon as marriage conditions are met and you are a YA. You do not have to wait 7 days for a wedding but you must have one. You can try for a baby as soon as your house is lvl 3. So for example if when you propose your house is level 3 you can get married and try for a baby all in the same day. Get 2 rival couples married! you can continue to do this for as many generations as you want!(great legacy story). Aging must stay on and fill empty houses can be turned back on after your original character has married.

If this is a teenage child you don't plan on continuing as or if you don't plan on continuing as a your child at all then you still can only control your teen on festival and date days(they may go on dates). Your character wants to move their child out when they come of age but also wants them to find a love of their own. You may now throw parties again if your first child is a teen(your younger child can still be children an toddlers). The new purpose of these parties is to try and find a potential future spouse for your children. once a potential spouse has been found groom them to be together, once they turn YA your child may propose on a festival or date day, they can get hitched and do not need a wedding. Their spouse and them must move into a new house the next day after marriage(you can no longer control them even on festival an date days).You may have your child and their new spouse try for a baby 2 times after marriage before they move out. Do this for all your children. You may choose one child to stay home after adulthood to help with the farm(you can still only control them on date and festival days). This child can not marry until after both you and your spouse pass away. If you pass away first you must continue playing as your spouse(same rules). Once you and your spouse pass away your child may marry after they become an ADULT and can have only 1 child or if you choose not to marry just continue to work on the farm until they to pass away(that is sad). If you don't get this child married don't fret! Check on your other children if any of them did give you grandchildren you may move them onto their grandparents farm to start the challenge all over again ! (yay its a never ending cycle!!)

Ok guys thanks for sticking with me through out all those rules and goals and such. I'm so excited to post this and I truly hope it is loved by the community. This challenge is like my baby and I cant wait to implement the new rules for the release of Cats & Dogs!!! I highly recommend Zerbus Get to School and Turbo Careers Mod for this Challenge! HOWEVER THIS CHALLENGE IS BASE GAME COMPATIBLE! It just made things so much muchier with the mods! For my LP I based my challenge on Harvest Moon ToT and Animal Parade, I made all of the bachelors and Bachelorettes (highly don't recommend but its totally up to you. It just gets complicated with so many.) It is the players choice how much or how little they want to set up their village before moving in their Hero character. I went ahead and made a whole new world and lots all modeled after Castanet. I leveled up the skills of my villagers to match their in game personality and even had some open up retail stores that owned shops in HM. This was just my personal preference and is completely optional!! I'm so thrilled to be starting my Lets Play and will Post my First Episode asap! I will leave a link to my lets play down below in the comment section after its uploaded. Feel free to message me or comment with any questions! Happy Simming guys an gals!
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Hope You Guys Enjoy!!!
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I Will Be Updating This Challange Once Cottage Living Is Out! And Tweaking It To Include Some Of The New Base Game Features Such As Likes And Dislikes! Stay Tuned!
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