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Default Sims you've gotten Attached to?
To celebrate my return to The Sims community and finally having the time to play the game again since the last time I've been on here a decent while ago, I've decided to make this thread. It's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? What are some sims in your game that you've gotten attached to? Are you only attached to one or multiple? Are they still alive and well or have they long since passed? They don't even have to be human, they can be supernatural or even an animal sim. I mean, just look at me, I always get attached to my animal sims. Or, perhaps you've never gotten attached to a sim? Perhaps it's a case of being fully aware that these really are just pixels and there's no need for there to be an in-depth story that surrounds them and follows them. For that matter, do the sims you're attached to have backstories? And are they continuing their story, living on and therefore living it out before your very eyes? Or again, perhaps they have no stories and don't mean very much to you, I'm sure that's the case for lots of people!

I'm gonna go open my own game, something I've been itching to do ever since I was pulled away from it just when I was able to play it on my new machine. You guys share all you want, I'm eager to hear about everything!

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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I don't really have stories as I play the whole town, but...

You know it is like in real life, sometimes you meet someone and you just don't know why but they make an impression on you. You can't explain it, there's just something about them and they matter to you. You notice them among the crowd and you just want to know more.

Recently I keep running into this sim in my world. I don't know why, but she matters more to me than other sims and I find myself checking up on her. I took her to university, obviously from the screenshots. And there's an imbalance of gender in my world with too many single females. So the next available young adult male, I gave him to her among the other single females.

Her name is Laquita Tofu. The game named her, I didn't.

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The sim I feel most attached to right now is named Chase Cosmic. Chase is the youngest child in gen 2 of my legacy family. He and his two older siblings also happen to be my first Born-in-game Sims to reach elderhood. Currently he is still alive and living with his husband, two sons, soon to be son in Law, and new born grandson (first time I've had a forth gen sim as well) in Twinbrook. Though I am really attached to pretty much all of the sims in my current family save for one member of gen 3 who was born with the evil trait and was a menace to the other children in the household.
But the Sims that I'm the most attached to above all others are Richard Rich and his flamepoint siamese Sapphire. They have a long history as my first ever Sims, that I origanally created on TS2 pets for consol. Since then they have followed me thorough every iteration of the Sims in which it's possable to create pets. I could never bring Rich into any game where he can't have his little girl with him, it just wouldn't be right. And he would never want that anyway, the two are totally inseparable. Honestly they aren't so much Sims to me anymore as much as they are charaters.
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ZELDA MAE! Forever the first sim I engaged with in TS3

what does his name even mean?
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Right now I have a save game with all the sim versions of my favorite video games. I wouldn't say I'm attached, but I loved the time I spent while I was making them, then play with them occassionally on rotation. But I mostly spend time with sims I remade after Final Fantasy 8 characters who are in their teens. On the other hand, on the premades side, I'm always drawn to Claire Ursine, her pregnancy, and the prospect of getting her back with Jared Frio (and a possible love triangle with Connor ).

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Fast approaching my second childhood (if, indeed, I have not already reached it) I find myself becoming sentimental about my sims. Yes, 'attached' is the right word, much as a small child becomes attached to some particular stuffed toy animal (in my case a fat pink rabbit named 'Tubby', if you must know). I have posted here and there. on MTS, about some of the sims I've become especially fond of. There was that loveable hellion of St Freda's, Kitty Deville (I only discovered, much later, that she shares a name with a well known burlesque performer - oops!) And there was the strangely pigmented Eliza 'Poodle' Pink: fashion icon, martial artist, explorer and international super spy. And, more recently, I have been much taken up with the beautiful and aristocratic Viscountess Zenobia Trewarne ('Nobby' to her friends) of whose adventures I hope to have more to tell soon.

But of all the sims I've created and played over the years, there is one who holds a special place in my heart...


Or Georgiana Millicent St. Clair, to give her full name.

George and I have come a long way together. She was just about the first sim child I ever created in The Sims. Unfortunately that was before I had fully gotten the hang of that game, and before I knew what was happening she'd been packed off to military academy. I was distraught! You can bet I took better care of her in Sims 2, and it was there that she met Stacey, Dolly and Yvonne, and the 'Little Rats' of St Freda's were born. They all have new incarnations in TS3, along with a lot of new friends and, although I am very fond of them all, George, my sweet little freckle face, is special.

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I have a house full of Pokemon villains and I love every last one of them. Even if I have to use a mod to get all the bosses in the same house and three of them are in the same career path.
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Originally Posted by BlackjackGabbiani
I have a house full of Pokemon villains and I love every last one of them. Even if I have to use a mod to get all the bosses in the same house and three of them are in the same career path.

OH you have to post screenshots!!!

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Nitromon is a type of Pokemon encountered in the Pokemon Nitrome Version series.

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Currently it's my son Jacek with his wife Erwina. He's 37 and she's 42. They've been married for 17 years. They live in Lucky Palms. I send them to the bast parties in town. They're inseparable and I believe they'll be together till death tears them apart.

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Originally Posted by nitromon
OH you have to post screenshots!!!

I'll do you one better. Behold, the playlist! Though I don't know if I'll be doing any more of them considering nobody comes any more. Also note that the videos vary wildly in quality depending on when I filmed them.

Though here's a shot I took that's perhaps one of the most in-character things I've ever seen.
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I cannot post anything as pictures because I am redesigning my whole town once again but make sure I am attached to all of my sims I made and I madeovered because they are all special to me. They are the reason probably number 1 why I love this game so much.
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@LucieSims, I'd love to see your sims when you're ready to show them.

My son has been my favourite sim so far. He's a lvl 10 acrobat. He's 42 and has a son and a grandson. Whenever he tells anyone he's a grandpa, nobody believes him. He earns a lot of money performing on stage.
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I am attached to the Crumplebottom sisters in moonlight falls. Their house looks awesome and is more spacious than the Goth mansion. I enjoy the sister's antics and in my game Belinda slimmed down and married Malcom Harris, they had a beautiful boy named Hugh. My sim and his dog moved in to be with Beatrice, and now it's full house and lots of fun. I really enjoy big families over small ones, you can see a lot more personality when sims interact with many others and they are more unique when you compare them.
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No problem @Wojtek by chance I posted 3 men sims of mine here post #394 if you are interested.
But in my collection I have a little hundred of sims I did or makeovered.
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My eternal avatar on this forum? That's Leela Sims 2. Leela Sims is, namely, the Sim I inevitably end attached to.

I create one Leela in each installation of any Sims game I own, and the avatar one was from TS2.

Leela Sims 3.x (x*unknown number of times I've re-installed/rage uninstalled TS3, where x<17) is my current Sim. Sometimes I even miss her when I'm not playing. Currently, she's living in Midnight Hollow as a budding witch whose fav color is red. She sticks out in that town like s**t in a punch ball, wearing all those red outfits and driving her red car. She's Unstable, much like I am, and that's just fine. Her cat is once more called Smokey, though she's a girl this time around. (Every Leela has a cat named Smokey. It's because it's grey, and fluffy.)

I intend to adopt a real cat soon. This is me practicing, when I'm not watching endless cat-prep videos and/or Billispeaks channel on

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I always start my games with either a teen or child and after i finish decorating my world, I always end up using my go to sim Molly Saunders. I don't know why she has a hug impact on my but I didn't realize until last year that she resembles Ellie from Degrassi: The next generation (her family doesn't have the drunk mom and army dad. her dad is a scientist, mom is a business woman, and she has an adult sister that she doesn't like but has to fill her shoes since she so "perfect")

She was a sim that came along with the kinky mod, and after I took that out the game, I saved one of them and made them into a teenager. After years of using her, I started to update her look and I can't play a normal game because i'm not playing her.

That's my baby right there!
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Not in the Sims Proper, but in the Sims Mobile.

So, I made a sim I called "Vespera Graves" and intended to grow her into a delightfully evil sim, and possibly a witch if the game ever expanded into that. All that changed when she met... him.

His name was Kurt, and he was one of the pre-made townies your sim could interact with. He had no personality to start with (and frankly, neither did Vespera) But the way he was designed visually just appealed to me. I began to immediately befriend him, and then he and Vespera got married. I mentally superimposed the personality of a guy I had a crush on at the time on to Kurt, and as a result, my mental personality of Vespera softened as well. She would no longer be evil because of him (she would still be a witch though). I stopped playing the game not too long after, but the Romance I created between Kurt and Vespera reminded me so much of my favorite episode of my favorite TV show growing up, that the two of them still occupy my thoughts.

I'm thinking about re-creating the couple in Sims 3, just so I can re-live those feelings of utter romance I once had. And this time, Vespera really can be a witch!
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EA's River McIrish

My River McIrish

She and Bebe Hart tend to make appearances in ALL my games.
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