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Default Nanites and bot building
I'm a little confused about the bot building machine. You can create common and uncommon nanites from the machine. Is there something I must do in order to be able to create rare nanites on the machine or is that something I must always find in Oasis Landing? Please and thank you.
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Nanites are like bugs. You can find them in the wild in Oasis Landing. The Wasteland is full of them.

You can use nanites and colored crystals to make Trait Chips for your Plumbots. The nanites can also be used to feed a digital pet.
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After finding them in the wild, you can reverse engineer them to unlock the ability to create them on the bot workshop.
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I don't see the point of building them though. All I do is buy up everything at the bot shop register and then a new stock will show up. Keep going until you find the chip you are looking for.

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