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Default Convoluted Family Tree Challenge
(Inspired by Whiny Brit on Youtube and cross-posted with one of my tumblr acct's)
Main Challenge: Make as sprawling a family tree as possible

Step 1: In CAS make 2 household of 8 Young Adult-Adult Sims each, 4 Men/Impregnators and 4 Women/Impregnable People per household, Make sure none of them are related
- For more of a challenge, make more households (4, 8, 12, just make sure it's a multiple of 2/divides easily)
- Marry them off CAS so they spawn with relationships

Step 2: Move them into the world. Build of the house/World doesn't really matter, but there should be at least 4 places to Woo-Hoo)
- During this step, split the households, moving the Men/Impregnators out, then have the Women invite them back to Woo-Hoo
- If you do this challenge with 4+ households, do your best to keep things evenly times. I.e Have the Women get pregnant at around the same time, regardless of what household they're in. Try to get all the women in the household pregnant on the same day, too.

Step 3: Give Birth, no going to Hospital. Home birth's only, try to stagger the births so that none of the baby's disappear. Influencing gender is allowed, but you should try to have 2 babies of each sex per household.
- Do this for each of your households, age the babies up, and repeat the process over. Eventually, you should have 1 heir from each household, now you can marry between houses. Keep this going until you have 1 heir left with the most convoluted Family Tree possible in TS4
- If at any point you have an excess of kids/too many kids of a certain gender, marry between households as necessary/ leave some as spinsters.
- Do NOT marry a member of one of your households to a random townie, they must marry into another family with a similar family tree to yours

Once you get to the final birth, you can either end the challenge of continue on in a few ways
* Normal Legacy Challenge: Playing the family out to see what adventures they get into
* Royalty Challenge: Playing the family as the latest in a long line of nobility, trying to make their kingdom as prosperous as possible
* Homeless Heiress Challenge: Your sim is the latest in a long line of rich Sims, but her parents lost their wealth, leaving her poor. Help her get her money and status back

Cheats & Mods
Both are allowed and encouraged throughout this challenge. I play on PS4 so I can't mod or cheat well, so I'm not sure which ones might be most useful, but any mods and cheats that allow you to age up sims, ensure pregnancy, and things of that sort would be super helpful!
Let me know what you think/If you do this challenge!
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