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Default Mirrors from the Past
Mirrors from the Past

✧ First day of the rest of my life ✧

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.
( Martin H. Fischer )

August, 31st 1999

I remember the last summer day of that year.
I was only 23 and it was my first year of teaching, so I was excited and a little nervous, but I couldn't wait for school to start.
I was simply watching the sky and I was trying to imagine my mother, as a child, living here, on the island.

A cold and salty breeze, with the smell of the sea, made me realize that this will be my new life from now on.

My name is Julia Morgan and, until now, I used to live in San Francisco.I was born and raised there.
It was my father's city, but my mother moved there when she started college.So she met my father and, they say, it was love at first sight.

They married and two years later they started a family.I have an older brother,Peter, who still lives there and works as a doctor.

After I finished college I decided to leave the city and to move on my mother's native island.
And so I sealed my life, with the dreariness' sign.

But I couldn't know this back then.I was simply too naive and hopeful.I thought I was happy.

I moved in my mother's old house from the first day when I arrived on the island.It was an old house, but somehow it made me feel home.
Outside the small town, on a hill, not far away from the sea, I could smell the salt flavor of the waves, split on the rocks.

September, 1st 1999

I stayed late last night and I watched the sky.Here, on the island, the stars look much different.
The house feels somehow strange, because I know that my mother's family lived here for a couple of generations and my mother lived here too until she went to college, but it makes me feel closer to her.My mother died when I was 7 years old and I don't have too many memories of her.
But I remember her hair, smelling like lavender and her gentle voice.

I felt asleep with my mother's face in my mind and I dreamed about her.But morning came too soon and I left in hurry, heading to school.

And there I was, in classroom.For my first teaching day.
This year I will be a teacher for the 1st grade and I can't wait to meet the children.

"Miss Morgan, right?" I heard a voice and two pairs of steps on the flooring.
I smiled to her and I agreed.
"I'm Silvia Anderson, the French teacher.Nice to meet you." she continued, while I was watching the little black haired girl who was hiding behind her.
"Nice to meet you too.Please, have a seat."
"I'm afraid that I can't.I have to help Kate with her class.I just wanted to say hi and ... if you ever need some help, just ask me.Also, she's my daughter, Marie."
The little girl smiled, but remained quiet.
"She will be in your class, but she is a little shy."
"No problem.Nice to meet you, Marie.Don't be afraid.School's not that bad.You'll see when you will meet your class mates and you will make some new friends."
"Thank you."
She smiled and relaxed a little.Then her mother kissed her and left, so she went to her seat.

Class started and I met the children.Some of them were shy, but I was a little nervous too, so, by the end of the day, everything was fine.
Marie made some friends too and I saw her playing with them in the school yard.

"How was your first day here?" I saw Silvia, appearing trough the open door.
"The children just left.But it was ok.It's the first time when I teach and I really liked it.And Marie ... she's very sweet.And she's a smart child too.She was a little shy at the beginning, but her class mates really helped her."
"Yes ... She changed very much since her father died, last year.I tried to give her time to get over it, but ... I think it was just too painful for her.I glad that now she starts communicating again."
I spent the next two hours with Silvia, while we tried to make the lesson plan for tomorrow.

"Well, thank you for everything." I said when I saw that it was getting late."I have to return home.I'm afraid that living in an old house is not as easy as I thought.I have to paint the exterior walls and ... let's just say that I'm not exactly an artist."
"You know, you don't have to work alone.You live here now, so you're part of the community.I'll talk to my brother and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you.He's an artist most of the time, but he also works as a house painter."
She wouldn't have took no as an answer, so I had to accept and I thanked her again, for everything.

That evening Peter called from San Francisco and I was really happy to hear him.We talked about our childhood memories.

I fell asleep on the couch.
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Open your eyes - Chapter 2

✧ Open your eyes ✧
Love is fire. But whether it's gonna warm your heart or burn your house down you can never tell.
(Jason Jordan)

September, 4th 1999

A week already passed since I'm here, on the island.Life's easy here because every day is almost the same as another.And I like this, because it makes me feel safe.Children also accommodated with school and I spend most of my time there or with Silvia.
It is my first weekend here and Silvia insisted that her brother will come to help me paint the walls.I already told her that it's no need to bother him with something like this, but she was very determined so I couldn't say no.
Well, people here are very kind so I don't want to offend them.

It was a little past nine in the morning when he rang at the door.
"Hi, you must be Miss Morgan, right?" he said, smiling.
I simply stood there, watching him.And I felt my cheeks burning.I smiled too and I blushed a little, while responding.
"Call me Julia.And ... thank you for accepting to help me.Please, come in."
"I'm Chris, nice to meet you.Silvia told me that you're the new teacher " he responded, while entering the house."By the way, Marie talks about you all the day."

After I explained him what we have to do (of course, I insisted to help too, even if I'm not so good when it comes to paint ... and brushes) we started.
We spent all the morning and some of the afternoon painting and talking.
"So ... you moved here last week, right?"
I agreed, and, before I thought about an answer, I gave him the brush, because my hands were already full of blue paint.
"I guess life in San Francisco wasn't for me ... I always felt like I don't belong there ... "
"But why this island?It's not exactly the most famous place and it's a little far from San Francisco."
"My mother grew up here.She moved to the city when she went to college."
After that we continued talking about our lives.
He was a painter and occasionally a musician (or an "artist", because that's how everybody from the island called him), but he usually worked like this, when somebody needed some help.He was also 6 years younger than his sister, Silvia.

"Be careful ... you just slipped some paint on the third stair ... "
Well ... I wasn't careful.Not at all.Because the next thing I remember was my foot, sliding and me falling from the staircase.
I was lucky enough that he caught me in time.Of course, 2 seconds after me, my brush and the paint box from the stair also fell and we were now all blue.I didn't know what to do and how to apologize, but he simply stood up and started laughing, while helping me get up.
"You ok?"
I smiled and thanked him, while I helped wipe of the paint on his cheek.
"I think that's all for today ... "
I agreed.

"I guess you're hungry ... Especially after all the mess I managed to create today ... Do you want to come in and eat something?"
We ate lunch together and we continued talking.I kept apologizing, while he kept assuring me that it wasn't my fault and that he has no reason to be angry with me.

He left a little later.
"Thank you again for everything."
"Do me a favor: don't clean the paint from the terrace" he said, looking at the clutter we left after we finished painting.
"So that I'll have to come again tomorrow and help you." He smiled and I felt my cheeks burning again.I agreed and waved, while watching him leaving.

"He likes you."
I coughed and I felt the coffee burning my lips.
"No he doesn't.He was simply polite because he saw how ... clumsy I was today ..."
"Oh Julia, how can you be so blind ...?I know him.He likes you."
And she continued, trying to convince me.
Later that afternoon, Silvia called and invited me to a coffee at her place.
"He's not that bad ... he's an artist ... he'll write you poems ... "
"Oh, you're talking like an ignorant teenager!"
"Hey!I know my brother ... he's a romantic ... "
I looked at her and, from the look in her eyes I knew she was right.Chris' face and his voice came in my mind and, because I blushed, Silvia
stopped talking and looked at me.
"Ok.Do what you want.But sooner or later, you'll see that I was right."
I smiled at her.
I never remembered her words until now, when they came in my mind.She was right.He was a romantic, a poet.An artist.

September, 11th 1999

I woke up with the sweet scent of roses in contrast with the salt flavor of the sea.First I thought I was still dreaming, because I went to bed very late last night, but ... somehow it felt real.And when I went downstairs I saw it was real.

There were roses on the porch.Red roses, with a small note.
I read it while I drank my tea and I couldn't help but smile and agree.
I was restless the rest of the morning, but I decided not to tell Silvia about the roses and the note.Anyway, she'll find out somehow.

I dressed up in a simple blue dress and I went to the beach.
It was so different from what I expected to see.Back in San Francisco the beaches were full of people and here ... there was no one.Only the sun, the waves and the sand.
"Guess who?"
Well, there was no need to think more.I knew his voice ...
I turned and I recognized him.He smiled at me, with his tanned skin emphasizing his white teeth.
"I'm glad you came.Hope you liked my Good Morning.Come!I want you to see something!"
He took my hand and then he started running on the beach.We stopped a couple of minutes later, somewhere near the waves, where he had his easel.
"Like it?"
There were seagulls ... that's when I recognized their squeals, in the offshore.
"They're beautiful ... " I murmured and sat on the sand, while he continued painting.
I watched the sky and then I closed my eyes ...

Salt water on my lips and on my cheeks made me shudder.I opened my eyes and I saw Chris' face leaned over me.I blushed again, but I got up.His hair was wet and I saw water droplets on his skin.
"Come!The water is great!You'll see!"
I undressed and I left my dress on the sand, while we both ran in the waves.We spent all the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and walking on the beach.

Soon, the sunset came ...
"You know ... I used to came here ... watch the sky, listen the sound of the waves ... But I never brought someone here, with me.It was my secret place ... my sanctuary.I came here to find my inspiration ...But I'm glad you came too. "
I put my head on his shoulder and I closed my eyes, as the golden evening light was falling on us ...

In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I recognized my room.I got up a little confused and, when I went in the kitchen, I saw Christian, preparing the breakfast.
"Good morning" he smiled, handing me a glass with orange juice."Breakfast ready in 4 minutes.Hope you don't mind I brought you here ... You fell asleep on the sand last evening and I knew your house was close, so ... Oh and ... I slept on the couch too."
I watched him, preparing the breakfast and talking about yesterday, unable to say anything.
When everything was ready and we sat at the table, I thanked him and we finally started talking.
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Default It's Jas time - Chapter 3

✧ It's Jas time ✧
The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.
( Lawrence Kutner )

September, 26th 1999

I woke up early that morning, but I can't remember why.I wasn't very hungry and, because it was Sunday and I didn't had to go to school, I decided
to read in the living room.Now, after those weeks on the island I got used to life here.And I really enjoy being a teacher for the first grade.

I put the book on the couch, near me, and I rolled my eyes around the room, stretching my legs.I looked on the window and I saw the beach, the waves
and the sun ... Then I closed my eyes and I remembered the day I spent with Chris on the beach.Since that day he started visiting me at school.He says that he likes to accompany me on my way back home, even if his house is in town, one hour distance.Almost every day he comes to school and he stays with the children while I finish my work and I prepare the lesson plan for tomorrow.Well, almost each time Silvia insists that I have to leave earlier (she says that she doesn't want me to make her brother wait for me too long) and she stays at school late, finishing everything for me.
I told her that she doesn't need to be so kind, but I think she simply likes too much seeing me and Chris together.
Yesterday we haven't met and ... I think I'm starting to miss him.

Then the phone rang.
"Hey ... Good morning.I hope I did not wake you up ... " Recognized Silvia's voice.
"No problem.I was awake."
"I'm sorry that I have to ask you for help on Sunday, but ... could you please take care of Jasmine for me, today?I have to go with Marie, to see the doctor, in the city and we won't be back until tomorrow ... I tried to find Chris, but he isn't at his studio and nobody in town saw him, so I supposed he's somewhere on the beach, painting and he won't appear for a day or two ... "
I smiled and I agreed.Jasmine was Silvia's two year old daughter and she was the sweetest toddler I ever met (not that I met to many).
"Ok, thank you so much.I owe you one ... I'll brig her at your place later, this morning."
I hung up and I thought about what I just accepted to do.I guess I'll have a busy Sunday ...

Silvia arrived here with Jasmine around 10 o'clock that morning.
"So ... she has everything she needs on the bag I left there ... If there's any problem, I left you my friend's phone number.Me and Marie, we will stay at her overnight.And ... thank you again."
I listened her carefully and I agreed, smiling.Then I picked Jasmine.
"Say bye to mommy, Jas ... "

"So ... what do you want to do now, Jas?"
She simply indicated me the floor, so I put her down and she went inside, in the living room.There she took a book and started to leaf the pages, looking at the images.I watched her.
'This is going to be easy ... ' I breathed a sigh of relief ...
I sat on the couch again and I resumed reading my book, while occasionally throwing a glance at the little girl.

A couple of minutes later, someone knocked on the door.
"Are you surprised?"
I smiled when I saw Chris right in front of me, leaning against the doorpost.I invited him in, but, in the hall he stopped and offered me a bouquet of white daisies.

"I know you like the white roses, but I saw those on my way here and I thought they'd fit in you kitchen."
I thanked him and, while I put the flowers in a vase, I quickly explained him about Silvia and Jasmine.
"My fault.I'm sorry that because of me, you have to babysit my niece."
"No problem ... she's so sweet that I almost didn't noticed I have a toddler around."
He began to chuckle, but he didn't say anything.Until we both came into the living room.
"She was here ... she can't be too far ... " I said when I noticed that she wasn't anywhere.
"Well ... She's like a little pixie ... You never know where she will appear ... or disappear."
"But she's only two years old!She can't simply disappear in a room!" I said, looking for her behind the curtains.
"Be sure she's not in this room anymore ... " He responded while searching for Jasmine under the table.

And with this, our tiring afternoon started.We searched for little Jasmine for about twenty minutes, only to find her back in the living room, at her book.
"Where has she been all this time?!" me and Chris said at the same time, while she gave us an innocent look.
"I'm not sure, but she had been quite busy ..."
Then I realized the living room was a mess.Jasmine tore off my roses' petals, ruined a pot, and managed to spread the pillows from the cough all over the room.
"I told you she has lots of imagination ... " Chris said, picking up the little one and starting to clean the dirt on her dress.
I couldn't believe he was so calm.Not that I was angry or something like that, but ... he simply talked to her.

When we finally managed to clean her it was almost lunch time, so I rushed in preparing something for us, while Chris took Jas with him out, for a walk.

Of course, lunch wasn't easier, especially when both of us discovered that the little angel prefers meals cooked by her mother.My kitchen never looked so messy.But, I have to admit that our our little food fight(which was more like a war, judging by the losses) was quite fun.

"Well, little one, you certainly need a bath now ... And I'm gonna need some help" I immediately added, looking at Chris.
I had to let Chris wash Jas (while, of course, I tried to help him), because the little girl simply seemed to prefer her uncle.Or ... maybe it was only because he added some bubble bath in the water.

"You're clean now, Jas ... "
I watched him taking the girl out of the tube and wiping her with a small towel.
"Please, try to be a little quieter the rest of the evening, ok?"
The toddler only watched him and, but didn't answer.She gasped and watched both of us, with her tired eyes.
"I guess she'll be calm from now on ... "
Chris agreed and I gasped too.
"I'll mop up the floor and I'll come to clean the living room too ... " I said, and then Chris went in the living room with Jas.

A couple of minutes later, after I finished, I came in the living room too, only to find both of them asleep on the floor, Chris holding the toddler in his arms.
Their faces looked so tranquil and relaxed, that I could only think how sweet they looked.I watched them and, stepping carefully, I approached and I knelt in front of the couch, near them, leaning my head on my hands and closing my eyes.

Silvia found us like that, in the morning.But she did not want to wake us up, so she returned in the afternoon.

October, 8th 1999

Chris left four days ago.
He said that he had to help one of his friends somewhere in a city, far from the island.He promised he'll come back as soon as he cans, but now, the days simply seem longer for me.Everything is the same every day, with me permanently thinking of him.We talked on the phone this morning, but he said that he thinks he won't not be back for one more week.

"You're in love ... " Silvia said, smiling, because she observed that Chris' news from this morning only made me sadder and more dreamy.
"Maybe ... " I replied, because I wasn't listening her.Few moments later I realized what I've just said and I blushed, while trying to rectify."No, I'm not ... I was simply a little tired and I wasn't paying attention to what I was saying ... "
"Don't worry.I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he cans ... "
I watched her and I tried to trust in her words.We continued walking home and I arrived there an hour later, when it was already dark.

When I got closer, I saw him, sitting on the bench, right in front of me.I smiled and I rushed in his arms.He hugged me and, for the first time, he slowly kissed my lips, whispering to me:
"I've missed you so much ... "
I couldn't say anything, but I kissed him back.

He later told me that he couldn't wait another week, so he took the first ferryboat and returned.
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Default Good luck Irene - Chapter 4
Mirrors from the past

✧ Good luck Irene ✧

Marriage is the agreement to let a family happen.
( Betty Jane Wylie, Family: An Exploration )

October, 30th 1999

Silvia arrived here in the morning, to help me with the dress, since I was a little nervous.She insisted to do my make-up and my hair, because I told her that it's the first time when I'm one of the bridesmaids.

Our colleague from school,Irene , the Art teacher is getting married today and, because from the first week of school, I really got along with her, she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids(the other one is Silvia).Well, the wedding was a little rushed, because she and her fiancé, Adam, decided to get married only a few months ago, but everything went well after all.

"Your hair is lovely !" Silvia said, searching for a clip, while she held my hair in her left hand.
"Thank you again for offering to help me."
"Yes, yes, you already thanked me a dozen of times ... this morning.Now ... let's see ... where's the dress?"
Well, Silvia wanted everything perfect for that day and I couldn't believe how full of energy she seemed, especially after only five hours of sleep.
"I thought that Irene and Adam were already married ... " I added a couple of minutes later, while I was trying my dress."They have two children, right?"
"No, they weren't even engaged.I told you that all this wedding story surprised all of us.They've been together for about seven or eight years, since high school.Chris and Irene were classmates and I think he can explain you more.By the way ... what about you and Chris?Now please, don't blush this time, because you're gonna ruin your make up ... "
"Chris and I ... we are fine."
"So you're together, right?"
"I think you can say it like that ... " I responded, trying to look as calm as I could.
Silvia simply smiled.

Finally, after two hours we were already at Irene and Adam's house.
"Julia, Silvia!I'm so glad to see you both!" Irene said, encountering us.
I could see how excited she was, because she was literally glittering, even with her hair ruffled and her eyes a little tired.Immediately a little boy around the age of four barged into the room, sobbing.
"Mommy, mommy ... Aidan pushed me ... " he said, while his mother picked him up and cleaned his face.
Two seconds later, another boy, this time a little older came too and picked his mother's hand, murmuring an explanation.
"Irene, I can't believe that you are not ready ... We must be at the chapel in two hours!" Silvia took control of the situation, taking Ed in her arms."Now ... Julia ... help Irene with her wedding dress, while I dress up the boys.Come on boys ... we have to hurry.Mommy has to be ready for a very important event today!"
With this, Silvia took the two boys in their room and I followed Irene in her bedroom too.

"Irene ... you look so beautiful.I'm so happy for you."
"Thank you so much, Julia.Thank you again for accepting to be one of my bridesmaids." Irene hugged me and watched her mirror reflection."You're beautiful too."
I stood in front of the mirror, watching the dress Irene chose for me.Well, I wasn't exactly beautiful, but I looked pretty with my hair up and with the make up Silvia applied on my face.
"Look who is ready!" I heard Silvia's voice and soon, the door opened and the two boys rushed inside, followed by Silvia."Ok, let's go!We don't want to let the groom worry about you, right?" she chuckled, helping the bride with her dress.

Everything was fine at the chapel, but I was a little absent, holding little Ed (Irene's youngest soon) in my arms.
"Don't worry ... Chris will come too." I heard Silvia voice, right behind me."He's at my house, with Marie and Jasmine.They said they will be late, because he had to help the girls with their dresses and hair.You two will meet at the party."
Her words calmed me, even if I was a little dreamy for the rest of the wedding ceremony.

"Hey ... I'm sorry I was so late ... "
I turned back and I saw Chris, but he didn't let me say anything and immediately kissed me.
"You are so beautiful ... "he whispered at my ear, making me tremble."You know ... you should be the one who's getting married ... "
I smiled, because, for a few moments, his words seemed real.
"Chris, I'm glad you came too." Irene said, coming ten minutes later and hugging him.
"I can't believe that you're getting married.It feels like yesterday the day we finished high school ... "
"Well, it wasn't so long ago, you know?"
"I'm happy for you, Irene.And for Adam too.You two are a great couple."
Irene thanked, but she couldn't say anything, because a few seconds later, Aidan and Ed broke three glasses and almost managed to pull down the wedding cake."Aidan!Edward!" she immediately ran to stop the two boys, Silvia following her.

Overall, everything went well, with the boys plus Jasmine breaking two more glasses and with Marie stumbling into the bride's dress.
I was a little tired from all the events, so I withdrew upstairs, in the hall, where I could quietly watch the party.
"You know ... I'm glad that Irene chose you and my sister to help her.You did a great job with the party and I'm sure she is very thankful to you."
I turned and I could saw Chris, bringing two glasses of champagne.
"For the bride." he said, offering me one.
"For the bride."
Then he softly hugged me and I rested my head on his shoulder, staying like that for quite a while.

"You two.Come downstairs" we both heard Silvia's voice, which made us shudder."Irene is going to throw the bouquet!"
"Wanna see who is the next bride?" Chris joked, taking my hand in his and going downstairs.
With a giggle, Irene threw her bouquet and, in a second, everyone was looking at me, because the roses were right in my arms.I let my gaze down, because I felt my face burning, but Chris took me in his arms in front of the crowd, who started applauding.

November, 13th 1999

"Ok, you can open your eyes now." Chris said, while he also untied the blue scarf he used to cover my eyes.
I slowly opened my eyes and I saw the big showcase in front of me, full of paintings.His paintings.My lips curled in a subtle smile, because I knew how important this was for him.
"Irene's husband made this.He bought the art shop a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to expose for sale my paintings!" He sounded so elated and I was very happy to see him like this."Do you realize how important this is for me, Julia?" he continued, putting his arms around my shoulders.

Small water drops and the cold wind made us wake realize that it was late autumn.Soon, the rain started and we were running among buildings, with our laughs covered by the noisy wind gusts.Water was splashing each time we were stepping in a puddle, scattering around dusty drops.He took my hand in his own and I could feel his warm fingers among my iced skin.
"Come!My apartment is close!" I heard his voice and soon, we entered in a building and we started to hurry upstairs, to the last floor.

"You're beautiful ... " Chris said, closing the door behind him.The storms drawl stopped suddenly.I felt cold water droplets flowing on my skin, down to my neck ... He approached me and soon, his lips were drawing the same traces as the water.My skin was burning under his touch.

"Good morning."
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Default Entering the family - Chapter 5
Mirrors from the Past

✧ Entering the family ✧

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home.
( Carol Nelson )

November, 15th 1999

Autumn came ... And it's been raining for over 2 days.The cold waves are hitting the rocks, dispersing small water droplets into the air,
spreading the salt smell of the sea.
But, with all the rain and the cold, I am happy.As happy as I have ever been.

"So ... you two are finally together, right?" said Silvia, taking a seat next to me and watching the kids putting their coats.
"Well ... something like that."
She simply rolled her eyes and I knew that she didn't need an answer to that question.
"You know ... you never told me about your husband."
How could I be so naive to ask her something like that?!I immediately regretted and I let my gaze down, hoping that she will ignore me.
"His name was Oliver.We met in high school, but, back then, we were only friends.And I left.I went to college and he enrolled in the army.We met again here, on the island, a couple of years later, when I came here to teach.He was visiting his family.He invited me for a coffee and I accepted."
I listened to her and I could sense the sadness in her voice.She was speaking gradually, saying short phrases, because, otherwise, she would have started crying.I knew that, because I would have done the same thing.But now I was still regretting that I asked her about her husband.
"We married one year later, when he was on leave.Everything was perfect.After I gave birth to Marie, we bought a house, near the town.He was still working in the army, but I wasn't too worried.For a couple of years we were fine.Then, he told me: he had to leave and fight.It was the Gulf War.He never came back.I was pregnant, but he never knew.I wrote to him, but he never answered.They told me he died, 3 months after his arrival."She stopped then, and I finally looked at her.She had tears in her eyes, but she wasn't crying.She was strong.Stronger than I could ever be.She was raising her two daughters, and one of them never met her father.
"I'm sorry I made you remember that ... " I murmured, apologizing.
"No.It's ok.It happened two years ago, and I learned to deal with it.It was hard at the beginning, but I got used to it.Life has never been easy for me.But ... sometimes ... I miss him."
I put my arm on her shoulder and I let her sigh.She didn't cry, because she couldn't.She said that she didn't had anymore tears.I cried for her.

I let her leave earlier and I finished her work for the next day.After that, I left too, but I didn't want to go home.I went to Chris' apartment, because I missed him.
I knocked on the door, but no one answered, so I tried the knob and I saw that the door was unlocked.I entered and I saw that inside was a mess.His clothes were on the floor, and there were unwashed dishes in the sink.I entered in the living room and there I found Chris, lying on the couch, with a butch of tissues on the floor, near him.Then I heard him sneezing and coughing and I realized what happened.Immediately, I remembered that two days ago the rain caught us in town and we had to run to his apartment.
"Are you alright?" I said, coming close to him and checking his body temperature.His forehead was burning and his eyes were red.
"Well ... not exactly." he murmured, standing up and coughing again."I'm sorry I didn't visit you today ... "
"Oh, you silly ... " I smiled and I helped him stand, then I went to bring him a pillow."You caught a cold two days ago, when it started raining."
He agreed and then he rested his head on my shoulder, sighing.I supported his head, but then I let him on the pillow.
"I'll go and buy some cold medications and then I'll make you some hot tea."
"Don't stay too long ... I'll miss you ..." he whispered, with his hoarse voice.
I smiled and I took my umbrella, going out, in the rain.I felt a little guilty for thinking how cute he looked when he was ill.

"Take those ... " I said, giving him some pills and a cup of hot lime tea.I sat next to him, on the couch.
"Thanks ..."
He fell asleep and, after I brought another blanket, I started cleaning the house.
I finished cleaning the kitchen and, because I was a little curious, I went upstairs, in the attic, where he had his studio.It was the first time I was entering there and the soft lavender scent surprised me.I stopped near the window and I sat down on the floor, watching the rain on the glass.

An hour later, I returned to the living room, to check Chris.He was still sleeping and I sat beside him.I fell asleep too.

December, 24th 1999

I know I haven't wrote for many days, but last month has been very busy and I barely had time to breath.It's already winter, but there is no sign of snow this year, so, at school, the children were a little disappointed.It's winter break and I already miss them.We had our little Christmas celebration at school, were we invited the children with their parents and the teachers.I and Silvia, we have been busy organizing, while we also prepared the children (we gave them little poems to declaim and we also helped them sing carols).

After Chris' cold, I got sick too, the next week, so he smiled and moved in with me, to "nurse" me.Well, I have to admit that it was nice to have my breakfast in bed and him with me every day.Then ... after I got better, he simply remained with me.So. I guess this means he moved in with me.Silvia was a little surprised when she visited me (five days after I got better) and Chris opened the door to her, but she quickly figured out the reason, so she pretended that everything was normal.And, because she did that, we started acting more relaxed.Soon, it became normal.His things were next to mine, his scent was in my sheets and everywhere around me.

A few weeks ago, Chris suggested that we should spend Christmas Eve at his sister, because all his family (more exactly, his sister, nieces and his mother) will be there and he wants me to be with him too.Later, he told me that he wants to introduce me to his mother.I felt a little touched by what he told me.

Basically, this is what happened until now.
Our morning was a little funny, because we tried to cook breakfast together and, after that, the kitchen was something like World War II combined with the classroom after Art classes.Well, with all the sourdough pancakes and flour on the walls and on us (not to mention that we were almost unrecognizable, all white), the breakfast was delicious.

We spent the rest of the day reading, but shortly after darkness descended we had to leave.
We arrived at Silvia's house, where she and her mother happily welcomed me and Chris and invited us inside.
"Nice to meet you, Julia." Chris and Silvia's mother said, after Marie took our coats.
"I'm pleased to meet you, too, Mrs. Grey" I responded, but I guess the flutter in my voice was a little too obvious, because she smiled and calmly started telling me how much Silvia told her about me and how proud she is that Chris met someone like me.I listened to her, a little embarrassed by all the things she knew about me.

"I hope you weren't bothered by mom's talking.She insisted and I had to tell her more things about you.But I see that she likes you ..." Silvia said, while I followed her in the kitchen, to help with the Christmas dinner.
"You really think she liked me?" I responded whispering.
But she couldn't give me any answer, because the little tornado (a.k.a. Jasmine, who became very speedy since the last time I met her) rushed in the kitchen and stopped right in my arms.
"Auntie Julia!" she said, excited.
I picked her up in my arms, adjusting her hair and her new dress.Marie also appeared shortly after her sister, insisting to help us.And, because they were getting bored staying in the living room, only the two of them, Chris and his mother came here too.It was nice to spend time like this, because all of them made me feel warm and ... part of the family.We finished preparing dinner and, when we started decorating the Christmas cake, we sent the girls with Chris, in the living room, to make sure everything was ready.

"I'm glad that we could spend this Christmas together" Chris whispered to me during dinner, squeezing my left hand in his, under the table.
"I'm happy that you invited me to spend this Christmas with you and your family."

"Look!It snows!" We all heard Marie and Jasmine's voice, at the same time.
The two young girls had their noses pressed on the window, fascinated by the snow that was now covering the front yard.We also rose from the table and sat beside them, smiling.It was the perfect Christmas.
"Mommy ... please ... could we go outside and build a snowman?Please, please, please?" Marie started imploring her mother, while the younger sister grabbed her mother's hem dress and was looking at her with her lovely dark green eyes.
"Come on Silvia ... let them play outside.Only for half an hour ..." Chris interfered for his nieces."Me and Silvia will go with them."
"Ok, ok, but only for half an hour.In the back yard, after you finish eating."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, mommy!" Marie and Jasmine said in unison.

We ate the cake and, when we finished the dinner, we started cleaning the table and washing the dishes.
"Julia, aren't you coming with us?" Chris asked, while he was arranging Jasmine's scarf.
"Go ... I'll finish those" Silvia interceded, taking from my hands the plate I was wiping."Don't let those two freeze outside.I know they'll want to stay longer, but it's late and they are already tired."
"Don't worry so much, sister!They'll be fine with us" we heard Chris' voice, from near the door.

We went outside, with the two girls and they immediately fell in the snow, laughing.In a couple of minutes, I and Chris were with them too, helping Marie and Jasmine building a snowman and making snow angels.
I saw Silvia and her mother at the window, watching us.We smiled at them and we continued.I never knew what they were talking about, but they were giggling and I suppose they were happy too.

"Why don't you and Chris remain here, this evening?It snowed so much outside, and it will be hard to reach your house" Silvia came with the idea, after I helped her prepare the girls for bed."I'll give you two a room."
"Well ... why not?" Chris answered before me, and I simply agreed.
She showed us our bedroom and, after she said "good night" to us, she went to sleep too.
"You know ... I'm glad you accepted to stay here ... " Chris added, immediately after his sister left the room.He started kissing me.
"I'll have to thank you again for inviting me here ... I think I'm falling in love with your family" I chuckled, responding to his kiss.
"Well, I think I'm falling in love with you, Miss Schoolteacher Morgan ..."
"I love you too ..."
"Merry Christmas"

"Mommy!Uncle Chris!Auntie Julia!Santa was here!" we all heard the two sister's voices and soon all the doors were open.
Chris and I got out of bed and we all went downstairs, where Marie and Jasmine were already unwrapping their gifts.
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Thank you so much for posting here ^^ Those days I totally lost my inspiration and I couldn't write anymore.I had the impression that nobody read this story and that it was a little boring.But now that someone actually posted a comment, I think I will start writing the next chapter ^^
Well, I will try uploading this week ^^
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OH GOOD! I was scared it was gone.....Don't give up usually only the die-hard fans comment XD I <3 your work....It's so good and sweet I go "Awwwww" Every chapter....I can't wait to see more...And don't worry you might have more fans than you think!

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Theres no half-trying in Sims, your either a Newbie or a experinced player

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Default Chapter VI
This chapter is dedicated to chloebee102, because she was the first user who read the story and posted here.And because she made me write it ^^ Thank you.
I hope you all will like it.

Mirrors from the Past

31 December 1999

I still can't really believe this is the last day of the year.So many things happened in those five months I spent here, on the island.First of all, I left from San Francisco.Now, when I think back at those days that I spent there, I think I miss them a little.Or maybe it's just the melancholy.
Then, I moved here and I got a job as a teacher for the first grade.I really love what I'm doing here, with the kids and I grew really attached to them.It's amazing to see them growing up every day.I also met Silvia and the girls.Then, I met Chris ... And with that I felt like everything was all that I ever wanted.

"Good morning ..."Chris said, interrupting me from remembering those past five months.
"Good morning ..." I smiled and kissed him, while he was playing with a strand of my hair, hovering it about his fingers.
"Silvia called earlier this morning.She wanted to know if we need any help with the preparations for the party this evening ..."
"But there is no party, I already explained it to her.I just wanted to have everyone here, for the New Year ... I wanted to spend it together, with all of you ..."
"And she knows it very well... You know that.She was only concerned and wanted to help ... I told her I'll help you ..."

For the New Year I invited Silvia, with the girls (Marie and Jasmine) here, to spend it with us.I wanted a a peaceful evening, with everyone.Well, with Jasmine here, at my place, I'm not sure it will be such a peaceful evening, but I still want them here.
"Ok, let's go downstairs.We have to make everything ready by the time they will be here." Chris smiled, pinking me up in his arms and leaving the bedroom.
We spent that morning and afternoon cooking and cleaning the house.Of course, we made fun of each other, because I don't have too much talent in the kitchen and Chris is ... a very good fighter with the duster.And, as I was watching him there, in the living room, I felt like I couldn't imagine my life without him.Well, this was our love story and it was perfect.
"Hey, you dreamy girl ... Put that kitchen spoon back at her place and come and have a bath with me ..."
I looked a little surprised at him but I agreed.And, with that, we both went upstairs.

I shuddered a little when I first felt the hot water on my hand, but Chris simply let my dress straps slip on my shoulder, kissing my skin.
"Le parfum de ton corps m'affole ..." he whispered.
I turned and I watched him surprised.
"I didn't know you speak French ... "
"Well, the fact that my older sister is a French teacher isn't something aleatory.Our father was a soldier for the French army.He was born and raised in Bordeaux."
He stopped and we both entered in the bathtub.Chris took me in his arms and started playing with my hair, while he continued his story.
"He and my mother met during the Vietnam War, in Cambodia.As I said, he was a soldier, fighting there and my mother was a medical nurse."
"I understand that your father was fighting there, but ... why was your mother working as a nurse so far away?"
"Well, I never asked her the reason why she was there, but ... she grew up in an orphanage.When they were old enough, most og the girls from there were sent as nurses where they were needed."
"And your parent told you this story?"
"No, my mother told me.I was three when my father died of cancer and I don't really remember him."
"I'm ... sorry to hear that ..." I said, as he continued playing with my hair and put a kiss him his forearm.
"They met there and some years later they moved here, had my sister and me.They've never been married, so I have my mother's maiden name.Not really a happily ever after life, but they've been happy.His name was André Christian Lambert."
"Well, I'm sure you and your sister got your French inheritance, but you've also got the French romanticism ..."
He then smiled at me and started kissing.

When we finished our bath - we remembered that we also had to ... bath - it was already a little late, so we both hurried into the bedroom, where we
picked our clothes and we dressed up.We nearly finished when Silvie and the girls arrived, so I rushed at the door and opened.
"I'm so glad to see you three.Please, come ..."
"Auntie Julia!"
Of course, Jas wanted me to hold her so I picked her and we all went in the living room.Chris took their coats and he came too.
"You two had a shower together?" asked Silvia in jest and I could see that Marie smiled."Because you both have your hair wet ..."
I lowered my eyes, because I could feel that my cheeks were suddenly burning and not even my light make-up could hide this detail from Silvia, while
Chris put his arm on my shoulder.
"Oh, don't do that ... I'm happy that you two are together..."she then smiled and assured us.

Then we all went to the dining room, where we ate what me a Chris cooked that afternoon and continued talking about the year that was going to come
within a few hours.
"So, any plans for year 2000?" asked Silvia.
I couldn't think of an answer, so I excused and I got up from the table.
"Who wants desert?" I smiled and I flinched.I wasn't a spontaneous or impulsive person and usually I prefer to be more organized when it comes to things like those, but this time I was with Chris and it simply made me happy.If the next year I was still going to be with him, living here, on the island, then that was enough for me.
"Us!" answered both Jas and Marie, and their voices made me remember about the desert.
"Ok girls, go with Julia and help her with the desert."
"Sure!We can serve it back in the living room." Chris added and I agreed, taking the girls with me.

"So ... brother ... any specific plans for you?"
"Well ... it could be ..."

Two hours later, near the midnight, when I came in the living room, they were there, still talking.
"I put Jasmine to sleep in our bedroom ..." I said, sitting on the couch.Chris put his arm aroung me and I supported my head on his shoulder.
Marie tried to hide from us and was yawing near the window, watching the snow outside.Silvia wanted to send her to bed too with Jasmine, but she
insisted that she was old enough to stay awake and wait the midnight.
"It's almost 12 PM so I'd better bring the champagne."
Chris got up from the couch, still looking at the clock.
"Ok, I'll bring the glasses ..."
"No ... you stay here.I can bring them too" he refused, but I was a little too tired to object.
Marie also came from the window and rubbed her eyes, trying to show us that she wasn't asleep at all.

When the count started, we were all standing in the living room.
"6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!"
Well, I guess Marie really was the awake after all, because she looked very happy and she continued wishing every one a happe new year.Silvia and I smiled watching her, but I felt Chris putting his arms around my waist and I relaxed, letting him embrace me.But he approached his lips to my ear and
whispered, making me melt in his arms.
"Voulez-vous m'épouser?"
"Oui ..." I answered, feeling him putting the engagement ring on my finger.I turned and I kissed him.
"Je t'aime..."
"I love you too ..."

Julia and Marie watched us and then we drank champagne and received their congratulations and best wishes.

1 March 2000

It snowed that day.I slipped out from the bedclothes an I went to the window, where I stopped.The silence that filled the house was different too, expectant, like the pause between the intake of breath and the uttering of words.The only thing that was interrupting the perfect silence was the sound of Chris' regular and tranquil breathing.
I looked down and I saw a lace of frost had formed on the lower part of the window and I placed a finger on it, melting a hole.I shivered, not from the cold, but from the thrill of this transformed world.
"Julia ... you already awake?" I heard his voice and I turned back and smiled at him.
"I have to get prepared for school."
He got off the bed too and came closer, hugging me.
"There's snow outside ... "he quietly observed."Wanna come with you?I have to go to the studio, to work at a painting ..."
"Sure.It would be great."

We ate the breakfast and I spent the morning and the afternoon at school, with the kids and with Silvia.
Around 5 o'clock, when it was already a little dark outside, Chris came and we left together, talking about our day.The air was cold and the icy wind carrying the salty flavor of the ocean made me huddle in his arms.
"I know it's a little cold, but ... have you ever went to the beach in the winter?I mean ... I know it's not really winter, because it's the first day of spring, but there's snow and ... all this stuff, so ..." he said, placing a kiss on my forehead.
"No ... it would be great.We haven't go to the beach since this autumn."

The solitude and the lack of noise amazed us and back then I realized how connected Chris was with this entire landscape, this place.It felt like he was part of it.We walked along the sand shore, where the waves were splitting, diffusing cold water drops into the air.

When we arrived home, I went upstairs, to take a bath, while Chris changed his clothes.Fifteen minutes later, when I came into the bedroom, I saw a little golden fur ball purring in the middle of the bed, on some pillows.I took it into my arms and I saw it was a little kitty.Then I heard Chris, giggling from the door.
"Like our new ... acquisition?I found her today, on the stairs at the studio and I thought ... that you might feel a little lonely when I'm not with you ... and you need a little furry friend ... "
"She's so sweet ... "
I hugged him and we both played with the kitty, until we felt asleep.

In the morning, when I woke up I left him a note, on the pillow.

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Default Chapter VII
Mirrors from the Past

17 June 2000

So, my first year of teaching here ended.I still can't believe how many incredible things happened all this time, but now, when I wake up, open my eyes and I see Chris' asleep next to me everything seems so real.It is not a dream anymore and I'm getting married in a month.
The school year ended few days ago, but me and Silvia still have to go to school for a week or two to assure everything is in order.I'm really going to miss the kids.They grew up so much those past months and I can't wait to see them in second grade, next year.

Today I'll meet Silvia at school and then we'll go in town, to shop for dresses.She was really excited about the wedding and so are Marie, Jasmine, Chris' mother and all our friends from the island.
I got out of bed, carefully not to wake Cris up, because he had been really busy this past week and he spent a lot of time painting in the studio.
After I took a shower and I prepared his breakfast, I left, leaving a note, to tell him where I am and how much time I'll be absent.

"I'm so happy for you two!" Silvia repeated for the hundredth time that morning."I'm so happy that I'll have you as my sister."
"And I'm happy too, but you don't have to remind me this thing every minute, Silvia.It kind of makes me nervous."
"But you and Chris are just perfect for each other!I knew that since the moment I first met you here, in the classroom."
I watched her cleaning the desk and I couldn't help but smile.Who would have guessed, 9 moths ago, that things would turn out like this?I came here to teach, because I wanted to go away from the crowded San Francisco, having no idea that I'll meet the love of my life.Life's complicated sometimes, but you can always be sure that it will be full of unexpected.

"Ok, I guess we're done.Let's go!I can't wait to see you trying wedding dresses.You are going to be the most beautiful bride that ever got married here!"
I blushed, because Silvia often exaggerates with compliments.But she's my friend, and she's been really helpful those past two months, helping me and Chris with the wedding preparations.I put the last books in my desk and then we went to the bridal shop.Marie also insisted to come with us too, because she and her mother will be my bridesmaids and her sister is going to be my little flower girl, so she wanted to try on some dresses too and we accepted, because she is absolutely irresistible when she asks us for something.

"So... our bride-to-be ... do you have something in your mind, or are you open to suggestions?" Silvia asked, as soon as we entered the store.
The elegant place, full of wedding dresses, tiaras and jewelry made me stop for a couple of moments.Everything seemed so perfect.Marie brought me back to reality when she picked my hand and showed me a dress that she picked for her.
"What do you think?" he asked me, very enthusiatic and proud of her choice.
"I think that you will look lovely in that."
"Mommy ... can I try it?Please ...?"
Well, as I said, she is so irresistible when she asks for something, that she convinced us to buy her the dress and a pair of matching cute shoes, perfect for her.
"Now it's your turn." Silvia said, leading me to the fitting room and bringing with her some dresses that she chose.
For the next one and a half hour I did nothing else but try out dresses and, although it had been a little tiring, it made me very feel very excited about the wedding.Marie and Silvia, like two serious fashion experts, criticized every little detail that they considered misfit or imperfect.But we all had fun, trying out dresses and admiring them in the mirror.
"I love this one!" Marie said, visibly excited.
"Oh, dear, you said the same thing about the last five dresses." smiled Silvia.

Finally, I chose one of the dresses and the two fashionistas agreed, very proud of my choice.
"This is the perfectest dress of the most perfect dresses that I ever seen!"
Finally, me and Marie had the same opinion.I loved the dress.I never wanted something complicated or too glittery and this dress made me feel comfortable and happy.

After this, the three of us stopped at a little shop, where we bought cake and tea and we talked about the wedding.
"So... now, that you and Chris are getting married, it means that you are going to be ... my Aunt?" Marie asked, tasting her cake.
"Yes.Chris is your uncle and I will be her wife and your aunt."
"So ... Am I going to have a cousin?"
Well, the kid was smart.
I and Chris, we never discussed this subject.We were both young and we both knew that we want a family, but we never actually made a decision.
She seemed pleased enough with the answer and she continued eating her cake.Someday, we will definitely have children.Maybe ...

"How was your day?" asked Chris, hugging me."Mmm...your hair smells nice ..."
He started placing kissed on my neck and shoulder, while he continued whispering me sweet French words.
"I love you ..."

22 July 2000
"Wake up Sleeping-Beauty.It's the day you're getting married ... "
I sighed and I opened my eyes, a little dizzy from the rays of light that were diffusing trough the window's glass and thin curtains.
"Good morning ..." I murmured and I saw Chris all dressed up and ready to leave."Please don't tell me that I slept too much and I missed our wedding."
"You're so sweet.Of course not.It's only 8 in the morning, but Silvia is already here and she insists that I have to leave so she will help you get
ready for the wedding.She doesn't want me to see you or your dress.Something about bad luck, I guess ..."
"What bad luck?" I asked, still sleepy.I let my head fall again on the pillows and Chris came to me and kissed me.
"See you at our wedding.I'll wait for you there."
Then he had to leave, because Silvia came in the bedroom and pulled me out of the bedclothes.

"It's your wedding day, you silly bride!" she said, very amused by my slow and unsure movements."How can you be so lazy exactly now?!Come here ..."
Well, sooner or later I realized that there were only a few hours until my wedding, and I became restless.
I had a shower and a light breakfast (actually, I was too agitated to eat, but Silvia insisted, saying that I will pass out because of my own emotions
if I won't eat anything) and then she helped me get dressed, put my make up and arranged my hair.
"You look so beautiful" she concluded, applying more hair spray.
"Thank you so much... for everything.You've been such a good friend all this time ... I don't even know how to thank you ... "
I felt tears in my eyes and I hugged her.
"No, no, no.Please stop, before one of us will start crying and will ruin her make-up.Because I'm afraid that I will be that one ..."
She hugged me too, telling me that me and Chris deserved this, that we were his little brother and sister and that she would do anything to see us happy together.That was probably one of the most touching moments of that day, because I don't think that I ever met a sincere and good friends like her.
"Come on!We have to go ... Chris is probably waiting for you."

The rest of the day was more like the course of a river.Everything seems so faraway now ...
I remember the moment when the priest proclaimed us husband and wife, because I looked in Chris' eyes and I saw how happy he was.

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Your story is one of the cutest love stories I've ever read. I hope you'll write more, since I'm very curious about what will happen between Chris and Julia now that they're married. You're talented, really, and you've got a vivid imagination. I'm looking forward to the next chapter
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spookykathere, Melancholic and chloebee102 thank you so much for reading and commenting my story ^^ I'm glad so see so many people enjoying my idea.
I hope that I will post a new chapter in two weeks (it's May, so I have lots of exams and I will be quite busy).
I changed the domain where I upload my images, because the old one made them look very unclear and dusty, so from now on I will try making better photos ^^
If you have any new ideas or suggestions for the new chapter, I am curious to hear them ^.~
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Theres no half-trying in Sims, your either a Newbie or a experinced player

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Well, there will also be kids ^^
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YES BEAUTIFULbabies1 That Christian shall make FINNNNEEEEE children. Yeah I'm brimming with story ideas, but school got in the way of my story so I've cut it off til summer sadly. if you wants to check it out. But I might just scrap it this summer and work on modeling my simmies.

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Theres no half-trying in Sims, your either a Newbie or a experinced player

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Default Past and Future - Chapter 8
I know it took me a lot of time to write this chapter, but actually I'm very happy with it ^^ I dedicate it to spookykathere and Melancholic, and of course, to chloebee102.
Also, I would like to mention that I modified some of the images from the second chapter (tell me what you think about them now).I will modify some other images from the first chapters too.

Mirrors from the Past

✧ Past and Future ✧
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
( Carl Bard )
August, 19th 2000

It pours...
Small water droplets are trickling on the glass, filling the quiet bedroom with a murmuring sound.I opened my eyes and I saw Chris asleep next to me.
He slowly opened his eyes and smiled.
"Good morning ..."
"It's raining outside ... " he added, a couple of moments later, putting his arm around my waist and placing a soft kiss on my neck, while I kept staring up at the ceiling, a little absent."Any plans for today?" he asked, already knowing that it was Saturday and none of us planned anything for the entire weekend.
"No ... not exactly ..."
"Well, what about spending the entire day inside, with me?"
I looked at him and his playful tone made me smile.He immediately got up in his knees and, without any warning, started tickling me.
"Please, Chris ... stop ..." I got to say before I started laughing."You know how ticklish I am ..."

We stayed in bed late that morning, listening to some old song that Chris brought from his studio and sharing memories from our childhood.

"Come on ... we've got to get up ... It's already 11 a.m. ..." I said, but even I wasn't too sure that I wanted to het out of the warm sheets."Ok ... it's Saturday, so we have to do the laundry ..."
Chris knew that doing the laundry was always the last thing on my list, because I really didn't like it.
"But ... before that ... the breakfast!" he said, suddenly standing up and then letting himself fall again on the pillows.
"Well, if we're gonna stay a little more ... it will be already lunch time ..."

Half an hour later we were both in the kitchen, preparing the breakfast.
"So ... beside doing the laudry, anything else for today?" Chris asked, taking a kettle and filling it with some milk.
"We'll have to vacuum, fold the laundry, clean the attic ... water the plants and of course, iron ..."
"I can help you with the first four of them, but ironing ... I'll let you enjoy it" he joked, because I knew what a mess he was when he had to iron his clothes.
"I'll do that ... don't worry.I don't want to see you fighting the presser again."
He placed a kiss on my cheek and then got some plates for the breakfast.
"Merci beaucoup.However, he would be victorious ..."
"Let's eat ..." I smiled at him.

After we ate breakfast we went into the attic.
I'm not a fearful person, but I haven't been in that place for more than one or two times since I moved in this house, simply because I thought that the attic is just too crowded and full of old and useless stuff.Short after my mother left the island to go and study in San Francisco, her parents died and her family never came back here, in this old house.
"Hey, watch the head!" I heard Chris' voice behind me, but it was a little late, because I already hit the high grid."You ok?" he asked after we both climbed the stairs and reached into the attic.
"I'm fine, don't worry."
The room was dusty and full of old and dusty boxes, trunks and clothes hangers.A squalid light was coming trough a small window located on the wall from the sea, filling the room with a strange and static atmosphere.
"Wow ..."
I turned to him and I smiled, seeing him a little bent, careful not to hit the low celling with his head, but, because I wasn't paying attention, I hit a pile of boxes and I fell on the floor.And so we started cleaning and sorting old things.There were old magazines, photos of my mother, her family and her friends, albums, books with pressed flowers between their stained pages, newspapers, posters, tickets.
"Look at those ..." I murmured, opening an old wooden cassette.
Inside, on a soft fabric there were old jewelry.Bracelets, earrings, pendants, hair combs and hairpins.Inside, on the lid, with letters almost erased by the time's pitiless passing my mother's name was scratched.
Chris took one hair comb and passed it trough my hair, making me shudder.I put the jewelry box on the floor, near me and I looked at it.
"I can't believe she forgot to take those when she left ... "
"Maybe she planned to come back for them ... one day."

In one of the trunks we found some of my mother's old clothes, still bearing a soft scent of lavender (later, I discovered that my mothers used to collect pressed lavender flowers and hide them here, between clothes.Chris persuaded me to try some of them.
Soon, the old and dimly lit attic transformed in a room full of memories and lavender scent.

I leaned on the wall, looking around me and sighing.There were clothes all around me, spreading a fresh and nice scent of soap.
"Those are the last ones ..." Chris said, taking some clothes out of the dryer and then coming to sit next to me.
"We're not done yet ... We gave to fold them and then I'll have to iron ... "
I must have been quite funny complaining on that childish tone, because Chris started to laugh, took me in his arms and started kissing me.
"Ok ... let's finish this and take a break ... " I managed to say before he pulled me again on the piles of clean clothes around us, making them to spread all over the floor.
A couple of minutes later we were both wrapping our clothes.The laundry room smelled nice, full of soap, clean clothes and the soft music from the living room.
"Silvia asked us to look after Marie and Jasmine tomorrow afternoon ... " Chris said, while finishing wrapping some of the clothes.He looked at me.
"We will look after them ... it's not like we had other plans for tomorrow.You know that I like spending my time with Jas and Marie.
He simply agreed.
"What do you think it will be?I mean ... few years from now ..." Chris continued after a short pause.
I stopped for a couple of moments, thinking.I wasn't very much of a planner, nor that I was an impulsive woman.But I just liked to enjoy those peaceful years here."I will continue to teach here ... and you will paint ..." I started, letting him to say more.
"We will spend our free time on the beach ...
"And we will have kids ... What do you think they will look like?"
"They will have your eyes ..."
"Hey... I like your brown eyes too."
"Ok, my eyes" he smiled."But they will have your nose ... and your lips ..." he continued, softly passing the tip of his finger over my face.
"Maybe they will be artists ..."
"Yes, but they will be very intelligent their mother. " he teased and then his eyes met mine.

In the evening we were both lying on the couch, in the living room, tired.Chris was playing with a stray from my hair, while I was reading him passages from a novel.Late in the next morning the rain stopped, but we didn't noticed that until 11 a.m. when Silvia stopped by to leave Marie and Jasmine with us.

August, 26th 2000

Last week of that summer was one of the most amazing from my entire life, because Chris decided to surprise me one morning.
He said that we didn't have a proper honeymoon and, because we couldn't leave the island for an entire month, he offered me a surprise week in the city.
The two hours on the ferryboat were reassuring, even in I was a little curious and excited about his surprise.

The narrow streets, full of people and framed by old buildings were the perfect cadre for the masked carnival of that year.
Now, those things seem so old an unreal ... almost illusory.Bright lights, dark shadows, heavy smell of perfume, staggering music, unknown lyrics and his masked face invade my mind.The feeling of silk and lace from my dress seems still real on my skin, while his touch has left invisible scars on my body.

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