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Enemies To Lovers Challenge
Suitable/adaptable for The Sims: 1, 2, 3 and/or 4

Enemies To Lovers Trope Challenge in 5 Stages
by Chrysalis70 aka FMisFidomom aka Fidomom aka ~FM

Premise: Choose 2 sims who are enemies. Depending on the game, you may or may not know why they are enemies. You can even create them for visual appeal and fabricate the enemy status however you like but you can't choose any of their traits/personality aspects - you must randomize everything else besides their looks/clothes.

You can choose occult states to start with but can't turn into an occult state during the challenge. In the case of accidental occult transformation during the challenge; cure or reverse it before continuing. You can also save from death or resurrect to continue the challenge but you must cure zombie status, before continuing, if they didn't start the challenge as that occult state.

Your mission is to get the sims to stop being enemies, become friends, fall in love, get married, and build a life together (having a family is optional), until one of them dies (or the alternate completion for immortals is reached).

Lifespan altering (game options, elixirs, potions, spells, occult transforming etc.) is not allowed once you've begun. This challenge does however, allow limited object/cheat/mod changes to each sim to mimic the way in real life people are changed in small ways by the people they love and who love them back and how people willingly make compromises or develop new interests to improve their relationships. People can grow and change over time, for love's sake, so your sims can do that, too.

Note: TS1 can use objects/mods/cheats that mimic later version in game cheats and/or custom created mods whenever a stage's rules allow for that.

Rules for stage 1: Stop being enemies - TS2-TS4 no objects/cheats/mods allowed. Have them interact until the enemies status is canceled out.

TS1 relationship boosting object/mod is allowed in the interest of shortening time spent due to rapid needs decays, but if using Invisiyak, no triple speed on pause allowed - it's too strong! Speed 1 only and stop using it once the bottom long term relationship bar reaches -10/100. Boosters and their residual effects are not allowed at all in stage 2.

TS1 relationship boosters always increase top bar to 100/100 before affecting bottom bar, at all, so the big downside to using a relationship booster to undo enemy status is that you then have to play one sim separately for a few sim days with no interactions (natural short term/top bar relationship decay is minus 2-5 per sim day) until top bar tanks to at most 30/100 (lower if you prefer) before continuing to stage 2.

Rules for stage 2: Become friends - personality/interests adjustments cheat/mod is allowed exactly once to change one aspect (zodiac/personality/interests/trait/favourites/likes/dislikes) about one sim to improve their compatibility. Relationship booster objects/cheats/mods (like Invisiyak) are not allowed.

Rules for stage 3: Fall in love - object/cheat/mod can be used to make them romantically compatible (specifically for gender preferences) and you can also change one aspect of whichever sim you didn't change in stage 2 to further improve compatibility.

Rules for stage 4: Get married - if object/cheat/mod is required to make this possible (the game to consider it a legal marriage) it is allowed, besides that, can also change another aspect about both sims to improve long term compatibility.

Rules for stage 5: Building a life - cheats/mods can only be used to change one aspect of both sims once every 10th day (in case the compatibility is still not quite the way you want). Must be married a minimum of 3 days before either dies, must play until a death occurs, and they must still be in love with each other when the death occurs.

Alternate immortals Stage 5 completion: Since some occult states and all TS1 sims live forever, except for accidental deaths, you can count 13 days minimum after marriage, as completion of stage 5. If you really want it to feel completed, after the thirteenth day, you could always oops one (or both) of them to die, lol.

Win is completing stages 1-5.

Fail is permanent death before completing all 5 stages, or purposely breaking rules to make it easier or faster.

Hope you have fun with this one!

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