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I've been downloading some sims recently, and for some reason, about 40% of the CC links are broken. I get some websites move, delete, and other stuff, but why not put up some archives? why do so many creators fall off the face of the earth and take all their cc with them? Why is there so much broken cc everywhere? Sometimes even things that are simply less than 3 months old are broken!
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It's just the nature of Sims CC, and it literally happens all the time. It goes back to the days of TS1 and TS2 when until MTS came along there wasn't even a central hub for Sims content that wasn't official (if you don't count TSR).

Nowadays, MTS still isn't the hub of all Sims CC. You've got individual websites like Club Crimsyn when it was still around and Garden of Shadows, Simscave, etc. Then there's the thousands of tumblr blogs out there that everyone hosts their content on, and nowadays even Patreon. Those are the most likely to "go away" in the long run. I don't know if this actually happens as I don't have one, but apparently tumblr purges inactive blogs after a period of unuse. I've seen it happen many times. So along with them go any links to the CC they might have shared. And sometimes creators just leave or have other commitments, they might not even take their content down. Could just be what I previously said. Or even the file sharing service they choose to use. Mediafire in particular is horrible about doing random purges for almost no reason.

It's why a resource like SimFileShare was created for this exact reason. Though from what I understand some don't trust it because they've had issues with uploading their content apparently.

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